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  1. It's good to know I was ALMOST right about it being opened. At least it is now & we can all enjoy it. They had a clip on the news asking the ppl about the noise from it but most ppl didn't have any complaints.
  2. Oops, sorry, my bad. Just called again to confirm & they're still testing. Sorry, retract.
  3. Apparantly, the Bullet is now open, tix are $4.75. Yippee!!!! I'm going!!!
  4. Eric I am very offended by your reply. You do not know me, therefore, you have no reason to accuse me of spending my time "playing on computers & video games", nor am I a "youngin'". I'm an outdoor person. I grew up not being allowed tv, telephone, movies, or video games. I grew up going fishing, camping, hiking, etc. & family vacations to state & nat'l parks every year & would rather do those things. The fact that you're a "middle-aged diabetic" means nothing. Having diabetes is tough (it runs big time in my family) but it really has little to do w/anything. Yes I know it can cause circulatory problems plus a host of other things but if one takes care of him/herself a person can be very active. Now, if I HAVE to explain myself as to why I have difficulty w/that hill, it's because I tore up my knee pretty badly & have little stability in my knee, knee braces don't even work as I would need a special-made one which insurance won't pay for so I need surgery but unable to get it at this time, therefore, I can't walk, sit, or stand for any length of time, nor can I get around very well at all w/o having to sit or rest, prop my foot up to rest my knee every 5-10 min & my knee swells up the size of a large grapefruit & causes me excrutiating pain w/my bones grinding together. But I goto parks & try to do other things anyway even if it takes me all day to get from one side of the park to the other. I used to work out, ALL the time, run 3 flights of stairs several times/day, etc. but I can't do that now so if I need the OE to assist me to get to the top of that hill, I'm using it. Now, I'm sure you didn't mean to be offensive but you should stop to think first that a person writing a certain post in reference to something such as this may not be as "able" as you are.
  5. Thanxs for the replies. That's great news! The way it looked when I went a few months ago, it looked like it wudn't be open for a while. Guess I was wrong! Glad to know it's open now I shouldn't hafta worry w/that HILL! UGH!
  6. In my response to the 'all woodies get rough eventually' I say not Judge Roy Scream or the Arkansas Twister, those are my 2 personal faves.
  7. Forget the drop, look at the banked curve on the lower left, weeeee, I wanna ride!!!
  8. Well when did Orient Express open back up, it was still closed when I went a few months ago. It's great if it is but it's not listed on the website, at least I didn't see it listed, I'll hafta recheck.
  9. I hope they're going to refurbish Flashback or move it to another park so I can get my 'points' for that one. As for the monorail, I'd like to see the rail car fixed or replaced that goes to the top of that rather large hill where Superman, Tatsu, Ninja, etc. is located. UGH I HATE climbing that hill, it wud be so much easier for us ppl that can't get around as well as others to have that, at least. There's a railcar not being used at the former Dogpatch USA (RIP) site. Perhaps Shapiro or his ppl should inquire about it.
  10. Also, I flew into Burbank airport the last time (September) which is basically just down the road from SFMM. A LOT closer than LAX. They have rental cars available there--on & off airport locations. I use Advantage as they're usually one of the cheapest but they don't charge extra for anything like "deposits" plus they usually give me upgrades & have nice cars too. Van Nuys airport is closest but it's not open to regular flights, it's more for private jets, executive type things. Just thought I'd pass this along in case anyone needed the info.
  11. Am I to assume that I get myself to the park & meet w/everyone at the front gate & we all go in together? If so, what is the planned time to meet, I'm sorry I didn't see a time listed on the flyer or else I just wasn't very observant. Or, how does this work as this would be my first group fun thing & I just simply dunno. Thanx to anyone who can clarify for me.
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