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Parc Asterix Discussion Thread

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Between the somewhat unique layout and amazing theming, this coaster just looks amazing. I love inverts (especially Montu) and this looks like it would provide a very unique experience. Now, how do I squeeze a visit to this park in with all the other European parks I want to visit???

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Is this the first B&M invert without the "B&M bump" off the lifthill? It will be interesting to see how the back seat feels on the first drop.


The drop looks similar to the ones that can be found on their flyers. Fortunately, the rest of the layout looks like it will make up for it.

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^and 200 km from me About the drop, I saw it in person, and believe me it's a lot steeper than the flyers' ! this combined to the sudden change of direction at mid drop should provide for a nice effect. For some reason, I'm expecting a lot of it especially in the back seat (contrarily to my usual preference of front on inverts)

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