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What Was The Last Coaster You Rode?

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I got to ride Timber Terror at Silverwood on the last train before they closed everything down for lightning Thursday. I actually saw lightning as we were going up the lift! The ride was the best I have ever had on any coaster; the train has single-position lap bars and I loosened up my seat belt for massive airtime, and proceeded to yell and laugh like a madman as I repeatedly floated out of my seat in the dark. It was absolutely awesome, but at the same time I feel sort of bad- I was a single rider and asked if I could team up with a group of 3 in the back, and for some reason they were like, "Umm, we are going to wait another time to go with our friends back here, you go ahead" so I went with a different 3 people... so basically I was the reason 3 people did not get a final ride on that awesome little coaster.


I feel bad about that but honestly... the fact I weaseled onto the last train made the night that much more fun!

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Decided to brave The Roller Coaster at NY-NY on Roller Coaster Day, as my boyfriend and I hadn't been on it in four or five years, and we'd never experienced the discomfort everyone else seems to have on it. Plus, there was already a mass exodus of Angelenos cramming I-15, so Desperado at the NV/CA border was out, and we had recently been on the two coasters at Adventuredome.


While my boyfriend thought it was only a little rough, I got knocked around those shoulder restraints for about a third of the ride, resulting in a lousy night's sleep 12 hours later. I don't have much structural or engineering knowledge of coasters, so I'm assuming it comes down to age and/or poor maintenance, especially since I hadn't had that issue with the restraints before.


It's kind of a shame. I actually enjoy the coaster's layout. But failing a refurbishment or serious fix, I'm done with that thing.

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Invertigo at Kings Island. It was spur of the moment, kinda rough, awkward because there was this random girl riding with us and someone in our group was riding alone (long story), and my group was getting on my nerves. I think that defines just about every Vekoma experience if you ask me. At least I ate a Banshee cone in line!

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