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Favorite first drop on a Steel Coaster

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I know many people rate coasters on Air Time and negative or positive g's. I personally love the great big drops as my favorite element in a coaster.


What coasters would you say have the best first drops?

I do hope that someone like Robb or Elissa who have ridden almost every coaster in the world could chime in!:)


Based on my narrow ride counts I would say I rate Mforce as my #1 for best first drop, followed by X, Goliath SFMM and MagnumXL.

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Of what I have been on (all of the major coasters in Florida, and a few others), Of course Sheikra comes in first, followed by Kraken. I'm not a huge fan of the curved drops, but Montu does it well so that makes my list:






Also, Jurassic Park River Adventure has a really scary drop. Scarier than any flume ride I've ever been on, that's for sure. But that's not a coaster.

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1. Millennium Force, front row - WOW.

2. Millennium Force, back row - Again, WOW.

3. Patriot, back row - Overly under-examined, IMO. This drop has everything a drop (great air, laterals, positives) should and even beats out most straight drops.

4. Hydra - Please don't hurt me for this. Hydra's first drop is insane air in the back row.

5. Top Thrill Dragster - Can't even describe how cool this feels in the front.

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