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Cedar Point (CP) Discussion Thread

p. 2030 - Top Thrill 2 announced!

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Almost everyone is quickly changing their mind from hating the idea, and colors of Valravn to starting to appreciate what a great coaster this coming to the park.


And there are still those of us who have known how amazing this coaster would look, and ride before any piece of track was ever lifted into place, and we are still greatfull to be getting such an awesome addition to the park. I can't wait to ride Valravn, there is STILL no doubt in my mind it will be an amazing coaster. Each new piece of track that is put into place is confirming that this ride will be amazing.

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Please don't say EVERYBODY!!! is now changing their minds or eating their words b/c I still hate the colors and the ride is still going to be a snooze feast!!! Now back to your regularly scheduled program

A snooze fest? Im tired of hearing crap like this. I hope you are trolling. There are two freefalls on this coaster, one being the tallest on a dive coaster going into the tallest immelman in the world just to point a Couple of things out.Do you really look at this monster and think "snooze fest"? Fugget-about-it

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Do you really look at this monster and think "snooze fest"?


Ummm Yes that's just my opinion not trying to start any argument, just was stating not to jump to conclusions and proclaim everybody is backing tracking and now saying Valravn looks amazing when that is not the case because I'm still over here like Meh. I've been on Griffon and didn't find a thing about it to write home about I expect the same out of Valravn


Everyone that thinks Valravn looks amazing that's fine enjoy it, I'll be marathoning Maverick or Millie, or Dragster

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I wouldn't personally call it a snoozefest, but it is an extremely cookie cutter ride for a park like CP that has built so many ground breaking attractions. After having ridden Griffon this summer, I can say that MF, TTD, Magnum, Maverick, Raptor, and even Gatekeeper are all better attractions than a dive machine.


That being said, it's still exciting to watch the construction of this thing...

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I wonder if that one guy is still cooking a roast starring at his computer waiting for the track to go up? He better check that roast.


It was an iPad. Not a computer. And it was occasionally checking. Not staring.


However, the roast turned out great, my partner loved it. Thanks for being concerned about our dinner!!

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