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  1. I guessing that was just rain the Safety brakes barely stop the train normally and they might have been a little slippery. I think they should just extend the tunnel over the break run so they stay dry even in rain. Also I have to quick questions completely unrelated to Sky Hawk. 1) Can you buy tickets at the Park entrance closest to the park (Entrance to CP not SC) 2) Are single riders aloud on slingshot.
  2. I think they are either just back up systems or meant to keep the car from twisting.
  3. Maverick is rough its just that the supports are really bad. I really wish I could enjoy it but the restraints just ruin the ride, but it is in no way forceless.
  4. That would have been painful if it hit her eye but I'm guessing the injuries are over exaggerated. On the news their was a story and they were claiming that someone died in the accident and that clearly didn't happen so....... I wouldn't trust stories from by standers. I'm also confused as to why the fixed the fence and removed the cable so quickly. It seems like they think they could reopen the ride as soon as they find a new cable.
  5. Millennium Force's first drop Power Tower (CP) Green Side Jack Rabbit's double down (Kennywood)
  6. First Hyper Goliath: SFOG First Giga: MF First Looping coaster: Corkscrew CP First coaster: Jack Rabbit KW
  7. Quick question, How's Dragster Been running recently? Should I go ride it at the start of the day to make sure I get on it or can I wait?
  8. I suggest sorting through the last few pages of posts from jarmor - he had the same question about going on a Wednesday. Lots of good info there. It's peak season - so even a Tuesday this time of year will see a good size crowd. Though it's not been as crazy as last summer when GateKeeper opened. It would also helpful to know some more info - like if you're staying on-site, how many in your party, what your goals are ride-wise - like certain flat rides you want to do - coasters (if any) you are ok with skipping etc. Have you been to the park before, etc. Weather and mechanical issues can also have a big affect on how productive your day is. Regardless - you'll be at the best amusement park in the world - so just make sure to have fun - and based off your location - you'll have plenty of chances to get to know the park in the future. I'm going with 2 other people and not staying on site( I'll probably get there before noon but not at opening). Flat's wise I'm hoping to get on Power Tower, MaxAir, and if its somehow open, Sky Hawk ( Compared to other Screamin swings it's definitely been slowed down. Less swings to the top and It isn't even thrusted downward any more) I'm Okay with skipping Mean Streak, Mantis, Mineride, Iron Dragon, and possibly Wicked Twisted and corkscrew.
  9. Well the only good rides they build are there junior coasters, Family coasters and their mine trains. None of those are very popular these days in the US.
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