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Cedar Point (CP) Discussion Thread

p. 2030 - Top Thrill 2 announced!

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^ Thanks for sharing this innuendous little tidbit!


I had never even heard of Johnson's Island so I just Googled it. As soon as I mentioned that it was used as a Civil War prison for Confederate soldiers, my partner now wants to go check out the cemetery and memorials (he loves history).


See what you can learn from fellow TPR folks when you just casually post something silly?



I'm Swedish... and Sweden, Norway and Finland sort of look like a very weird dick and balls peeing on Europe,

so you're all good.

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Trip Report:


-Group of 9. Myself,my brother, my 2 cousins and both our parents + 1 other aunt.

-Left Syracuse, NY at 6am 5/28/2016. Got to Breakers Express around 2:15.

-Got ready for the park. Got to the park at 3:30pm. Started to rain... Stopped by 4pm when we allowed to enter the park

-We went on one of the first coasters we walked by... The Raptor. Less than 20 minute wait.

-We then got in line for Blue Streak. Basically a walk on ride... But there was a storm coming and everything closed down. We decided to wait in line(literally we were the next people on... Where else would we go anyway.) At first we were all upset about it being a rainy day.. But after that storm (which lasted 45 minutes) We quickly saw that the storm made a lot of people leave.

-After riding Blue streak we skipped Valravn (Because it had a ~60 minute wait). We just started walking around the park going on every other coaster we passed.

Here is the rundown of rides we rode between 4-10pm on 5/28/16:




1xMagnum XL-200



2xTop Thrill Dragster

2xMean Streak


1xValravn(Got in line at like 9:30pm. It stopped running for about 20 minutes...But I was pleased with how fasted dispatch moved to get everyone on the ride and out of the park. We left the park at about 10:30pm)

(I was the only one who went on all the rides above.. Most of the time I went alone because everyone else got sick of the coasters real quick )

Sunday 5/29/16:

-Early-entry kicked ass!!! Got in at 9am. We briskly walked all the way to Millennium Force. We saw everyone else going to Valravn Rode MF 3 times in about 40 minutes. WE SAW SINGLE-RIDER BOBMy cousin actually sat with him! (She didn't notice the shirt until after the ride.. and we didn't have our phones on us. I wanted a picture with him ) We then hit up Maverick to finish up the early entry lineup.

-After Maverick we headed to the waterpark to scope out chairs/shade. After getting all situated, and getting a $15 locker, we all decided to go in the lazy river (It was really hot during the mid-day). I was kinda disappointed with how much sand / how many leaves were in the lazy river.. it was pretty bad. We made 2 laps in here then left.

-Rode the family tube ride. Was pretty fun (Especially when you put the 3 heavy guys in one tube.. I thought we were going to flip!)

-After this everyone was ready to just relax for awhile and try to stay cool.. I decided otherwise. I grabbed a bag/a few water bottles we brought from home and headed out back into the park. I never really took track of time.. But I want to say I went solo from 12:30pm-3:15pm. Sadly, all the main coasters I couldn't do because they don't allow bags... But I was able to ride Mean-Streak 2x, Gemini,2x Maxair 1x. I then met back up the the group and we hit the logflume 2x.

-We then went back to our chairs in the waterpark and ate lunch. I will never plan on buying a lunch in CP again.. We ate subway and it was over $8 for a 6inch sub!. No chips.No drink. Each family spent around ~$45!! On subway! What a scam.

-After lunch we saw that rain was coming around 6pm. Everyone else was basically ready to leave the park(not me...)

-I went on Magnum XL since it was a shart wait.

-We then headed back to Rougarou (RIP Mantis). While I was waiting in line(I was on the stairs about to get into the station) It started to sprinkle, All the rides closed.. (except Iron Dragon.. which seems to keep going...) Since I knew rain was coming, I already knew I was going to wait it out. I'm glad I did. By the time it opened back up (Id say ~30minutes) I was basically first in line.. Since a lot of people left.

-Again, we saw rain coming and we all decided to ride the train(Yayay ).Went around two full times on the train and we waited for the rain/hail to stop.

-After we got off everyone, other than me, headed for the Sky ride. I made my way to Gatekeeper. Rode Gatekeeper 2x just as they got off the Sky Ride/Rode the Merry go Round).

And that was it for the park(We decided to leave around 8 anyway - So we could go get food at a resturant).

-We ate at Quaker Steak that night, then went back to Breakers Express, then walked to Dairy Queen for dessert!

-We left for home Monday at 8am.


A few things I want to say:

-The Cedar Point app worked GREAT. Having the wait times at your disposal is really helpful. They seemed to always be accurate too!

-The Wifi worked good. Except for in the waterpark.. It was very spotty there.

-Every ride I went on has a great team of dispatch workers. Though, I gotta say the staff at Gatekeeper really did the best I have ever seen. The really moved fast

-TTD seemed to close down alot on Sunday.. I stayed away from it anyway. Didn't get to see any rollbacks either

-Valravn was my first ever dive coaster. I got lucky on Saturday and was placed in the front row! It was fun, but I didn't feel like waiting ~60-95 minutes on Sunday for it.

-I didn't hear anything wrong with MF (what rattle?)

-I probably would have rode more rides that had longer lines on Sunday(Maverick,TTD,Valravn).. But I didn't want to stand alone in the long line.

-The only coasters I experience the front rows on was: Valravn, MagnumXL and Gatekeeper. Everything else, I preferred to sit as far back as I can go. (Previous trips I rode front row on TTD,MF,Maverick)

-Maverick was my favorite ride, with gatekeeper being right behind it(I loved Gatekeeper when I sat in the back seat!)

-If you ride Mean-Streak at night... Close your mouth.. unless you enjoy eating bugs.


This concludes my write-up.. Feel free to ask questions!We are still unpacking, so I kinda hurried this and may have missed something.

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Any reports on the bug situation on Valravn yet?


It's a roller coaster at Cedar Point....


There are really bright lights around the ride (at night)...


There is going to be bugs.


This. Bugs are unavoidable, and the more spotlights on the ride the more there will be (see: Gatekeeper where every night ride feels like you're riding in the rain).

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Went to CP yesterday. Memorial Day Monday seems to be a very good day to hit the park as the lines were quite manageable except for Valravn with its one hour wait and the ever slow moving Maverick line. Most lines were at least 30-45 minutes but I still got the Fast Pass Plus to avoid the lines at those two rides. At $93 (I go to parks alone) it's quite steep but to it was well worth the investment (got three on Valravn and two on Maverick - which would not have happened if I didn't get FPP).


Loved Valravn but I'm not a fan of the restraints. IMO they felt too restrictive as far as getting that full freefall effect on the first drop. I was surprised by how fast the train loses momentum entering the zero-G at the end but the feeling of "hang time" became one of my favorite parts of the ride. The new midway is very well done and I love how the coaster is so photogenic.


I also got to try Rougarou for the first time since I didn't go to the park last year. The remake from stand up to sit-down floorless is definitely a vast improvement but I still got a nice pop to the ears in the transition from the corkscrew/flat spin into the first turn of the figure eight ending. Left my ears stinging for a short time after exiting the ride. The coaster is still a one time a year only ride unless I get in the mood to ride it again.


Very happy to see Raptor's trains freshly repainted, probably the best improvement of the year.

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