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Parc Asterix Discussion Thread

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It is a newer B&M though while I think this one definitely has out themed Montu I have a feeling it wont pack quite the same punch that Montu does, I will be very interested to hear the reviews and would love to hear one from someone that has been on both

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A member of a French forum (who currently works at Parc Astérix) rode Osirix several times yesterday, and said that:


- The ride is amazingly smooth

- The first drop is impressive but "OK" in the first row, and intense in the back rows

- The helix at the end of the ride is full of G's

- The Zero G Roll is awesome in the first row, "OK" in the back rows

- The second tunnel is impressive and very scary

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Thanks Bob!


It's much easier that way, and really, people don't have to miss that, that ride is truly amazing!


From the area theming, the queue filled with humor, the track flying over us, the great drop, the tunnels and footchopers... It's not only a coaster on a parking, but it's not a thematised Vekoma neither..


By the way, in the video you can hear me shoting some familiar phrases.. "Loopy Loop" ; "Take the tunnel".. All the copyrights go to TPR of course!

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