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Cedar Point (CP) Discussion Thread

p. 2030 - Top Thrill 2 announced!

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Hey guys.


The sound effect is ONLY when you are being launched out of the tunnel. If we're hitting interval with all six trains, that blasting sound could line up a little with the lift hill, but it's not supposed to. Trust me, the LSMs are really quiet (unless we're moving trains manually, then they make noise) and that sound is a sound effect that is made when we launch you.


As far as fitting, it depends EXTREMELY on the person. Some of our "larger" guests can ride, some can't. Extremely tall people may have problems riding. People with long legs may have problems riding. My suggestion: TRY THE TEST SEAT. Seriously folks, there's nothing I hate more than seeing the look of disappointment when I have to release your restraint and ask you to leave. The test seat is there for people to make sure they can fit in the ride, not for me to sit next to, not for me to clean, and definitely not for people to sit in while we're broken down.


Masked_Maverick, were you wearing a TPR shirt when you rode the other day? Definitely noticed you if you did, and I'm really sorry you couldn't ride. I wish you the best of luck with your goal of losing weight, and I encourage you to try again later in the year if you have a chance.


Thanks again guys, we're off to another great week of operation on the ride (except for the weather, that's kinda been killing us), and I expect to see you all in my queue line!



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I'm fairly fat, IMO, I had no trouble whatsoever with the B&M inverts and sit-downs. are they really roomy, or am I just thinner than I thought?


If you are asking whether or not you'll fit on Maverick. Yes. You will be fine the seats are pretty big and the harnesses are very roomy. More so than B&M Inverts.

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I'm heading down on the 19th or 20th with a few friends to ride Maverick. I personally can't wait to ride it.

Also does anyone know how the effects are working (the smoke in the tunnel and the water cannons). It would be a great bonus if they're working when I'm there!


EDIT: 300th Post!

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^ no, there are some slight differences. For example there is suppose to be a rock over pass that you go through right before what was suppose to be a barrol roll. THe rock over pass is not there.

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There seems to be a lot of stuff in the Video that didn't make it.


- A head chopper right out of the drop by a coal machine

- A head chopper entering the 1st canyon by a rock arch

- In the 1st Canyon, the walls extend further past the s-curve instead of just before it heading into the 1st airtime hill

- A canyon with multiple head choppers by mining beams before the horseshoe

- A fountain in the horseshoe roll pond

- A headchopper again heading into the now s-curve after the launch by a rock arch on the canyon walls.


All that stuff I think would've made this ride immensely more exciting. I guess CP doesn't like a lot of headchoppers on 1 ride. haha.

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