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Heide Park Discussion Thread

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The track look a bit small for a Dive Machine. The Dive Machine track is 1.8m across, while the normal track is 1.2, so the difference is pretty big. But it is kind of hard judging the size by that pic, so maybe. It's gonna be really interesting to follow the construction!

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Its either sitdown, floorless, or stand-up track.


Dive Machines have flat track ties across the top while sit downs, floorless, stand ups have bends (in the shape of an inverted trapezoid without a bottom). It might also be hyper track, but it's kinda hard to figure out the track's size from the camera's location.


I've included some pics for comparison... Taken from their respectable RCDB pages.


EDIT: I'm throwing in the Heide Park track as well (cropped to fit TPR's size requirements).


Stand-up track


Floorless track


DM track... Flat track ties all the way through (with one exception)


Sitdown track


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^ I completely agree with you that this isn't a DM track that they have taken a picture of. Unless B&M have decided to make one that is just 4 seats wide or something, like a B&M Eurofighter.


Also when looking on the brake-run piece you can see that they will be using a new brake setup with the magnets on the train instead of the track that every other B&M have. Could this mean that this coaster may have a LSM launch??

May I even go so far to call it a B&M Aquatrax, especially considering it's location in the park...

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Dive Machines have flat track ties across the top while sit downs, floorless, stand ups have bends (in the shape of an inverted trapezoid without a bottom).


That's false.






Regardless, the new track does look too small to be DM track anyway, and I'll go with whoever said above that it's the prototype also being built at Gardaland.

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^ Yeah... Flyers and Inverts have different track ties (they're generally curved on the outside instead of flat like the track shown in the picture).


^^ Hmmm... Interesting. It looks like B&M is using hyper track (or at least hyper style track) for their newer DMs now.


I'm still not sold on the prototype idea though. I have a gut feeling that this won't be a wingwalker.

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According to the reputable trips-n-pics website, Heide Park held a press conference discussing their new coaster, and it will be indeed a Dive Machine. The stats are rather disappointing, as this coaster will have a 40m drop, an immelman and a splash, and that's it. Bigger than Oblivion, but smaller than Sheikra or Griffon.


Un Dive Coaster pour Heide Park


20.02.2010 - Alors que la construction du nouveau Splash Battle Mack avance tranquillement, Heide Park s'affaire déjà à sa nouveauté suivante. En effet, le parc prévoit d'ouvrir pour la saison 2011 une nouvelle montagne russe (sa huitième) : un Dive Coaster signé B&M. Si aucune info n'a pour le moment filtré quant au parcours ou à son emplacement, on sait par contre que John Wardely, le papa entre autres de Nemesis (Alton Towers) et Vampire (Chessington World of Adventures) sera en charge de la thématisation de la bête. Allez, encore un peu plus d'un an de patience et l'on pourra tester le troisième B&M d'Allemagne après Silverstar et Black Mamba !


quelques nouvelles de celui en construction pour la saison prochaine à Heide Park. Que ce sera un Dive Coaster, ça on le savait déjà. Par contre, ce que je suis en mesure de vous révéler c'est que le circuit comportera une chute verticale d'environ 40 mètres de hauteur, un Immelmann, un splash sur le lac et... et puis c'est tout. Certes c'est toujours mieux qu'Oblivion mais on est encore bien loin d'un Sheikra. En même temps, fallait pas trop rêver non plus, Heide Park n'est pas Busch Gardens Tampa !





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Having been to the park I would hope it would be either a sitdown or a floorless.

The park really doesn't have a "good" quality lopping coaster. All they have is a terrible SLC and a short Vekoma looping coaster.


I'm very excited to start seeing construction pictures popping up any time now!



Edit: Gah, the post above me was not there before I hit the "Reply" button... I geuss were getting a Dive Machine

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This was very random, I haven't even heard rumors of a new 11' coaster for Heide and all the sudden out of no where theres track! I'm kinda upset it's a dive machine, I was hoping for a flyer even though I'm not a big fan of them. This is still really exciting news, I can't wait to see what the layout is like! I hope some theme is involved too!

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I haven't heard anything either, but Im excited that they are building a new coaster! I don't mind Dive machines, but I would love to see the layout.. This can be a good dive machine eventhough it might not be the biggest.. Its not always about size, remember that guys

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It seems that Merlin starts a similar publicity campaign to Thi3teen for their new attraction at Heide Park. That´s what they wrote on Friday the 13th august in their news-section:


Curious things happened on Friday the 13th august


Should Friday the 13th really be a missfortune day for Heide-Park Resort? The people of North Germany's largest family theme park aren´t superstitious, but strange things happened to them on the last days ...


"Every morning swim more feathers on the Heide-Park Lake, although there seem to be fewer and fewer ducks," says one of the construction workers for the new attraction 2011. One of his colleagues added that he feels like getting observated out of the lake, but you can´t see anything if you turn around.


The two construction workers say that you can hear also "strange" bubble sounds out of the lake when there is silence around the park, but you can see nothing than some small blisters.


"If I didn´t know better," one of the workers says, "I would think that story about the new attraction in 2011, we should still keep in secret, is true and the lake is alive?" His colleague on the other hand more assumed that the management plays a prank in celebration of Friday the 13th to the guest and the workers. "It´s interesting, that the management don´t respond to the occurrences we have told them since a few days..."




=495&cHash=3ea1f51e6d18dc05d9b16e420649b1eb]Heidepark%20website]Heide Park Website

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^ The thing about this campaign and 13s is this feels much more like a story where as I never felt that about 13. For example, the coaster will clearly have something to do with the lake while 13 was just like "BAD THINGS WILL HAPPEN" this seems like the beginning of a story IMO. This is a good move for the park, they have a very diverse coaster collection just like Kings Island did, and a B&M will be a nice addition and a possible star of the park next to colosus. I think this is a good move!

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Well this sucks! Someone cut off Wumbo's arm! WTF? We'll see the damage ourselves this Sunday.


Heide Park Mascot Vandalized in Soltau, Germany

September 7

Hamburger Morgenpost (Hamburg, Germany)


Thieves sawed off part of the “Wumbo” mascot’s arm Tuesday night. Damages are estimated at approximately €500 (US$635).


Note: Article is written in German

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^Shamelessly advertising your own product. I approve.


I still have the european coaster odyssey on my ipod. It was the video that told me I want to go on a trip like that.


I still like the sheep talking back. Mehhh.


It probably was a trip with many memories for you.



On topic; Yay, a new B&M just a few hours away from my home

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Sorry for double posting.

But the Heide-Park post today a Press announcement:

Endlich! Die Attraktion 2011 zieht in das Heide-Park Resort ein. Bisher allerdings nur teilweise und im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes Stück für Stück: Mit den dunkelgrauen Schienen sind aber immerhin schon einige der wichtigsten Achterbahnteile überhaupt geliefert worden.


Der Lastwagen, der kürzlich eine Lieferung in das Heide-Park Resort brachte, war ausnahmsweise mal nicht mit Tiefkühlware oder Getränken beladen, sondern hatte die heiß ersehnten ersten Schienen für die neueste Attraktion des größten norddeutschen Familien- und Freizeitparks an Bord. Derzeit ‚rauchen’ die Expertenköpfe im Heide-Park Resort zwar noch über der Umsetzung des Schienenverlaufs und sogar eine Delegation des Mutterkonzerns, der Merlin Entertainments Group, ist zur Unterstützung aus England angereist, fest steht aber bereits, dass die zehn Millionen teure Achterbahn im Frühjahr 2011 als absolute Superlative und Neuheit auf dem deutschen Freizeitparkmarkt in Betrieb genommen werden soll. Wie auch der schweizerische Achterbahnhersteller B&M bestätigte, handelt es sich bei dem kommenden Fahrspaß im Heide-Park um einen sogenannten Dive Coaster, der seine mutigen Insassen aus circa 41 Metern in die Tiefe stürzen lässt sowie deren Adrenalinspiegel durch einen Immelman und einen Camelback noch weiter in die Höhe treibt. Die neue Achterbahn wird also nichts für lausige Landratten sein und ist daher in der Bucht der Totenkopfpiraten genau richtig angesiedelt.



this announcement in short:

- B&M - Dive Coaster

- Height: 41 m (134.5 feet)

- Elements: Immelman, Camelback

- Opening: Spring 2011

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