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The Six Flags Magic Mountain (SFMM) Discussion Thread

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I am quite disappointed in the removal of both rides- especially the Psyclone. While any ride removal is sad, this one is even worse- The loss of a wooden coaster. As for FlashBack- I really liked the design- very unique and although a bit tough on the body, still a fun ride. Perhaps it could use a little love, attention and a good set of Beemer trains to make it a real winner- if it stays intact at another location.

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A few more pictures of relativly unimportant, but note-worthy upkeep photos.




It now sports the ever-popular "soilent green" color.


Grand Carousel is still down for refurb.


Suzette's Bakery: Taking the FUN out of funnel cake.


Both sides can operate depending on number of park guests. (Dosen't mean it will though.)


Suzette's is fixed after the water damage.


The on ride photo company moved the photo location from Goliath Jr., where people could buy pictures of only their children, over to Canyon Blaster, where they can buy a picture where everyone can ride.

Very smart move.


Benches at The Carrot Club Theater received much needed TLC.


A new sign informing guests what awaits them when leaving Samurai Summit to Rapids Camp Crossing.

(Also note that "Katie's Kettle" is spelled incorrectly. Katy's Kettle is the correct spelling. That now makes two sign's with this particular incorrect set

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They also repainted the rails and yellow safety lines at riddlers. Nice seeing the park cleaning up.



I ended up cleaning that ride today.

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They also repainted the cement at the bottom of the light poles in the parking lot as well as the cement block baracades in the lot. Also being repainted is the red accent hand rail on colossus, they are about half way done.

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All these things ARE small additions, but its a GREAT sign! Im hoping that Batman's Q gets the TLC it needs. Which includes repainting, picking up garbage, etc. Im glad this park is getting major attention. Makes me sleep good tonight!


-Ryan "Actually cant wait for my next trip to "The Mountain""King

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I laugh at you young 'uns who have such a hard time climbing the hill. Funny how a middle-aged diabetic can get up there with little effort, and you guys want a ride up there.


Get away from your computers and video games, get outside, and get some exercise, sunshine, and fresh air.



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lol^^^ its true tho. but yeah My first visit to SFMM was last year and obviously Orient Express wasn't working 95% of the year. lol. the hill isn't too bad, i think its just the fact that you have to walk a lot to get from point A to Point be, and Orient Express cuts that time into like fourths.

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As of 2pm on Saturday X is Closed.


There was a train on the lower lift, but no one in the queue at all. I saw a ride op in the station so it's possible they may still be trying to get it open today.


I took some pix from the parking lot. I'll upload them in a bit.

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