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  1. I've been seeing a lot of things on TV lately about them. ON shows like Mythbusters and stuff like that they just had a whole special on hovercrafts. From what I've seen it is just a platform with a seat and some air source like a leaf blower with suffice for the source. On the bottom is probably the most crucial part because you need an air tight skirt which is what makes it tear. My guess is that the mechanical issues they had were torn skirts.
  2. Looks great! I have a few suggestions though. The coaster is really well done but maybe give it more of an Egypt feel since it is in the Egypt area. Your dark ride looks great as well just add some more detail. Like some windows and things like that. One more thing, add some more theming to the car ride, right now the pyramid isn't enough. Just imagine how boring it would be to go on an expedition in Egypt and all you see is a little pyramid.
  3. Technically no one bashed any christians till they started bashing the gay marriages at disney, for which this topic is about. And if you didnt believe in it, why did you get on here and post ? If i didnt like gay's and gay marriages, i would have looked at this post headline and said i am not going near that subject, i dont like those people and i dont want to even talk about it. Instead you came here and knew there would be arguments, because there always are when religion and politics are involved. Now like i said in a previous post , i wonder what you get for that amount of money ? Is it the same price for everyone, even if your not a gay couple ? Actually, I'll bet the Christians like me didn't come on here for an argument, but to spread God's word. It says in the Bible that that the only couples should be a man and a woman, like Adam and Eve which is a fairly basic example. We built this country under God and Disney should follow suit and try to take back this country for God. Also, you can't tell me that Walt Disney would accept this if he was still alive. He would want nothing to do with a same sex marriage.
  4. It's a custom ride dude. You have to make it yourself. How I am am not quite sure but I think you just use pieces from your scenery and hack coaster trains on to it. Like I said though your gonna have to ask someone else how to exactly make them.
  5. I love all the rides there. Breakdance is the most amazing flat ever and the Cyclone is number one in my book.
  6. I can see what you mean, but the architecture is just going to appear the same as Times Square and for that matter, the rest of NY. Although I love the architecture in NY and Times Square I feel that Coney has too deep a history to be replaced with high rise hotels and something from the Vegas strip, in place of the one spot where you can still find circus sideshows, family owned vendors, and hand painted signs.
  7. It definitely needs refurbished I'm just not sure with what they are thinking. Coney has a deep history and high rise hotels aren't included. Although I'm all for someone cleaning up the place and making it not the "ghetto" anymore because I too know that it is not only in the ghetto but it is a part of the ghetto. I just think they need to take a different approach. Getting rid of some of the little carny rides could be a start. Replacing them with some newer rides that are a little more "stable". The of course a dream of mine has aways been to see what the Steeplechase Park, Luna Park, and Dreamland Parks looked like back in their day. I think if they could somehow bring those back in way that combines some of the most modern technology that would be great.
  8. I understand what you are saying completely and it's helped me understand what they are trying to do there. My point is that I think they should make it appear as it would in those days, giving it a classic feel instead of making it expensive and outrages like the rest of NY. EDIT: maybe this will help what I'm am trying to say. If you want the rest of the article tell me.
  9. That's not what I am saying at all. What I am saying is that they should re-do the park to look like what it did during it's hey-day with all the modern attraction that people like to gather the crowds. It's not like I'm saying to take out everything and go back to the 20's completely with no modern technology. Kind of like a Kennywood or Blackpool Pleasure Beach park that still has that old time feel but with modern attractions.
  10. If you haven't seen the plans for Coney Island yet you need to. They are going to completely steal the park of it's classic nature by making it look like something off a Vegas strip. In my opinion they deffinately need to re-do the park, I'm not saying they shouldn't at all. I'm saying they should rebuild it to what it looked like in it's hey-days. If anyone else has an opinion on this, please post.
  11. Yeah, you deffintaely need more custom scenery. NE is always a good site for that. While your there look at some of the runner-ups, they will show you how to uild a very god park. Also, this has been mentioned before but when you make water always lower the land with the mountain tool a couple levels and then fill it up. I hope you understood that it's kind of hrd to explain but really easy to do. Good luck with this park, water parks are always hard to do, especially for newbies.
  12. I think this park is average at best for a beginner. You have overtreed immensly, I would suggest picking out about five or six trees and placing them randomly throughout your park. Make sure you get 1/4 tiles and bushes in the mix too. However, your landscaping is actually pretty good. Another thing you should work on is the layouts of your coasters and other rides(especially the rapids ride). Try to download some paks over at NE to get some better custom scenery and I think you will get a lot better. Hope this helps, good luck.
  13. This is actually pretty good for having no custom scenery. Once you get good at making buildings without CS I'd suggest getting some and try to make some things in there. You'll be amazed at how much it will improve your buildings. Good luck with this park, I really like that kiddie coaster.
  14. Ok, first off, some things you should work on: Try to make some more buildings in your park, especially and entrance. Over timer you''l get your own style of building things and it will actually look good. You also want to make buildings around all of your food stalls and things like that. Another thing that will require some buildings will be your coasters. They need an entrance don't they? I've never seen a coaster just sitting out in the open like that. Also for your coasters, try to make them like 10-15ft. above the ground. Try to widen your paths as well. Oh and whats up with the sudden forest in the middle of a desert? Thats very unrealistic if thats what your going for in this park. One more thing would be to work on the layouts of your coasters, right now they are very unrealistic. A good sight to check out would be NEdesigns.com, check out there runner-ups and spotlights, I have a feeling they will you help you a lot. I know this is a lot to read but I hope it helps and I hope you can understand it all. Oh yeah, one more thing i forgot to write in my first post, since you seem like a beginner don't start off with a gigantic sized map. I found that akeing a smaller 100x11 or even 125x125 helps a lot in the beginning to help work out all the little details in your architecture and things.
  15. Does anyone know where I could get a good download of both the SOB trainer and the 8cars. My 8cras sucks and is messing up my game and I need the SOB to get some other objects into my park.
  16. I can tell that you have kind of a warmer temperature to your park but i still think you need a lot more trees.
  17. I'm not too sure of how many wooden roller coasters had loops back then.
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