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  1. I'm watching the evacuation streaming live on CNN.com. Pretty interesting to watch how they are getting the riders off. I can't believe how many people are stuck vertically!
  2. They sure don't make it easy for you to get in huh? haha... We already have a hotel, but I love that you can leave and go back without paying to park twice, that's great to know! We are gonna get the $42 6 visit pass online since we plan on going 2 days in a row. Thanks for the info!
  3. I'm also going to SFNE next week for the first time in like 5 years or so, and I'm glad this thread came up! Lots of useful info... What is the parking situation like? I know that's it's $15 to park (which I think is ridiculous!) - are there any other parking options? We're spreading the visit over a day and a half so hopefully we'll get to hit the rides we want at least once... I just don't want to pay $30 just to park!
  4. Were the Bananas in Pajamas driving the monorail?! That picture rules!
  5. Awesome video! Love the "geek shot" - very cool! Thanks for posting it!
  6. Seriously Elissa and Robb... KidTums seems like the happiest little girl ever!! I mean, does she EVER cry!? She always looks likes she's having a good time. She's lucky to have parents like you both who have already taken her on all sorts of adventures. The Santa picture is awesome... she's like "What's the big deal?"
  7. I was listening to Opie and Anthony this morning and they were all over this story, talking about how horrific it must have been and how random and awful it is (and of course working in some really gruesome jokes). They were kind of joking about safety at amusement parks in general. (Slight off topic) One funny thing they did bring up was the "gang" line jumpers at SFGAdv. Anyone who has been there knows about the scary line jumpers and it happens at every ride. It was actually so much of a problem last time I went it kind of put us off from going there again.
  8. This TR makes me sad. I remember going to Salisbury when it was awesome and there was tons of great food, the midway was up and running, the arcades were awesome... Now it looks like somewhere where they should film a horror movie. Sucks that all that's left there are a couple crappy aracdes and a strip club. Classy. The Hampton beach area is much nicer to go to. Live music in the summer and a couple cool new bars I checked out last year. Oh well...
  9. Good LORD, those OSR's look PAINFUL. I'm a little less excited for it now.
  10. Canobie Fan - I LOVE your website!! I love all the old photos and stuff and seeing the old rides. I've been going to Canobie as long as I can remember... My aunt's company always had outings in the summer there. The log ride at Canobie is one of my favorites anywhere.
  11. I live about 10 minutes from Canobie Lake Park which is in Salem, NH (I know my little blurb on the left says I live in Boston, but I'm really from the North Boston area) and I love going there at night during the summer. The coasters aren't great, but it's a BEAUTIFUL park and all the rides pretty much suit everyone. Well, I take the coaster comment back - I've been on lots of coasters and the Yankee Cannonball (the woodie there) is still one of my favs - never had a bad ride on it. As someone said above, a lot depends on where in New England you'll be. I don't really like SFNE because the park isn't always kept up well and besides Superman, there's no reason to go there. BUT, if you're just here visiting then that's the biggest park you'll find around here. Hey - New England people reading this - Do any of you make the drive to SFGAdv instead? It's about 2 hours from my house to SFNE and I always find it better and more worth it to drive the extra couple hours, pay for a little extra gas and head down to Great Adv. SFNE just does nothing for me - with the exception of Superman, there's no real reason to go there - ESPECIALLY since Six Flags desecrated the Cyclone.
  12. Actually, I'm kinda hoping for a couple kick a$$ coasters to pop up out of this. There's certainly more than enough themeing/ideas to choose from. It'd be cool to have one of those motorbike coasters (they look so cool!) and they could do broomsticks or something (probably already been mentioned before) which would be a lot of fun. BUT I hope they leave DD alone - meaning, not changing the theme. I love the fire and ice thing... walking through the line and seeing all the frozen things and the whole choose to "freeze or burn" thing really is a cool build up for the ride.
  13. Actually, no one's spamming, just having a discussion. No one's bashing anything all that's being said is the fact that some people are bummed about this. This is a forum and a place for discussion and this thread is not about who likes and doesn't like Harry Potter - it's about a huge change to Universal. You just need to calm down a bit I think, everyone is entitled to say how they feel about it. If you want to talk about Harry Potter himself you can certainly do that elsewhere too. Not trying to be mean, just saying - it's cool, no harm intended
  14. Am I the only one who HATES Harry Potter and am bummed out they're going to wreck the Lost Continent for it? I'm so mad right now. Why such a big section of park? I know it will make them loads of cash, but not everyone wants Harry Potter crammed down their throat. It better be one hell of an "island."
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