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Cedar Point (CP) Discussion Thread

p. 2030 - Top Thrill 2 announced!

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Last I heard, one of the paddle wheel boats (commissioned in 1967) Was bought and was to be put in use as a water taxi like boat on the Maumee river in downtown Toledo Ohio. Ok, I know that's not the boat you were thinking of. Here's a link to the article. http://www.sanduskyregister.com/News/2010/07/29/New-job-for-former-Point-paddlewheel-boat 1894800194_cppaddlewheelboat.thumb.jpg.ddeb6e6a00869daaeaadc11085e766a2.jpg Also, does anyone remember when CP had a monorail ? The very first of it's kind as it was advertised. It was relocated from another park in ohio that closed. So technically, their monorail was built before Disneyland's. Cedar_Point_Monorail_ride.jpg.dd72d0fd9105c5b901a7f6a8ceec9b32.jpg

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I just found additional history on the ride for anyone interested:




I was not aware that it could run at speeds of 60mph! It appears that Cedar Point wanted the company who built it to fund expanding it, so that it would travel the entire park, but they didn't want to fund it and Cedar Point ended up scrapping it. Sad to see so many interesting rides die out so quickly.

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Cedar Point lost the bet!



I fully expect something along the lines of Top Thrill Cubster or Cubbie Force.


Cedar Point ‏@cedarpoint 4h4 hours ago

Making good on our wager with @SFGreat_America. And in May, #TopThrillDragster will be renamed "Top Thrill Cubster".


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LOL that video was funny as hell! Awesome that the parks are doing this, I love it!


Oh, and as for which ride will be renamed...

Also note that about 40 or so seconds into the video, the camera starts to pan on the former Mean Streak, only to be shunned away with a finger wag. Jesus, Tony is just having fun with us now.

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We leave this thread alone for 5 god damn minutes and you're talking about politics? I'm starting to think my sarcastic idea would actually be an improvement upon whatever this thread would turn into otherwise, so anyway...


#ThrowbackThursday to when Sky Ride had the old 2 passenger cabins, a ticket booth and apparently a totem pole.



Oh and they had a wooden wild mouse called "Scamper"? Who knew. I wonder why it was such a short lived attraction.

first to say bring back the totem pole

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