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Cedar Point (CP) Discussion Thread

P. 1989: Wicked Twister's permanent closure announced!

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For the lazy people...


Big waves are coming in 2017!





Announcing the new Cedar Point Shores Water Park! It's 18 acres of splish-splashin family fun, featuring four completely new water attractions, upgrades to food and merchandise locations, new cabanas and so much more.


NEW Ways to Cool Off


You'll find all-new attractions designed for big thrills and little thrills.


Point Plummet - It's a six-story-tall aqua drop body slide that will simultaneously send four riders on a nearly vertical free fall when the floor drops out from under them!


Starboard Surge & Portside Plunge - Located on the same structure as Point Plummet, these two, five-story tube slides can accommodate single riders or pairs and sends them through an enclosed tunnel before shooting them out into the sun through intense drops and turns.


Lakeslide Landing - A family splashground of epic proportions! There's 12, kid-sized water slides that line the perimeter of a zero-depth-entry pool, giving kids their own mini water thrills while parents can relax under shade structures and enjoy an oversized lounge and sun deck area.


NEW Ways to Dine


The new Crystal Rock Cafe will cook up delicious food items guests won't be able to resist. The menu includes food items like:


Fresh-baked flat breads (caprese, buffalo mac & cheese and more)

Farm salad options (crispy chicken BLT, Asian chicken and chicken Caesar)

Pesto-glazed grilled chicken sandwiches

Fresh-breaded chicken tenders

Waffle fries

Tater tots



Loaded potato wedges



NEW Ways to Chill


The all-new cabanas, located on both sides of the massive wave pool, receive upgrades like free Wi-Fi, charging stations, ceiling fans, TVs and dedicated food and beverage service. The cabanas can accommodate friends, families or even family reunions!


More New Upgrades


Cedar Point Shores will receive a completely new entrance gate, a new poolside bar, new family changing/showering areas, more lounge chairs, additional shade, improved landscaping and unobstructed views of Lake Erie.


Invest in 2017 Summer Fun NOW


Cedar Point Shores opens in 2017 and the best way to enjoy the super-soaking fun AND The Roller Coaster Capital of the World is with a 2017 Platinum Pass! Enjoy unlimited admission to Cedar Point and Cedar Point Shores, Early Entry, FREE parking, exclusive ride nights, in-park discounts and so much more. Platinum Passes for 2017 will be going on sale soon!


Get set to get wet in 2017 with Cedar Point Shores Water Park!


Link: New Cedar Point Shores Water Park!

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Well, that page makes it seem like that's all there is. I was kind of expecting another wave pool since a lot of the other parks have two. I mean this is Cedar Point...Shouldn't they have two? The last time I was there at Soak City was in 2013 and their wave pool was kind of lame. Anyways, where the hell is that knott's slide going to? Since it's not CP, maybe Canada's Wonderland perhaps?

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Alright so if the renderings are to be believed the kiddy play area is replacing that crappy one that currently has lake water in it, and the new slide complex is replacing the swim up bar (which is complete bull***, lol). I imagine the "new poolside bar, new family changing/showering areas, more lounge chairs, additional shade, improved landscaping and unobstructed views of Lake Erie." will be off to the side of the slide / old swim up bar where there are already unobstructed views of Lake Erie.


This is a nice addition. I'm still expecting a larger, Carolina Harbor style waterpark upgrade but maybe they'll do it over time rather than all at once, or maybe they first wanted to upgrade the things in the existing waterpark that needed work before expanding on to new areas. Either option makes sense to me.

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The poolside bar is currently off between the mat racer and the current tube/body slides.


This new tower looks to be where the go karts were. And the new kiddie area seems to be where the current kiddie area is as well as where the go karts where. Magnum will separate the new tower and the new kiddie area. That's what I can tell from the 2 pics.

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Cedar Point's historic Hotel Breakers is growing yet again!




Fresh off of a complete renovation in 2015, an additional six-story tower will be added to the classic beachfront property. The new tower will match the beautiful exterior of the existing hotel and will house 158 guest rooms with many of them configured as connecting family suites. A new outdoor pool area will also make its debut alongside the tower. Construction on the addition will begin after Labor Day and will continue through the 2017 season. It will open to new guests in time for the summer of 2018.


With the new tower, Hotel Breakers will have a total of 669 rooms, making it one of the largest hotels on the Great Lakes – and the love for the property keeps growing. Hotel Breakers has been voted one of the “Top 25 Hotels for Families” by readers of TripAdvisor and is just steps away from both Cedar Point and the new Cedar Point Shores Water Park.


Guests who stay at the Cedar Point Resorts receive the best benefits – Early Entry, allowing access to Cedar Point one hour before the general public to ride some of the biggest attractions, the best deal on park admission tickets (tickets that include free admission to Cedar Point Shores for the length of their chosen 1-day, 2-day or 3-day ticket) and of course, the closest rooms to the world’s greatest collection of rides.


Details on rates and reservations for the 2017 season will be available in early fall.

Link: Hotel Breakers Expansion


If this is connecting to the hotel then I guess it'll go on the adjacent plot of land near Challenge Golf where there's currently a parking lot. If they need additional parking then I would think it's time to say goodbye to Challenge Golf. Personally if Challenge Golf isn't gone next year I'll be shocked.

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Hotel looks nice, wish it was closer to the park like Sandcastle Suites or Hotel Breakers. But I guess that's why the rates are typically cheaper there vs the other two.

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Whem I stayed at breakers express a couple years ago they sent me a survey. On the survey I put that it needed mini fridges. Now Breakers express is getting mini fridges.


Thank you for your service. Not all heroes wear capes.


Haha squeaky wheel gets the lube

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I don't really understand the point of rebranding the waterpark with a new name. The soak city name was just fine, and not to mention the additional cost of rebranding the waterpark name. Most people that I know of going to cedarpoint, go for the coasters and the waterpark is kinda an afterthought.


Even though I'm not a Waterpark person, I do agree that the waterpark needed a fresh attraction. Kinda surprised that they are not adding a bowl slide to soak city as its one of the more popular waterpark attractions.


Now what about the mean streak areas future?

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Well, that page makes it seem like that's all there is. I was kind of expecting another wave pool since a lot of the other parks have two. I mean this is Cedar Point...Shouldn't they have two?


Other parks aren't sitting on the fricking Great Lakes either. That's their other "wave pool."

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Has phase two of Sports Force Parks been announced prior to today? That looks interesting. A nice new metroparks area with bike trails. Better yet, I can still play mini-golf at Sports Force Park!


I think all of these decisions are great. CP is focusing more on becoming a resort destination.


Honestly I wouldn't even be mad if CP just did a complete overhaul to park experience and make everything that already exists grander. Whether it be from fixing the arcade to cleaning up the bathrooms to enhancing work experience for employees. I love CP and it is an amazing place, but I don't feel that everything has come together. Sometimes were are so hungry for a big new attraction that we forget about the things that we complain about when we are at the park.


Question: How much land does CP own outside of the peninsula?

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They own most of, if not all of the warehouses on the left of the dorms when approaching the causeway, the entire dorm area as well as some of the housing on the right side. Additionally they own the entire sandusky airfield site which is under construction for the sports complex.

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