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Worst/Longest/Slowest Line you ever waited in!

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I've got another I forgot about.


I waited 3 hours for Jurassic Park River Adventure on the bonus day at IOA for Coaster Con 29.


It was horrible weather for 1/2 the day so we just chose to get in line for this because it offered some good shelter from the storm. And we could see outside so we could judge when the storm would stop or not.

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Here a few others I've seen.



Seen but not waited in:


1. Flight of Fear @ Kings Dominion: 2 hours, the line was spilling into the path. They were using the entire queue inside the building but the switchback outside was not being used.


2. Tomb Raider Firefall @ Kings Dominion: At least 90 min., the line was spilling all the way out to the rocks in front of the Volcano gift shop.


3. Borg Assimilator @ Carowinds: At least an hour, 3/4 of the queue was filled.


4. Vortex @ Carowinds: At least an hour, line in the switchback.


5. Apollo's Chariot @ BGE: At least 90 minutes, queue about to spill out in the path.

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Non park related, but 8 hours for 10 gallons of gas after Hurricane Wilma in Florida. Cars that were running ended up being pushed in, and then limited to the amount you could buy.


And the line was about 2 miles long that took 8 hours.........

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After the Midwest trip, I can safely say the longest line I have waited for a coaster would either be:


50 mins for Millennium Force.

1 hour for Ragin Cajun at SFGAm.

1 1/2 hours waiting for Maverick to open for "hotel ERT", but when the rain kept coming down I said "forget this."

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I waited 4 hours for millenium force the year it opened. And I was riding with this girl I didn't know very well, and she was a big complainer. MF broke down several times during this wait in line, and I got yelled at every time it stopped.


"No! No! I ain't ridin' this! You crazy!"

"Uh uh! I don't think so! This thing is broke!"


Four hours of that crap.









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The worst I've ever waited was at least 2 hours for Jurassic Park at Universal Hollywood. It wasn't tiring to stand there (because the whole thing was shaded!) but the line moved so slowly it just seemed ridiculous after a while.


I think it's a ditto for The Mummy ride for a coaster wait: worst disappointment ever. By the time we left, we were all thinking, "We waited in line for that?!"

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4 hours at Cedar Point - the Dragster.


I came in with the Late Ticket from my Breakers Express Package and stright to the Dragster (that because I wanted to ride it in there 2,5 days because 3 days before KingDaKa was out of order and I dont want fly home without ride one of these...)

The I stand there for about 4 hours. Hours of little raining and stopping the ride, than 4 Trains launched and stoped because the rain starts again. Then the rain get stronger and many poaple left the ride. At the end I stand there with roundabout 12-15 poaple in the Station. At 9pm i leave the ride (i hour before park will close) say good bye und ran to Millenium Force. There I get about 4-6 rounds and 2 rounds in Mantis... in one hour.


But it was fun. It was my first time meeting a group of Americans without having Beolingus dictionary HP on the desktop... I speak english but its harder in a conversation when you have problems with some vocabulary. You know what you want to say, but "how will that called in english...? what is the correct english word for our german word XYZ...."

But it was OK! We speak the hole hours in teh station!


Next day the weather was better then the other day (sometimes it also rains), so I ride Dragster round about 6-8x front row, with 2 rollbacks... crazy!

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3 1/2 hours for Tatsu opening year. It would've been shorter if it didn't break down three times while we were waiting. The switchbacks were hell and the misters were broken so we got drenched while waiting. And IMO, Tatsu is NOT worth a 3 1/2 hour wait.

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Yeah, don't get me worng, Tatsu was awesome. Waiting in line was just a mess. We were getting drenched by the misters, the ride broke 3 times, they were only using one side of the station, the last 3-4 rows were reserved for flashpass which made the line even slower, and there were the switchbacks from hell. And nothing personal to the ride-ops for Tatsu, because i'm a ride-op myself, but they moved SLOW. We waited on the brake run for 10 minutes. Which is why I like Vekoma flyer trains SO much more.


Thats just the last time I will wait that long for a ride, regardless of the ride.

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SFMM - 2.5 hours for Tatsu in the 95 degree heat last summer and then my GERD decided to act up when I finally got on the ride, making me think that I was going to choke on my own vomit! Ride dispatch was horribly slow...


SFMM - 20 minutes waiting for X which boasted a 4 hour wait at the queue. I think in the twenty minutes that I waited patiently, I moved about ten feet! Never got to ride...


TTD @ CP - 1.5 hours and then it broke down. Best friend was bummed as he had never ridden...and still has not been on it to this day.


White Water Canyon @ CW - 2 hours as it was new that year and horribly slow. I think that I was about fourteen and foolish!!!!

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