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  1. 01. Nemesis - Alton Towers 02. Tonerre des Zeus - Parc Asterix 03. Dragon Khan - Port Aventura 04. Stuntfall - Warner Bros Madrid 05. Silverstar - Europapark 06. AIR - Alton Towers 07. Robin Hood - Walibi World 08. Rock n Rollercoaster - DL Paris 09. Olympia Looping - German funfairs 10. Batman la Fuga - Warner Bros Madrid
  2. Thanks to the moderator / administrator that unblocked my account
  3. I rode stuntfall and I am 2,05 meters (6,7 ft)
  4. That's cool . . . because I only say 4-6-8 FPS in the pictures above . . . thanx for the info . . . I still haven't got the download in my mail, but that will surely arrive in the next week.
  5. ^ Has done the topple tower in Bellewaerde (i suppose) < Would love to get a nice B&M for his birthday V Wanted to buy NL1,6 but couldn't find the link
  6. I don't want to spoil your holidays but underneath you will find some pictures and information about the Dragon Khan and Templo del Fuego, the 2 best rides in Port Aventura. If you had the choice I should visit that park. In combination with Barcelona (most beautiful city of europe in my opinion). > Picture review of Dragon Khan > Video review of Templo del Fuego I have also visited Parque Warner Bros. I liked it, it is a nice park with an awesome collection of rollercoasters. My favorite is Batman over there, it is very intense and above that quite nicely themed. The whole park is well themed and above that it is normally quite over there. So in one day you can do all the rides and your favorite you can even double or triple. > Picture review of Batman la Fuga (text in dutch) Have fun in spain!
  7. I think it is the tarzan encounter in Disneyland paris . . . that stands clearly in my memory and was quite cool . . .
  8. You can do that with the NL track packager. This is a program that is made by Tia to distribute nolimitscoasters easier toghether with skins and 3D objects. The track pagager program can you find . The most easy way to install it is to install the program in the nolimits root folder. Otherwise it can have trouble with finding the nolimits roots folder and all the other folders (tracks / objects / . . .)
  9. Small issue, is it really that bad with the frame rates?!?
  10. Oblivion was quite a nice experience . . . the same is for the goliath. But for me, the best european drop stay's the expedition G force, I don't like the rest of the coaster, but the first drop is marvellous.
  11. I take that as a compliment . . . At my work they still think that I am from the north of England. That just don't feel that good . . .
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