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  1. I don't appreciate the draft and I don't want to be a part of it. We got plenty of people volunteering. The reason why the draft was ever presented is beyond me. What we need to do is not get the troops pulled out. We got them backed up to their turf. If those soldiers are gone then not only are we defenseless but the violence will not end.
  2. Gimli: Tell me your name horse-master, and I shall give you mine. Lord of the Rings~The Two Towers
  3. I can't stand the new AFI CRAP! Their so mainstream it hurts. I can't understand what the heck that guy is saying, he's emo for the turn of the century and it's horrid new trend. In fact, ( and all you emos can say whatever), but anyone who actually calls that stuff good music can cut their hands off and tell if that's better than just mellowing out to some Zeppelin. I don't fool around when it comes to music.
  4. I went to see a great metal band called Blind Guardian in November. The smell of beer and,... other stuff, filled the room as all the people were headbanging like their long greasy hair was on fire! It was something.
  5. When I was like 2 I went unto my third story apartment's balcony. I crawled off the edge and right as I was falling down my dad caught my ankle with his right hand. Just barely got me.
  6. That was weird. I stared at it for a long time and I saw the letters move around all over the place.
  7. Well, I saw a two pictures of ghosts that were taken at my church. Pretty creepy, haven't slept so well since then.
  8. ^Is a senior citizen. < Has a broken keyboard. v Likes to burn things.
  10. My first was Revolution. When I first went on it I was freaked out, (Note: I was five,) and now I barely deal with coasters that have no loops.
  11. Disney Land is crazy about the scenery so of course their toilets are clean. But Six Flags Ghetto Mountain is just terrible. There was poo smeared on the wall in this one stall I sat in. It was nasty.
  12. Frankly, Nick turned gay, literally! Wasn't Spongebob adopted by the gay committee or something? Yeah. The old nick was great until they got rid of Invader Zim. Greatest show ever. No reason. Sorry, I'm still having trouble getting over it.
  13. I'm a carnivore and I believe that most of the animals on Earth were put on this planet so we can eat them! Such as a cow or a chicken.
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