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  1. I was there yesterday too! The rain was intense, your pictures didn't even cover the half of it. I was surprised at what stayed open, though. I got a chance to ride Nitro (hey, I liked Nitro in the rain), S:UF, and Medusa, while I saw El Toro and GASM stay open as well. We wanted to ride The Dark Knight, but when we got on the line they said that it wasn't working and we decided it wasn't worth waiting in the rain (that, and on the way there, we heard some kids complaining, "They took Chiller out for THAT?!") Plus, they closed Medusa so we could have mass, and wouldn't you know it, the sky almost totally darkened during it and we had to sit for almost an hour in the pouring rain, not fun.
  2. The worst I've ever waited was at least 2 hours for Jurassic Park at Universal Hollywood. It wasn't tiring to stand there (because the whole thing was shaded!) but the line moved so slowly it just seemed ridiculous after a while. I think it's a ditto for The Mummy ride for a coaster wait: worst disappointment ever. By the time we left, we were all thinking, "We waited in line for that?!"
  3. That song is so much fun on expert! It drives me crazy though. I have the Red Octane wireless guitar - unless you're planning to go crazy with the whammy bar you should be okay. The buttons do stick a bit but that's the main problem with mine (though I still kind of prefer the wired one.)
  4. New Jersey (where I live) New York Pennsylvania Connecticut Maryland Delaware Virginia North Carolina South Carolina Georgia Florida Texas New Mexico Arizona California Nevada and I've been to the airports in Illinois and Alaska, but most people don't count that.
  5. Digital. My disposable camera went through an x-ray machine once and that was it. And plus, you can photoshop digital pictures easier! Do you collect anything?
  6. I graduated eighth grade almost a month ago, but I still have my report card and stuff. One of the top three in the class! (Though they didn't rank us, I'm pretty sure I was second out of forty-four) Year Averages! Religion - A (92-96) ^ (parochial school) Reading - A Language Arts - A+ (97-100) Math - A+ Social Studies - A+ Science - A Art - A Phys. Ed - S (satisfactory!) Computers - A Foreign Language - A Synergistics - A I pretty much posted this to see if anybody else has/had the same grading system as I did (A+ = 97-100, A = 92-96, B+ = 88-91, etc.)
  7. They need to release the 360-exclusive tracks for the PS2! I... have air conditioning!
  8. Disney World resort on the 24th (until the 27th). There was a schedule but I totally forgot which one we're going to first. And possibly SFGAdv in mid-August.
  9. Did you go on the sliding Sun Wheel gondola? Those are so much fun. Not all middle schoolers are bad! I don't, however, think I could take standing in Jaguar's queue with them yelling and laughing the whole time either. Great pictures too!
  10. I'm going to be staying at a Disney hotel in a few weeks! It's the All-Star Sports though. The Polynesian looks sweet though!
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