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Favorite first drop on a Steel Coaster

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I'd have to say X2 and SheiKra have the best steel coaster drops that I've been on. X2, like everyone said is CRAZY! I love being flipped head first before being forced onto my back last minute, so fun!


Sheikra at BGA is also a good drop. Sure it isn't the tallest, but hanging over the edge of the drop before falling vertically is pretty cool! I also remember getting some good hangtime on the drop.


Oh i'd also like to add in Tatsu and Deja Vu as honorable mentions. Tatsu's drop isnt the amazing part, i'd say the peak of the lift is what is awesome about it. Thats a pretty nice distance between you and the ground below at the crest, the view is nice. And Deja Vu's first lift was crazy, i remember I about died the first time I rode it!! Crazy good hang-time there, followed by a nice vertical drop.


Yeah, I need to experience more though and maybe i'd have some better answers .

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Of the one's I've been on (which isn't that many) I think Aftershock is great. There are a few reasons for this. One is that its a big drop so it allows you to get that sinking stomach feeling which is always great. Another reason is that you're haging face down at a 90 degree angle with all of your weight on the restraint so when you get released it feels like you get a little air time because you are dropped so quickly.

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Loch Ness Monster

Vortex (PKI)




Sorry for quoting an old post, but you like Vortex's first drop? I mean come on, the third drop is good, but the first drop? It's not even one foot.


I know that your talking about the big drop, but you got to remember you drop out of the station, and out of the lift hill you drop a few feet the turn right, then comes the big drop.


I'd have to say my favorite first drop is Millennium Forces of SFOG's Goliath.

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My favorite as of now is El Toro. Thats a plunge no matter what seat you are in!


Millennium Force was good too but it didn't provide that "holy crap!" feeling for me, probably due to the large cresting of the top. Another one of my favorites is Nitro, I have ridden it probably too many times and the drop still gets me- now I cant wait for Diamondback!

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