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The Six Flags Magic Mountain (SFMM) Discussion Thread

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Now to add my opinion to the discussion:

I am REALLY glad that Ninja is getting a paint job. It was really ugly and a complete eyesore to look at it above Jet Stream. Now it won't be pink anymore! The thing I am most happy with is that X has finally reopened. I haven't been on it since July of 2005 and I was starting to miss it. Too bad the next time I'll probably ride it is in March (West Coast Bash). Two things I would like to know, I the crew on X any better? and Is the ride any smoother?


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When I was at SFMM on Sunday renewing my pass, I noticed X running. Even though the park was all but empty, I had no desire to go ride it. If I never do so again, well, then so what? X really does nothing for me.



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A few words, on...



The X crew:


I'm going to be honest--they were moving way more quickly to check restraints than I have ever see the X or Tatsu--or any crew at SFMM move before. And even then, they were giving more attention to safety than I have ever seen before (I even had two people attend to me, to make sure my restraint was fitted just perfectly). It's proof that the crew can move quickly.


HOWEVER...despite an extremely obvious effort on their part, the dispatches were still somewhat slow. A part of this is simply the nature of the ride...the time to rotate steats and whatnot takes up a lot of the dispatch time. But a part of this proves that SFMM simply trains their employees how to do the job at hand--be it check restraints, or serve food, or stand at a register--not how to deal with guests. While the X crew was checking restraints very quickly, all it took was one little guest problem, such as a loose article or too-tight restraint, and that was enough to throw off the "rythem" the crew had and slow down the dispatch.


In my expirence, just because you can operate a ride and check restraints quickly doesn't mean you're going to get a quick disptach. You need to learn how to compensate for the different situations that will arise in normal operation--some of this will come with expirence. I understand the crew is essentially new and a bit rusty and it time, they will get it down, somewhat. Although, this is SFMM...they cant really keep a crew together long enough to fully attain this. Either way, there is defintely a major room for improvement along the lines of training. And as long as things are allowed to persist the way they do in the operations office, that wont ever change.







Dream on.




The ride has ALWAYS been tempermental. You can have from a "decent" to a "butt-rapingly painful" ride all on the same train back to back, depending on what seat you're sitting in! So if you had a bad last expirence, get a good seat this time, and the ride is "decent", you might be surprised at how "smooth" the ride is! Truth is, I dont really think there was ANY change, whatsoever.



Just my opinions though.

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One person on the X crew is decent!

'Decent' is by far the best compliment I've ever gotten!


Jahan, I agree with you 100%. The crew is actually a mix between old and new. In terms of having worked at X before. Chances are the people who attended to you are new to X, seeing as how those aren't certifiable positions. So yeah, in my eyes we have a rhythm until there is a minor issue and then things slow down. Which like you said will hopefully improve as time goes on.


It is sadly true that crews don't last too long at SFMM. I think its one of the most important factors at a ride is having a crew that is experienced at the ride and can read off of each other. I just hope the new X crew will last together long enough to establish that.


And Brent, I personally like the back the most. Inside seats are a lot smoother than the outsides.



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also, isnt the right side of the train smoother than the left side? I know its kinda wierd but I've ridden both within five minutes of each other and the left side was definitely rougher and less fun.


One kinda off topic thing, Is MM going to do the buy one get one free w/ a can of coke thing again?

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When Shapire had the town hall meeting with SFMM employees back in January of 2006, one of the first things he mentioned is that he would get rid of the coke cans because he doesn't want to see a pile of sticky coke cans staking up in our ticket booths. Ofcourse we had them this past year due to past contracts, but as soon as he can get rid of it, he will. It may be this year.

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