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Cedar Point (CP) Discussion Thread

P. 1989: Wicked Twister's permanent closure announced!

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Has anyone else seen/heard any more about the rumored construction near Dragster? I still have yet to see any pictures, or even any descriptions of it, including where it even is.


Also, I read that part of the Point Pavilion is currently blocked. Does anyone have any proof/pictures to back this claim up too?

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That is terrible news. Hopefully the injuries are minimal.


This might also be the last straw for Skyhawk, my favorite flat ride in the park. Cedar Point has had a rough year with this incident, the water main break, Top Thrill being down for a while, and the parking mishap (back lot waiting hours).

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Wow, this just isn't Cedar Point's year. Not to mention, they had some issues with Skyhawk last season as well, right? I hope it stays for a while longer. It's one of my favorite flat rides!


Hopefully everyone is alright. The last thing the coaster world needs is another incident, especially after what happened at Terra Mitica and SFMM a few weeks ago.

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Confirming it was that cable it seems like it could have been a weight distribution issue. I've got nothing to do with the design of that ride but in my experience with rigging it seems like the cable got an unexpected snap from the swinging motion which shock-loaded it and kaboom. Must have been terrifying for the riders and anyone within a 100 yard radius. Cables that thick sound like a shotgun going off when they snap.


On a side note, having a cable larger than that snap in the middle of a show while rotating a stage is something I never want to experience again.

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So the latest I've read is that there are 2 confirmed injuries, one of them including a broken leg. This is a horrible accident to happen and I'd hate to see Skyhawk go, but it wouldn't be surprising given this latest accident in addition to its previous problems.

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An accident on a ride at Cedar Point late Saturday sent one visitor to a local hospital for evaluation. A second injured guest was treated at the scene, according to the park.


At about 10 p.m. Saturday, a cable on the ride Skyhawk disconnected from one of the ride's two carriages and came in contact with two park guests, according to park spokesman Bryan Edwards.


It's not known whether the injured guests were on the ride – which features two giant arms that swing up to 125 feet in the air – or on the ground. The condition of the hospitalized rider was not immediately available.


Edwards said the ride was immediately shut down after the accident.



Interestingly enough, one of the live webcams is pointed at Skyhawk right now. Lights appear to be on in other areas of the park still but the area around Skyhawk is all dark, as one of the articles mentioned. I'm not sure how much they'd be doing at 2:15am anyway, other than barricading the area for tomorrow.

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Hey guys...im gonna be taking my first trip to the park on wed! Got a few questions...will I be able to do everything w/o a fastlane? Im talking about the coasters and some highlight rides. Also, if im there at opening what do you suggest my "game plan" consist of? Any help would be much appreciated!


No, there is no way you can hit all coasters and flat rides w/o fast lane. Buy one. Best money you'll ever spend.


Are you staying at on-site resort?

not staying on-site...staying off-site the night before so I can be to the park as early as needed.


^Uh, yes it is possible to ride everything in one day without FastLane. Just get to Maverick first and ride the B&M's in late afternoon when the line nearly disappears.

Thanks...kindly noted!


Hey guys...im gonna be taking my first trip to the park on wed! Got a few questions...will I be able to do everything w/o a fastlane? Im talking about the coasters and some highlight rides. Also, if im there at opening what do you suggest my "game plan" consist of? Any help would be much appreciated!


^^While FastLane is definitely the way to go, it doesn't sound like he has that option. In case he doesn't get one, here is a decent plan of attack...


Wednesday might possibly be the best day to visit the park in the summer, but I would imagine that it still be pretty crowded unless the weather is iffy. Even if it is a sunny day however, I would imagine that you should have enough time to get the major attractions in one day, but you might have to sacrifice some of the flats, shows and other attractions.


Without a FastLane, I would recommend driving to the back of the park (especially if you have early entry or a Platinum Pass) in the morning and parking in the Soak City parking lot. From there, you can hit up either Maverick or MF first and then maybe zoom around and jump in line for TTD before the line gets really long.


Of course, your game plan depends on the time of day you get there. If you show up at noon or later, then you most likely won't get any advantage parking in the back lot and might just as well just park in the main lot and start at the front and work your way around. Lines will most likely be long for all of the major coasters by then.


If you show up before the park opens and decide to park in the main lot, skip all the rides/crowds at the front of the park and head for the back. MF, Maverick and TTD (inevitable) will most likely already have fairly long lines due to early entry, but you should be able to get short waits on Skyhawk, Corkscrew, Iron Dragon, Mantis, Power Tower & Mean Streak after 10:00.


Have fun!

Thanks...I dont have a plat. pass so early entry isn't an option. Is the entrance by soak city for regular guest as well? I was looking at the parks website, am I correct and seeing that the number of fast lanes does not make the price go down like at other parks?


Thank you guys for all the help!

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