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Cedar Point (CP) Discussion Thread

p. 2030 - Top Thrill 2 announced!

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I'd ABSOLUTELY get FL+ for Sunday.


buy it now, online, and even if Sunday ends up being slow?  you'll still get use of it.

on Sat. evening, just ride things that don't have FL+ access, or flats - hello Cedar Downs racing derby marathon!

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3 hours ago, PKI Jizzman said:

Driving 7 hours each way for not even full day visits? You've gotta get FL if you want to have a good time/get multiple rides in. The operations are much slower this year compared to normal years, it's the only way to ride a bunch or rides.

We’ll be spending almost all day Sunday there. In total, it’ll be more than one full day of operating hours. Saturday is just like our preview evening haha. That’s why I was planning for possible FL+ on Sunday. 

I’m leaning towards just going for it on the FL+ for Sunday though. This will probably be our last time getting to visit the park for a couple years because we’re moving soon. I definitely want the last trip to be a good one. 

One more question - we both work at another theme park which gets us into CP for free. We were considering Breaker’s Express for a hotel just for the early entry. Do we need to have the tickets through the hotel to get in early for that? Also, do they run with FL+ during early entry?

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8 hours ago, tykunkel1031 said:

We’ll be spending almost all day Sunday there. In total, it’ll be more than one full day of operating hours. Saturday is just like our preview evening haha. That’s why I was planning for possible FL+ on Sunday. 

I’m leaning towards just going for it on the FL+ for Sunday though. This will probably be our last time getting to visit the park for a couple years because we’re moving soon. I definitely want the last trip to be a good one. 

One more question - we both work at another theme park which gets us into CP for free. We were considering Breaker’s Express for a hotel just for the early entry. Do we need to have the tickets through the hotel to get in early for that? Also, do they run with FL+ during early entry?

FL+ does not work for early entry. I would recommend using the early entry time for Raptor, Valravn (I believe this is early entry now), MF then Maverick. Steel Vengeance always gets mobbed in the morning anyways and you'll enjoy yourself more waiting until the afternoon. I recommend this course of rides if you have FL+ or not.

FL+ is great, I even opted for the season long one. My only caveat is that I know it's not as necessary as some might think it is. So it comes down to budget, if you go to the park with a similar game plan as I mentioned, you'll be on all of those coasters by mid afternoon with or without it, with it you'll likely get through the park two or three times over though. Letting you finish out the day on Gemini, Magnum, Corkscrew, Iron Dragon and GateKeeper. Just know that it isn't necessary and even on the parks busiest of busy days, we've pulled off riding everything working our away around the crowds.

Also, I recommend planning a late lunch if it's possible. You'll avoid waiting in lines if you're willing to wait until 3 to 4pm to eat, which is also the time most of the restaurants in breakers open. Since it'll be a Sunday though they might be closed for the week. The Melt is a good alternative if you're looking for a sit down meal.

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On 8/31/2021 at 6:10 AM, prozach626 said:

^God, I'll soon miss those days when parades and shows weren't our thing. 

I have a kid around the same age I think and I had to go meet characters and that is a whole new world. 


Also I know everyone was talking about kids that could not ride and waiting in line but cedar point does offer child swap so if half your part waits in line you can ride after main group gets off the ride. 


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Nothing like waiting for the last minute, but I'm headed out to CP for tomorrow and Saturday.  This will be my first time visiting during Halloweekends proper.  I presume the mazes get insane lines like at other CF parks, so Fright Lane is a must (I've already got the all-season, all-park Fast Lane+).  My question is, do I get it for Friday night or Saturday?  Both days are showing perfect weather on the forecasts.

I know this year is a toss up with varying staffing issues, but I'm leaning towards Saturday figuring the mazes might be better staffed and thus the better experience.

Any thoughts?

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If you've got the Fright Lane already, then yeah, do Saturday. I don't trust Friday night staffing at Cedar Point during Halloweekends. I don't know if this year Saturdays will be any better, honestly, but it sounds like you've got a better shot at it.

I'm planning on heading out that way in early October; the major goal is to get out to Kings Island for my daughter's first visit ever, and Cedar Point is probably going to be an "on-the-way-home" stop on a Sunday. Supposedly they're actually doing haunts on Sunday nights in October, we'll see how that goes.

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Heads up for anyone coming to the park for Halloweekends, they are doing the same early entry for passholders and hotel guests like during the normal year, despite it not being published. 5:00 opening for early entry on Fridays (and presumably Thursdays when that starts), 10:00 on Saturday.

EDIT: Double-bonus! Standard re-entry policy applies all night long! A life saver for us smokers.

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So last night I got to experience my first ever Halloweekends at Cedar Point...or is it Haunt at Halloweekends at Cedar Point?  Confusion abounds.

In all seriousness, I did manage to get through all the mazes (except for Deprivation, screw that "it's just black" theme) once I splurged for the Fight Lane.  Overall a mixed bag...some were very impressive, others not so much.  Either way, staffing in each of the houses was more than adequate, with 15-20 actors per house (that I could count), and aside from Cornstalkers, they weren't just one big conga line.  Crowds definitely came out for opening night of Haunt, with maze lines reaching 2+ hours, though ride lines were very reasonable as the night went on (30-45 minute standby for SV, 45-60 minute standby for Maverick, <30 minutes for everything else).

Full report incoming.

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So, I'm just killing time waiting for it to get dark to grab some night rides on my favs here, anyone have any questions about Halloweekends post-COVID that I might be able to answer? 

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I HIGHLY recommend the Midnight Syndicate Live show for anyone that visits HalloWeekends.  I had not seen their 2018 show, so having them give an encore performance this year was a pleasant surprise.  Without giving anything away, The show is just outstanding.  Incredible music, a silly yet creepy story and some phenomenal costume design. It was funny as the two people seated next to me didn’t seem to like the show much after the duo’s first song.  I heard the wife ask her husband “Is this all they do?  I don’t know why they are so popular.”  By the end of the show, she had screamed several times and was applauding with the rest of the crowd.  Cedar Point is very lucky to have these talented men performing at the park.  Can’t wait to go back and see this show again!  

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13 minutes ago, BitterOldHag said:

 It was funny as the two people seated next to me didn’t seem to like the show much after the duo’s first song.  I heard the wife ask her husband “Is this all they do?  I don’t know why they are so popular.”

That was also my initial reaction, but holy shit does it get a whole lot better!

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39 minutes ago, bert425 said:

they are/were at Dragon*con almost every year (typically saw them in the Dealer's Room at their table, but they also performed).

haven't seen them there in a while tho :)

Without spoiling anything, I'll just say their show at CP is crafted especially for the park and includes some awesome surprises.

And as I've got a long drive ahead of me tomorrow, I've called my first ever Halloweekends to a close. All in all a great time, though FL+ and Fright Lane definitely made that possible. Grabbing a bite and an adult beverage at the Thirsty Pony then it's time for bed.

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6 hours ago, TopThrill182 said:

Is COVID Halloweekends any different from before? I’m mostly wondering if the scare zones and/or mazes have changed at all from an operations perspective.

Effectively, no different at all.

There are signs at every indoor maze entrance that say "Masks required if not vaccinated," as required by Ohio state regulations, and at the first two mazes I did on Friday I got the corporate line of "If you're not fully vaccinated, you must wear a mask; our monsters love our families, just like you do," during the introductory "rules" speech.  At the second two indoor mazes I did on Friday, as well as the two I did repeats of Saturday, the grouper did not say that.

Otherwise, the entire Haunt experience was exactly like it was in 2019 and before - groups of 7-10 being sent through together, scareactors getting right up in your face, curtains you have to push out of the way, hell the Slaughter House one even had one of those "inflatable wall" things that crush you from both sides that you need to push through.  It was all quite refreshing, and I'm glad they didn't go with the stupid "plexiglass dividers" as seen at other attractions.

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Forgot to mention another thing that I found mildly amusing at the park on Friday night.  A few years back, CarnEvil was removed from the scare zone line up and since then, the clowns have had no place to call home.  So now they tend to wander throughout the park.  On Friday, they were creeping people out in front of Cedar Downs.  One of them had a severed head attached to an elastic band that he would throw towards people walking past, usually resulting in the victim jumping a foot off the ground.  Even more fun was that two of the other clowns were standing at the railings of Cedar Downs while the ride was going.  They were waving at the kids as they rode past and the one had a seriously creepy laugh.  I felt bad for the one kid in front of me who had his head on a swivel the whole ride and seemed genuinely scared, but it still made me laugh.  

As mentioned earlier by Mike, it was nice to see HalloWeekends back in action after last season.  Looking forward to visiting on a Thursday night next month and checking out the stuff I missed.  

Oh and just one more thing... it was nice having a few additional rides open on Friday night.  Corkscrew, Iron Dragon, Rougarou, Giant Wheel and Super Himalaya were all open whereas in recent seasons they were not.  

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Photo TR: Friday/Saturday, September 17th and 18th:  Day One

So this was my first ever trip to Cedar Point during Halloweekends proper; I did visit in the fall last year during the Tricks & Treats Festival but as we all know, that's not the same.  Any frequenter of these boards knows the horror stories from Halloweekends past....massive understaffed, huge crowds, closed rides, mediocre haunts.  Was that my experience, in this twisted, messed up year?  Read on to find out.

So I got into town around 4, and got settled in to my hotel, the Super 8 Wyndam Sandusky.  For those unaware, this is the old Econo Lodge North that gets heaps of praise.  Pretty much the same, just a different name - pool is still open until 11:00 PM, still right across from the Thirsty Pony, but no smoking rooms anymore, which is quite a disappointment.

Posted park opening time was 6:00 PM, so I arrived at around 5:15 expecting to stand around for a while, but, what was this...?


Yes, that's riders on Gatekeeper!  Apparently, early entry operates as normal during Halloweekends, despite not being published anywhere.  One hour before the published park opening, for Gold/Platinum Passholders and hotel guests, including all of the standard early entry rides.

Hopped right on Raptor for a walk-on, back-row right-side ride.  Awesome as always.


Little bit surprising to see they already had a grave stone for Wicked Twister.  Note that there has been no deconstruction on it, and the train is still sitting right there in the station, fully intact.


Next up was Millennium Force.


A 25 minute wait for the front row.  I'm glad to see groupers here not being as anal as they have been earlier in the year, and actually honoring requests.

Took a stroll through the Frontier Trail, which is apparently one of only two areas of the park (along with Frontier Town) where Haunt actually is, checking out the scenery while still in the daylight.

Upon reaching the end, hopped on Maverick for a 13 minute wait for the front row.  I know this is normally a back-row ride, but I hadn't ridden in the front all year, so figured what the heck.  Awesome ride as always, and still my number 1 overall.


As my goal for Friday wasn't particularly rides, but instead the Haunt attractions, I took a casual stroll the other way (past Gemini, which was not running), Magnum, and Corkscrew back towards the front of the park.  Of course, I stopped for a quick ride on Magnum, for a two train wait for row two.  Thankfully the "seat belt trick" worked this time, unlike my last lap during my previous trip when my thighs got destroyed.

Of note, all the Dragster trains were fully assembled and sitting on the storage tracks.  Guess that part of the investigation is done?

Don't get too excited, that shipping container hiding behind the wall is for the kiddie Halloweekends stuff, not the future transport of Wicked Twister.  Its fate remains unknown.


Upon reaching the very front of the park, I still had some time to kill, so I hopped on Gatekeeper for a one-train wait for the back row, left wing.  I'm always amazed with the very minor grey-out I get at the bottom of the pretzel loop, with such an otherwise boring layout.

With about 15 minutes to go, I parked myself outside Hexed waiting for 8:00 and the Haunt activities to being proper.


They had this cool animatronic rock monster thing out front, which was unfortunately not very active.


So, how was my first ever Cedar Point haunted house, and my first haunted house period in almost 2 years?  Incredible!  Lots of actors, super long, and hands down the best artistry I've ever seen in a Cedar Fair haunted house.  Everything about the decorations and music was on point, and I left very, very impressed.  I was in line right at opening, so I only had two groups in front of me.

I would not luck out so well as my next destination, G.A. Boeklings Eerie Estate.


I got in line, and was maybe 150-200 people back from the entrance, and waited.  And didn't move.  And waited some more.  And didn't move some more.  After about 10 minutes of literally not moving at all, I said "screw it," ducked into the nearest store, and bought myself a Fright Lane pass.  With that in hand, I waited 5 minutes and was equally impressed with this house.  Again, lots of actors, super long, and once again the artistry was very well done (though it could have probably used a little brighter lighting inside).

Continuing on towards the rest of the Haunt stuff in the Frontier area, I passed by the stage and caught a picture of the music show (which I would experience fully the next day)....


...and this cool coffin photo opportunity (for the low-low price of only $10 a person).


Now, here we go.  I was quite surprised that Cedar Point tends to keep the Haunt-related stuff confined to only two areas of the park, as opposed to the standard CF model of doing it everywhere.  Maybe a product of reduced staffing, but I actually think it's a good idea to keep the rest of the park non-spooky for the families with small kids.


Yep, this is what I'm used to!


Made my way up to Slaughter House, the standard Cedar Fair "butcher shop" haunt.


Quite yawn here.  Again about a 5 minute wait here, and notably they did not punch the Fright Lane card at this one. Though it was long, it's a tired theme that probably needs to get retired.  One cool thing was that there were rooms with re-assemebled "human" bodies and lots of parts of humans in the cutting equipment, more than I typically see at the ones I've been through at other CF parks.

Though, I was amused by the length of the standby line:


Apparently these maze lines would get to around 2 hours and hover there both nights.  $75 well spent on the Fright Lane.

While waiting, I snapped this (I think) awesome pic of Dragster through the Frontier Fling's arch with the fog and flood lighting in the full effect.


And there was even some natural themeing in the queue: real live spiders!  They were honestly all over the place at the park.


Next up was "Cornstalkers 2.0 - Revenge of the Pumpkin Heads," which takes the record for longest Haunt maze name ever.


Yawn here as well (again, about a 5 minute wait).  There's so much they could do with these corn mazes, but they choose not to.  This one featured almost entirely straight walkways, then some gentle bend, then some more straight walkways, with a decided lack of actors.  There was one part where the path splits into three directions, and I got super excited for some dead ends, or at least branching paths, but no...all three just continued straight for around 100 feet then rejoined to the same path.  One bright spot was a cool animatronic pumpkin-head corn monster at the end, but this was amusingly the only "pumpkin-head" thing I saw in the entire maze; not exactly a "revenge" haha.  Notably, the entire maze reeked of aerosol, presumably from whatever fire-retardant stuff they spray on the corn to avoid a disaster.  It was quite long, but exited substantially farther south than the entrance...great if you were going that way, not so much if you were headed north, as I was.

Next was Fearground Freakshow.


They had this guy out front on the podium, acting like a typical carnival barker, interacting with the crowd, which was cool.


Inside was quite entertaining, with a lot of great props and gags featuring the actors, but this one was a little on the short side.  About a 5 minute wait with Fright Lane, and they didn't punch the card here either. The standby queue wraps around the whole building 3 or 4 times...yikes.  Was this where the Frontier Carousel used to be?  I can't figure out what else this building might have been used for in the past.

I then took a walk through Cutthroat Cove, which is just advertised as a scare zone, but in actuality was much more like a proper haunt maze except with no line at all!  Great long walk through Maverick's infield, with some great artistry and scares, tons of fog, an awesome animatronic snake which pops out from behind some curtains, and some simulated cannon fire.  Unfortunately, the exit for this one is always quite a bit away from the entrance (the entrance is near the train station and the exit is way back near the entrance to the rapids ride).

Seeing no line at Cedar Creek Mine Ride, I hopped on for a half-train wait for row 8.  Quite impressive at night; I was expecting it to be worse than during the day due to not being able to see what's coming that well but it was surprisingly good...maybe even better than during the day?

I gotta say, Steel Vengeance looks pretty cool at night.


How does it ride at night?  Holy shit is that incredible!  Great night ride even though its so lit up, I can't imagine how crazy it would be if it were darker.  23 minutes from getting in line to getting my phone from the free lockers in the queue, for the back row.

At this point, it was past 11:00, and I had been up since 5:00 AM, so I decided to call it a night and make my way back towards the front to dodge all of the crowds leaving at midnight at park close.  I did hop on Iron Dragon, seeing no wait, for my first ever night ride (half-train wait for front row).  Quite impressive here as well; I mean it's no Big Bad Wolf at night, but still quite good.

And, we end this day one report the same way it started:

See you again in the next post for day two!


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Day 2: A full day on a Saturday!

I was there for early entry, but not before the gates opened like usual, so upon making my way in, I saw both the generic redemption line on the left and the dedicated Fast Lane booth on the right had huge lines, so instead ducked into the shop right behind Ocean Potion and redeemed my all-season Fast Lane Plus there.

Did I say Ocean Potion?  Yes, I did:


Corny, but cute.

So, I had sort of a B-side goal today of riding all of the flats at CP that I hadn't ridden before, a task which I mostly accomplished.  But first, I started the day with a lap on lap on Valravn (half-train wait for the front row, left edge).  I gotta say, most B&Ms are better on the left side, but this one I feel almost like the right is the better choice.

I then grabbed a go on Cedar Downs (one cycle wait), and a tour on Cadillac Cars (1 minute wait), a walk-on to the Midway Carousel (new ride for me!).

Next on the "new rides" list was Tiki Twirl, during which I snapped these pics of Wicked Twister's entrance as well as the kiddie hay maze in the background.


But then it was time for Tiki Twirl proper.  Figure I gotta ride the OG before the new one opens at Kings Dominion (yes I'm still calling it that).


What did I think?  Awesome.  I've never been on one of these types of ride period before, and this one did not disappoint.  Very fast and forceful.  One cycle wait.

I then tried to grab a ride on the Ferris Wheel, but it was not to be:  No single riders allowed.  Instead, it was off to nearby Troika.  IMG_20210918_111628223.thumb.jpg.5e016189db740f6fc81aaea77373b7db.jpg

I've been on several of these before (I think every CF park has one), but I think this is the oldest one I've been on.  Seemed slower than most, but it does get right up and going when it starts, so that was kinda nice.  One cycle wait.  I then hopped on Windseeker for a one-cycle wait, and ducked out the gate for a quick smoke break.

Next up was Boo Streak.  Did I say Boo Streak?  Yes, I did.


As with Ocean Potion, cute but corny.  My question is - why only rename these two rides?

9 minutes for row two, and I have thoroughly revoked its previous "can go die in a fire" status.  Not a horrible ride.

Next up was Matterhorn (another new ride for me), possibly the oldest of this style of ride I've been on.


20 minutes for a two-cycle wait, definitely NOT because the cycle was long.  Really I have no idea why it took so long.  It didn't go backwards at all, either.  Is that standard for this one?

Next up was a walk-on to Scrambler, then a one cycle wait for Super Himalaya (amusingly no backwards cycle here either).  Corkscrew was a train-and-a-half wait for front row, and has also lost its "can go die in a fire" status.  In the front, the ride isn't half bad.  Still in the bottom tier of coasters here at Cedar Point, though.

Next on the list was a half-train wait for Gemini, red side, row two.  Actually won this race!  I can't remember the last time I was in the winning train.

I then partook in the Fortune Tellers they had set up for Halloweekends.  About a 10 minute wait.  I don't put any stock in these sorts of things at all, but it was entertaining (and free!).  Not quite Tarot cards but very similar.

I then did a lap on Maverick (15 minutes for back row, including getting stuck on the brake run for like 5 while they hosed off a train in the station from a protein spill).  Man, still such a great ride.  Gettin' a little light on pictures here, aren't we?  Here's a few of my all-time #1, and even two videos!


I then made my way back towards the front of the park, stopping at Melt along the way, for Ocean Motion, the last of the new-to-me rides here.  10 minute wait; it's a swinging ship...not sure what else to say.  I find it cool that they died the pool green for Halloweekends though.


I then camped out for the Midnight Syndicate show, which as discussed in above posts blew me away.  Very cool show, and I won't spoil it...but if you go to CP for Halloweekends, you have to see it!


I then sat through the musical show on the stage across from the food truck court, Monster Mash-Up featuring the Shrieks Band.  About 25 minutes long, every song was a mash-up of two or more other songs, and featured a live backing band on top of the singers/dancers.  No cohesive plot, but most characters got at least one song, and surprisingly there was only about a 15 second clip of Michael Jackson's Thriller involved, which most Halloween shows at parks can't seem to avoid using.  Also had a VERY impressive mash-up of Bonnie Tyler's "Holding Out for a Hero" and Ariana Grande's "Break Free," even if the singer couldn't possibly match Ariana's insane pipes.

At this point, I was feeling pretty tired, so I just did like four laps on the train waiting for it get dark toget some more night rides in.  After the sun had suitbaly set, I headed to Maverick for a dusk ride.  Front row in 11 minutes.  Awesome at dusk, especially with all of the fog bleeding up from the pirate walk-through.

I did another tour of Fearground Freakshow (since they never punched my Fright Lane card from the night before), and it was just as entertaining as the first time through.

Hopped on Millie once again (33 minutes for front row).  This is such an insane ride at night, and seemed to be just flying through the course.

Then decided to get on Rougarou, 11 minutes for front row left...man does this ride just suck.  I think it's now easily at the bottom of my CP coaster rankings.  Can we please get the stand-up trains back?

At this point, it was right around 10:30, and I made my way back to the front of the park and took another walk through Hexed (since I hadn't used my Fight Lane on it the previous night), and wrapped out the night with a front-row, left side night ride on Raptor (11 minutes).  A great way to close out both my night, my weekend, and my year at Cedar Point.  Got back to my hotel and in bed at a decent hour for my 8-hour drive back to Delaware the next day.

All in all, I was quite impressed with CP's Haunt at Halloweekends (it's full formal name).  Staffing was a non-issue on Saturday with every ride and every food stand I could find open, and without any crazy waits.  I'll almost definitely be back next year.

I'll leave you with a quick video of that insane helix at the end of Raptor.  It looks slow here, but I promise you it's not!

And that's all.  Next trip?  Dorney Park on October 1st.

Thanks for reading everyone!


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Thanks for typing all that up and taking photos. Sounds like an awesome time.

The fright lane doesn't have a date on it? You could use one pass over two nights? I think you lucked out / that doesn't sound right to me, but, luckily it worked out for you lol. What would prevent someone from buying on a cheaper day and then using it a different day?

Despite CP being my home park in my eyes (4 hours away lol) I've never actually done a "night" of the Halloween stuff or seen the scare zones. We always go on Sunday due to lack of lines for the houses, but they only do the indoor haunts on Sundays. The game changer this year will be Sundays in October, though, which will be open later. I think I'll finally be able to get the best of both worlds which is cool. Glad to hear you had a great visit!

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too funny.. I've spent at least 7 full days at Cedar Point. . and have never even SEEN Motion Ocean. . I guess cause I only came in the front gates ONE time (for Coastermania! entrance)


I have ridden the Carousel on the main midway tho (of course) and the smaller one in the kiddie area near Melt!

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16 minutes ago, anonymouscactus said:

Thanks for typing all that up and taking photos. Sounds like an awesome time.

The fright lane doesn't have a date on it? You could use one pass over two nights? I think you lucked out / that doesn't sound right to me, but, luckily it worked out for you lol. What would prevent someone from buying on a cheaper day and then using it a different day?


Yeah, it didn't have a date on it and it was the exact same card being sold both days.  I definitely lucked out.

I would almost think this was the park's first year offering Fight Lane, from that issue (no date/same pass) and the fact that 2 out of 5 mazes didn't even punch the card, but that can't possibly be right.

I guess if you wanted to physically go to the park one day, buy it, and use it another, there'd be nothing stopping you.

18 minutes ago, bert425 said:

too funny.. I've spent at least 7 full days at Cedar Point. . and have never even SEEN Motion Ocean. . I guess cause I only came in the front gates ONE time (for Coastermania! entrance)

Nice.  Yeah I usually use the main entrance (I've never stayed at Breakers), and historically just pass it by.  Apparently it used to be where Windseeker is now.

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