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Parc Asterix Discussion Thread

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Hopefully this will blow some new life to the park. It's been so long since they added a new coaster, I think the reception from the public for this will be very big, and make for more new coasters.

Something like Krake at Heide Park would look so very good in Goudurix spot..

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WOW ! This is way faster than I thought it would be ! Test runs on Patriot make it look like it's gonna valley at all time... but this one ! Also, we DO know the layout, but the zero G roll which is hidden behind the station will ba a nice surprise for "normal people" Asterix "hide" something nice in lots of their rides: the drop out of the helix on TdZ, now this... I like the "joke " effect. Cannot wait till april 7th

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CentralPark / Fansdupa was today invited by the park to cover "Fear of the park," the second edition of the event "the Park". On this occasion, you will discover very soon a report on this subject.


We took the opportunity to take pictures of the B & M, and a video


The first photos:


and the first video:

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