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The Six Flags Magic Mountain (SFMM) Discussion Thread

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I'd hope Ninja would be at least half painted by this date. I think it's a good idea that they put Deja Vu into rehab considering it'll be done WHILE Psyclone is being taken out right next to it. They'd have to close Deja Vu regardless even if they had to do maintenance on it or not -- just because of Psyclone close proximity to it.

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^ You know, I'd have to say that Ninja is actually a good 45-50% painted by today.


Progress has been slow the past couple of weeks, because they were focusing on the "hard to reach" areas...like over the water and such. Now that they've knocked most of those areas out, in the past week they've been able to cover vast lengths of track, accessible from forklift.


Oh...and it's not just track--its supports too.


It looks really good.


Should have pictures up later.



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I'm so glad to know the park plans to completely repaint Ninja, rather than what they did with Revolution last year (only paint the parts visible from pathways).


Can't wait for the pictures! Ninja getting a paintjob was one of the top 2 things people have been talking about that the park NEEDED to take care of. Now they have the other 99 things they have to do before the park looks good.


"fire-truck red" and "Jahan's feet white", then yes, its a new scheme.


Come on Jahan. Your feet can't be that white.

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^99? It's more like 1,454,879,234.27 more things to do before the park is up to par. But do give them credit for actually finishing a project instead of stopping half way through for budget reason.


Lets see if they keep it up...which I still doubt once summer rolls around and the costs of opening the park every day also go up. But at least they started.

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^ That's the problem with this park. During the off-season last year, they were replacing signage, throwing new paint here and there, planting new flowers, fixing cracks in the midways, saw improved operations...then the start of the summer season beginning in late May and early June came and the park went into the crapper. Magic Mountain is somehow unable to cope with large crowds and seemingly most everything wrong with the park stems from that.


I also really hope it isn't repeated this June, but I don't think I'll be holding my breath.

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Chances are that if the park was like this before Tatsu opened, then the park is going to get really bad again. If this has happened before, chances are that SFMM gets money from SFI, then they go and spend it all, make everything nice, run out of money by like a quarter through the summer, and then go completely downhill from there. That's just my thoughts. Anyone else agree?



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Hey everybody!


Alright—I know it has been quite a long time since I’ve done an update. Especially for a time when SO much is actually going on at SFMM…especially for it being the off-season! So for that, I’m very sorry! Truth is, I’ve actually been visiting regularly (trust me! ), but I just haven’t been able to organize an update. But finally, this weekend I have been able to compose one! Anyway, I’m sure you all want me to shut up so you can get to the photos, so…enjoy!





Paint a Ninja!


So hot, I just had a Ninjgasm!


So as we all pretty much know, Ninja is currently in the process of a major repaint! We’ve seem to have reached a point where we know that they aren’t just doing a minor “cover up”, like they did with Revolution last year—but a full blown dose of Asian-cosmetic surgery! The ride’s new coat of glossy, red paint and more modest, pure-white supports seem to set the ride off from its surroundings. It no longer hides against the mountain side, its washed-pink scheme lathered in a sprinkling of grease-stains. The ride now stands out and says “Look at me! I’m a sexy Arrow!” Its red course projects itself like a tongue out in defiance.


…of course, real ninjas lurk in the shadows, instead of make themselves obvious.



Regardless, the ride looks great! As I said, it must be around 45-50% done, minus the two lifts.


When I walked under Jetstream and saw this!—I almost wet myself!


I mean, seriously. This is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.


This whole section has been done as well!




Red is a contrast color to green, so just imagine how this will look in spring, when the rest of the trees fill in!


-“So…what’s up?”

-*sigh*..."Nothing since you asked 5 minutes ago, Jerry.”


I posted this picture above my bed, next to pictures of Scarlet Johansson, Kiera Knightly, Elissa Alvey, and some of those Rabbids!


They havn’t entirely finished the ‘helix’ thingy after the drop.


The paint continues into the Jetstream lake.


For them spending the most time on this section, it still doesn’t look finished!


This guy looks like he’s experienced with handling nuts!


Blinded by the light…..OWWWW!



*phew* That was sure a lot of Ninja photos! Well, they don’t call me ‘arrowfanman’ for nothing! Onwards!





The Calm after the Storm


50 bucks to whoever writes in a “—2007” after the date!


Well, I can’t say this is really news—but if I don’t pretend to cover it, you all will be like “WTF?!” Last month, Magic Mountain announced that they were pulling the plug on two of their 17 coasters: Psyclone and Flashback. Now, Flashback has been a mere lawn ornament for the past 4 (this march!) years, but Psyclone was fully functional. It had even received a major retracking earlier last year! But alas, Six Flags must have been tired of shelving out the staff and maintenance to keep this ride on its feet. Not only was the ride as painful as ever, it was growing more slow with age! I believe the ride valleyed more than once last year—not to mention the fact that you must have 18 riders to dispatch a train! They must have finally realized that the ride is tearing itself apart. I personally cant say that I’ll miss the ride, but I still cant help being surprised that Six Flags is actually doing this! It is quite an abrupt, major change—a revolution, in a historical sense of the park.


Oooooh! Dramatic rainy shot emphasizing that the ride was in fact tearing itself apart!


Since New Year’s the ride has sat quietly without disturbance from any pesky guests.


I went to visit the ride about 3 times until they finally closed off the exit and entrance. You do not realize how much noise the ride makes while the power is on. I’m not talking about a train cycling, but rather the little motors idling and whatnot. When you walk through a ride that has its power shut off, you are overcome by a vast silence. Not a presence in the air, with the exception of an occasional groan from the structure slowly turning in the wind. Definitely felt like one of Scooby Doo’s haunted amusement parks!


As of this weekend (2/16/07), both Psyclone and Dejavu have been barricaded off. A stale atmosphere lingers on this side of the park, stirred only by my growing anticipation for the ride’s death. Tehehehe.


Please excuse our mess…that we’re about to make messier.


But over the past few weeks, the ride had still been accessible, with just an “exit only” sign to thwart off curious guests. It was obvious that they were removing all of the electrical components, to make for an easier smashin—er, removal.


The lift lights are being put to death. I blame it on their contribution to global warming!


The operator panel is just gone!


The final train has been removed and sent over to Colossus, if I’m not mistaken.





So it would now appear as if our inmate has been strapped down in the chair. Now we wait. Sorry Psyclone—the Govenor’s not going to call.




And I’m sure all of you are wondering about any progress on Flashback, the tired soul begging for someone to euthanize it.


Yup…still there!


I have also been over to Flashback a number of times and I regret to say that nothing has changed one bit. Sue Carpenter’s statement said that they wouldn’t deal with Flashback right away, so I don’t expect to see anything soon. At least until Psyclone has been ground up into hamster bedding.


For more up-to-date information on Psyclone and Flashback, be sure to visit the deconstruction thread, here.




Shall we move on?






Getting Back with Your X


In my experience with getting back with an ex—we’ll, observing other people get back with their ex’s—a similar pattern emerges. At first, it’s all exciting. The love is rekindled and feels as powerful as it’s ever been. You feel as if it will surely last forever—this time. However, it doesn’t take very long before you are reminded about why you broke up with them in the first place! Truth is, getting back with your ex, is just a bitch.


…that’s sort of how I feel about getting back our X.


…new for 2007?




As most of us know, two weeks ago X was finally reopened after over 6-months of downtime. I was ecstatic to have the ride back. Sure, I didn’t ride it when it was open. Not worth faring the crowds for a mediocre ride. Granted, the most “one-of-a-kind mediocrity” you can find! But mediocre never-the-less. I was there the day after it opened and I got my one ride in. But it didn’t take very long to realize that it’s exactly as I left it!


The “blue box” next to the motors is the culprit of the downtime. Well…part of the reason.


Contrary to what some reports suggest, I found the ride no smoother now than ever before. It is simply in the very nature of the ride to offer a vastly different experience per whichever seat you choose to sit in. Now I had an inside seat towards the front and my ride was tolerable, but I can only imagine what those on the outside of the back were doing!


The ride itself is in no different condition from before it closed. No touch-ups, no paint. The trains look as if they’ve been “thrown together” thanks in part to mix-matching different parts to build them. The fact they haven’t even been washed also contributes to that. Pretty much nothing has been improved on the ride!


Argh…it’s Xtreme!-ly dirty!


I know I sound like a whiny little fart, but the truth is, X is one of the parks most major rides, if NOT the most major ride. It still stands as a signature of the park, in my eyes. To have their signature-ride closed for 6-months is one thing. That’s bad enough, trust me. But to finally reopen and find that the ride still looks like crap! You must be joking! What have they been doing the past 6-months?! I understand the “component” took time to manufacture, but throw me a freakin bone here!—could you not get someone up there with a hose to spray it down or something?




“I want to die.”




Anyway, one can only hope that change is on the horizon. As the Daily News reported in an article appropriately subtitled ‘Xtreme headache’, S&S has announced that they have been approached to redesign the trains, so as to make them lighter and reduce downtime.


(link to the article)


And with all of the fresh cosmetic changes happening around the park, one can only hope to see the same happen up at X.




Xylophone buggery!






Mountain’s Miscellaneous Magic!


Well folks, this is the time of the update where I like to cover the “little things” that have been happening here and there across the park, rather than the more noteworthy “projects”. If you have made it this far, I appreciate it!


Up first, many people have noticed several markers up in the parking lot, mostly along the tram route.


Like this one!


These seem to be for a water line or something. Yeah…some reporter I am.


I assume that these concrete pipes are for the parking lot.


Wow! From this angle, it almost seems as if there’s actual vegetation on the mountainside!



On an interesting note, the Bonogusto Italian Eatery place has shut down and there are no longer any more of the Bonogusto ODV carts either! I assume that their contract expired over the New Year. What will happen here, who knows? I believe that a Cold Stone has been announced for SFMM, as well as a Johnny Rockets has been rumored. I’m not implying I know anything…but it makes you wonder.


Hmmm….*scratches chin*


*Blah…look at me, I’m closed!*


Wow…with the store closed and Psyclone quiet, this area really has the “defunct boardwalk” theme down pat!


It would also seem as if “Woody’s Sign Creations” has also closed, as well as “Heat Wave”. If these are temporary, off-season closures, or permanent, I do not know.


The signs are all gone, so I think this might be permanent!



In a strange bit of irony, it would appear as if the SkyTower has begun to finally open more regularly….again.




It would appear the park is undergoing another park-wide “midway restoration” project.


Just for some unnecessary reinforcement, here is some new midway, awaiting its colored-covering.


Moving into Bunny World now, it would appear that you can now get your photo with the parrot show birds for $5 a pop.




Speaking of Bunny World photos, it would appear as if they have reinstalled Canyon Blasters on-ride photo and erected a booth to sell photos again!


I cant believe that Canyon Blaster 1-uped Riddler’s and Batman!


Awww….how cute. They even have little borders around the photos, like the Disney on-rides.



Oh! It was also recently announced that the Nintendo Wii is the “Official Gaming System of Six Flags”…or something like that. Well, I have yet to see any Wiis (maybe even Six Flags cant get their hands on them! ), but there has been a bit more Nintendo merchandise lurking around.


…I wish the same was said for these damn updates!


“Six Flags likes small boys in tights!”



You can find such merchandise in the Loony-Toons Super Store.




The Grand Carousel is nearing the end of a thorough refurbishment.


Just a couple of weeks ago, the carousel looked like this!





I really like that photo, actually. Not to be all “creepy photographer guy”!



Oh! Just as we anticipated, they did add backfill to the Great Wall of Tatsu!


…and now that the pathway has been reopened, it has received some new directional-signage.


Thanks to horrendously-abnormal weather, quite a bit of the “planter-plants” at SFMM are dead. Gradually they seem to be coming back, but the landscaping guys must have their hands full.


SFMM was “bad”, but Hurricane Harbor looks horrible. Whole trees and bamboo-shoots will have to be replaced. The park looks like a desert. Shame.



Magic Mountain now utilizes the same “type” of photo-system as Disney’s PhotoPass.


…for those of you unfamiliar, you get a “pass” that you hand to a photographer every time you wish to have a picture taken. The photographer then takes the photos onto your account and when you go home, you can type in the code on your card and view/share/purchase the photos for up to 30-days after your visit. It’s actually very convenient.


Log Jammer is still down for its refurbishment…it ends up, they just had to fix this pole.


Another unnecessary Log Jammer refurbishment photo.


As reported, trees have been cut down!




…and still nothing has happened. Maybe I’ll try and investigate further.


Whoops! I didn’t mean to!—I was just leaning on it, I swear!


WTF?! More random painting!


…a wider shot, to prove its not just some guys poking tied up senior citizens with a pole.


Since the Batman show is down, they now have Batman drive out in the new-Batmobile as a part of a very elaborate meet-and-greet!


…I was thoroughly impressed! I also want to thank whoever is “Batman”!...the guy saw me taking the photo from like, 50 feet away and still posed without me asking. Good deal Bruce! Made for almost a “promotional” feel to the photo!


A Psyclone train, in a body bag.


…how appropriate.




And to finish off the update…


They have Tatsu hand stamps!


…it’s the simple things in life.





Anyway, thanks for reading folks! Again, sorry for the delay!


-Jahan (arrowfanman@yahoo.com)

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You had the picture in there of the "xtreme parrot" show. They've actually always offered pictures with the birds for $5, at elast for the past several years. I did however notice that they cut one of the shows out, even during the off season I thought they had 4 shows on the weekend.

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I will pass on the message to Batman, and the powers who be.


The parrot photos have been around for about 5 years now, and that picture stick has been out for about 6 months now.

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