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Cedar Point (CP) Discussion Thread

p. 2030 - Top Thrill 2 announced!

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Got to say, Maverick has been added to my list of 'Coasters to ride before I die' aswell as half the coasters at Cedar. When i'm 18, i'm going to have to save up the money and fly to Ohio simply for Maverick and the rest of Cedar. Is the park I most want to visit and it just seems to get better every year!


Darn you lucky Americans who can just drive there, im bored of Stealth and Rita


Looks amazing and I hear it is!



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Darn you lucky Americans who can just drive there, im bored of Stealth and Rita


Yeah, but you got Nemesis so I figure it's a fair trade.


Yeah Nemesis is great but after so many rides you do feel a bit ill lol, oooo the helix is fantasticly intense but still, Cedar Point .


Is a shame about the g roll still, looked lovely and intense but none the less, looks like an awesome ride. Just still so jealous that my non enthusiast mate is going in a month .



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I just got back from my Cedar Point trip.


My review of Maverick:


Best ride in the park. There is just something about it that makes it better than Millennium, Magnum, and all the rest.


Granted things did not start off well.


My first time in line I waited 2 hours and when I got to the front of the que the ride broke down (this was approximately 7:00 pm) They were unable to get the ride working for the rest of the day so I felt cheated.


Then first thing the next day I ran to Maverick and the wait was about an hour.


I once again got to the front and it broke down for about 30 minutes. I was really afraid they were going to shut the ride down again but they didn't.


I finally got on, and they were handing out Maverick first rider T-shirts through Tuesday I believe, maybe longer.


Maverick is now my #1 steel coaster.



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There was a segment on FOX 2 (Detroit) last night near the end of the 10:00 newscast. "Now we're going into a 95 degree DROP AAAAAAAAAH!"


Heading out to the Point tomorrow with a few friends. I'll say hi if I see you, Jon, 'cause there's no way I'll be leaving Frontiertown over the course of the day.

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Good LORD, those OSR's look PAINFUL. I'm a little less excited for it now.

They're not bad.


Perhaps it's different in the back row (both my rides were front seat) but as I said before, through 2 rides I experienced ZERO banging against the restraints. It's simple - see a turn coming and lean in that direction. As long as you have a general idea of the layout and you don't sit there like a motionless rag doll, you should be fine.

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Age: 12


I won't say what I am thinking.


Instead I will comment on my 2 rides on Magnum earlier this week. 1 train operation was very slow.


30 minute wait on Monday evening, and 45 minute wait Tuesday afternoon. And neither of those lines reached outside of the station.


Rest of the park was great though, easily my #1 park.

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