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Silver Dollar City (SDC) Discussion Thread

P. 261: Arvest Bank announces 10 year sponsorship deal

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^I have a feeling that RMC's coaster design will be loosely based on the NTAG trains. Obviously designed with different themeing. But that's just a guess, and I'm an idiot. Soooooooo take from that what you will.


Guy "Why do I even open my mouth? " Koepp



I herebydub Guy . . . Party Spock!

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Howdy neighbors, Construction Chadster here bringing you the latest update on the movie theatre, erm, Outlaw Run! While there hasn't been too much in the way of track going in since media day, a ton of work has been completed on the station area. The 'Top' track is also now in place on the lift and drop. The park was packed today, and that's no joke. For anyone familiar with the park they were using tram stops 1-All which means every available space the park has.


Ok, so enough chatter, let's take a look at what I have.


Time to go Back to The Future.


Where everyone who had fire in the hole waved to let you know.


A time when people did things by hand.


And used Rooster Flour.


I know now!


For some reason the park had a ton of cocks on display.


Of all shapes and sizes.


If you found one you didn't like, you could put it back and try another one.


Everyone's taste is different and some taste different than others so variety is key.


Apparently people like eating these on Sunday's.


But I digress


So choose the cock of your liking as we are in a hurry, no need to be picky, plenty more to choose from later...




And we are here.


Looks like they are getting a move on installing the top portion of the track.


The railings are mostly finished as well.


Lots of site work going on here.


Which I can only guess is a good thing.


Yup, still there.




I did manage to find a ladder though, so that's good. I was concerned there were no ladders.


Tons of wood. (This is the turn after the train comes up the ravine and before it dives under the lift.)


So confusing.


Yet so awesome. Get ready we are about to go down and under!


And we've gone under!


Looks like a roll.


Looks like it's coming out of a roll.


Look, more porn!


The color scheme of the building is more prevalent from this side.


Looks like Mr. Spacely has installed the sprockets.


Well most of them anyway


Who says you can't get things to grow when it doesn't rain! Sticks have sprouted for the transfer track.


Zooming in we see lighting is installed and a ton of other work going on.


So there it is, getting all pretty for us.


This week we stop by the bakery and watch them make some sort of roll with meat and cheese.


No clue what it is, but it looks good.


There you have it. Time for me to hit 88 MPH and head Back to The Future!

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Nice to know how the construction on Outlaw Run is coming along. You said your visit to Silver Dollar City that day was crowded, and when you provided the shot of all those riders waiting to get on board the "Fire In The Hole" ride that's when I finally believed you.


When Outlaw run is up and running with a ton of riders waiting to get on board, I wonder what Silver Dollar City will do fo an encore (maybe do something with that old tower that was once held a waterslide ride)?


"I know what you should so for an encore: go to bed!"

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See, this report just goes to show you. Cocks come in all shapes, sizes and colors. And it's your duty as a cock lover to try out as many of these cocks as you can until you find the perfect one. When you have found the one that satisfies all your needs, you can take it home and keep it for life. Just as God intended.


Oh, that wood thingy looks immense and is growing at a rapid pace. I'm sure there are a bunch of people here on the forums that can't wait to ride it as well.

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Wow....just wow.


I think this picture needs to be on this page.


Holy crap that looks awesome, I loved this park when I visited but I thought it was lacking a really badass coaster. Powder keg is cool, but this is going to be on a different level!

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I'm sure that many of you noticed, but I will point out the obvious anyway. If you are standing in the station looking at the lift, you enter from your left, and exit the train to your right. Stairs run up behind the operators booth where you walk over the lift hill allowing for photo opportunities similar to Wildfire. After you cross over the bridge, just like Wildfire, you will dump into the gift shop and I imagine the photo hut as well.

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When Outlaw run is up and running with a ton of riders waiting to get on board, I wonder what Silver Dollar City will do fo an encore (maybe do something with that old tower that was once held a waterslide ride)?]


I'd say yes, something to do with that tower. I don't see it being used as a queue this time, maybe turning it in to a building for theming of some sort...Assuming we're talking about a future coaster, there's a good plot of land there, and as much as I'd love to see something a little more original for SDC, that's not a bad spot for a Eurofighter like Mystery Mine...or an Aquatrax . Honestly, I can't think of any reason they would keep that tower other than to cover it up as a building for some kind of theming.


I guess I've wondered about that one for a while.





They added a new video from Branson TV to their videos page. Still not the POV I was hoping for, but still kind of cool. Branson TV is sort of like an info channel for tourists that just promotes shows and attractions in the area. I remember a long time ago seeing the promo for Buzzsaw Falls on that channel, during that trip to Branson I went to the park and Buzzsaw Falls was testing, due to open the following week! Not the best memory, but then again after riding Buzzsaw Falls I realized I didn't miss out on much.

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