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Most Hated Subject In School


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I freakin hate PE!


The people make us run 3/4 a mile every week. even so that may be easy but I am always being told i am gay because i am doing well at a sport.


LOL! 3/4ths of a Mile?? You Kidding! I run OVER 2 Miles in my P.E. Class. While being timed! Be HAPPY you only have 3/4 of a mile to run. Besides the running, I love my P.E. class.


Now my hated topic, I don't really Hate Anything in school. I pretty much love all my classes. But if I had to pick on toughness, it would be my AP US History class. I love history, but its all college grade stuff. That's Difficult!



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Honors Chemistry. That class is so stressful and frustrating for me...


And I agree completely with the people who said PE. I don't hate PE this year because I'm not in regular PE, I'm in dance (we get to choose our PE class sophomore year), but I hated it last year.

EDIT: What was I talking about...? I still hate it now, just not as much as I did last year.

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I was usually excellent with math. And my parents should have pushed me towards what would be the (probable) obvious science for me... physics?


But nooooo. I chose Chemistry.


And just made it thru a forced summer test, after having a (then) C- average, lol.


I hated chemistry. Totally. Loathed it. Still do.


Phys Ed seemed more appealing, and I wasn't too keen on that, either, LOL.



(and EDIT: Post #3300!)

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I hate Chemistry!!! Im doing advance higher and im the only one left doing as the other 3 people doing it dropped it as it was too hard and they dont need it for uni. Now im left by myself to suffer through the pain!!! lol

But at least i can now say im the smartest person at chemistry in the whole school!

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I really dislike science when it is forced on me through the school curriculum, but I find it endlessly fascinating when I can study it at my own leisure (thru books like A Short History of Nearly Everything, etc.)


With math, it takes me a bit longer to grasp all the theorems and postulates (I'm currently taking Geometry) which often puts me behind the rest of the class, but when I've got it, I've got it. This usually leaves me with a B or C average.

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