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What Was The Last Coaster You Rode?

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Cousin Tony liked the Phoenix enough to have a second trip. He hasn't done much coasting over the years so we took it easy that day. We also had one ride each on Twister and Flying Turns, but didn't care to wait 45 minutes for Impulse. That can wait until next year.

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Rode Tremors last night for Scarywood- Insane! The tunnels were filled with fog and somehow the giant warped helix was super smooth- I don't know if it was the position on the train, or if it was simply because it was night, but that was my favorite coaster ride so far! Now for Timber Terror backward tonight...


Oh, I just realized that the "last" coaster I rode was actually COrkscrew and not Tremors... I rode in front with my aunt and we thought it was great; my cousin and his girlfriend rode right behind us, and said it was horrible for headbanging. Do the back seats on Arrow cars get that much more rough? The front seats were glassy smooth, even through the normally "rough" transitions, but right behind us apparently was headbang central?

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Bizarro, SFNE (Of course xD)


They either started to strip off or put on new paint on the ride, so I can start to see how it will look next season! There are various things that have been (at least partially) repainted, such as light posts, the support beams in the station (no more horrendous cobwebs!), and trim/accent colors on doors and walls. Of course, they have also stopped the audio, and the giant Bizarro art on the tunnel of the first drop has been removed.


So yeah! That's all

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Two weeks ago: Maverick, after Midnight, last ride of the night, front seat! Definitely an awesome way to enter the off-season for me!


Considering my next coaster I ride may very well be Lightning Rod... That's a kick-butt closer to opener there!

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