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  1. Absolutely LOVE it! Yes, Pushing Daisies was the best show EVAR!!!11! (And yet they keep Private Practice? WTF?) And I love apple pies. So I'm totally hooked on this TR. And as your future hypothetical husband, I would SO be on board with a daughter named Chuck.
  2. I'm still waiting on the 'it's a scary world' overlay. Give each of those dolls a knife or axe or chainsaw. Dye the water red. Change the lyrics. It's a world of horror A world of tears It's a world of death And a world of fears...
  3. I couldn't find them when searching KnottsBrryFarm or knottsbrryfarm. So I just added the username to the end of Twitter to find their page: [/code]
  4. Didn't they just use the same blueprints from Knott's Silver Bullet with a few minor revisions? Some awesome shots! Thanks!
  5. If the Cinderella walk-thru is anything like the Sleeping Beauty walk-thru at DL, it'll be awesome. Added the concept art because I LOVE CONCEPT ART!!!!
  6. What a cool looking park! Reminds me of a Legoland without the Legos. And very family friendly. Thanks for the great shots.
  7. Oh man! I'm so jealous! I NEED to go here! The panorama shot of Wildfire is awesome! Thanks for the great shots.
  8. LOVED your captions! ...prefer it in the rear... HA! And anyone who can quote the greatest pre-show in the history of mankind ("mostly America") is all right by me. Welcome, and thanks for the great photos.
  9. No one at Subsonic Radio knew the answer. I thought for sure they would. I mean, they're obsessed with anything related to Space Mountain Star Tunnel Music. So, I thought they could nail this one.
  10. LOL! Love that line! And, don't worry, I have enough memories of Horizons for the both of us...and possibly a couple of midgets.
  11. Great America used to be my home park (since it was the closest). As soon as I got my license, I'd drive my red Pacer the hour and a half from Lodi just to take pictures and marathon this (and the Whizzer, of course). Here's one from the triple arm ferris wheel circa 1985. Tidal Wave. 1985.
  12. ^ I thought so at first, but they aren't wearing 3-D glasses in the art. The article DOES mention high def 3-D. Maybe an artist oversight? Transformers + Spiderman Ride Technology =
  13. I know of no other business/company in the world that invests between 4 and 20 million dollars in a single piece of equipment and then hires less-than-motivated workers at a reduced wage to operate it. Without supervision. And the result of this 'business plan' leads to unhappy guests. Nice. Does that make sense to anyone? That's not to say that the coaster community probably expects a little more than your average guest, but still... Also, I think there's a fine line between venting and whining. A different day might lead to different results...
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