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Parc Asterix Discussion Thread

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Great photos! I totally can't wait to ride this in May!

How is Oz-Iris as far as queue time?


Thank you ! Oziris queue time was from 0 to 5 minutes, due to the 2 trains operation. This friday was just before the holidays start.


Some other rides, such as Tonnerre de Zeus were running with one train only and had a 15/20 minutes wait.

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KingRCT3: Don't mess with Goudurix, it's an awesome coaster. If you can't stand 2G laterals in a vekoma train, don't run it, but it IS a very nice and fast vekoma with lots of unique elements. The trick is to find the way to sit right in Goudurix.. One of the worst coasters ever? It outperforms quite a lot of coasters in my opinion, just by it's track design.. And: I really enjoy the laterals..


Oz'Iris is the best coaster of the park, period. Tonnere is the second one - period. Goudurix is third in my opinion, trace de hourra 4th, vol d'icare 5th, rest doesn't matter .

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Y'know, I think the ride would be one million times better if "take the tunnel" was written in hieroglyphics over the entrance to the tunnel under the temple. Or whatever the French equivalent is.

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It must be an awesome feeling for the park's themeing design team when it's all said and done and they can sit back and watch the guests having a great time and admiring your work.

Right behind Black Mamba, this has to be the most heavily themed invert. Amazing job. Too bad I'll never make it to this park.

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Well, last monday a train stalled on the lift around 15:00 and it didn't reopen that day..


You'll never end up here? It has a brilliant woodie AND now a brilliant inverted coaster as well.. Don't underestimate tonnere de zeus, it's pretty much impossible to overestimate that track .


Here some random parc asterix images


The images link to 12 MPx versions of the same images..


License: Chicken Dance Public License OR CC-BY-SA..


Nice theming..


Nice overbanked!


There's something on your face.. IT IS PAIN!


Well, it's more fun then it looks like from offride



A piece of art


Nice, calm station



Well, that's not the busiest station ever





Ie-ie-ie-ie-ie-ie-ie-ie! Oh, well, not during this run, because the track was a bit moist of some light rain just before that run.. It really runs much better after some light rain and a warm day .


It was not as bad as I expected, but still quite bad


Pity it's impossible to take pictures of tonnere..



That's all

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Spent a few hours in Parc Asterix today.


After a rather tame ride on Tonnerre 2 years ago, we got to ride it during rather heavy rain today. Our backseat ride in the pouring rain was incredible. I now get all the love for Tonnerre.


Oz'iris looked absolutely breathtaking, even in the rain. The ride itself was very good and a nice addition to the park. Supersmooth (frontseat) with decent forces, however nothing too incredible. Perfect ride for both families as well as thrill-seekers.


Overall operations seemed good in the park, although it wasn't very crowded.

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On Saturday the park was packed! Rode Oziris only 3 times also due to the fact that the single rider queue was closed! Yet I say it's the best inverted I've been on so far. So much forces and surprizes!

I wish I knew french to understand all the jokes in the queue line!


Goudurix is awful. They really should do something about it.

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^ They did, Chuck. Not sure if that was one or two seasons ago. they also built a nice "boat" station. What is new this year is all new chassis on this torture machine, and although some seem to find it a bit smoother, I still have to understand their conception of smoothness. Now, if one makes abstraction of the two slaps in the butterlfy element (which admittedly are insane and really hurt the neck) it's similar to some of the roughest SLC's out there. I'd compare the rest of the layout's roughness to the SLC at Adventureland and the one at Morey's Piers. (yes, even with the new restraint style, I DID find it rough and cannot imagine how abominable it must have been before they retrofitted it) it's really a shame it rides like this because in my book, Goudurix is one of the most photogenic coasters on the planet... Someone who works at the park for maintenance once explained, that some laterals were so strong that the running rails space, is increasing with the years !!! (what would NOT be possible with a track system where the cross ties are "outside"... thinking of it, all new coaster types seem to adopt "inside cross ties) Maybe spring loaded boggies combined to newer trains ala Carolina Cyclone could compensate a little...

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