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Parc Asterix Discussion Thread

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I recall seeing a picture of Great Bear's panel at Hersheypark and it had these little joysticks instead of dispatch buttons you always see on most coasters.


It looks like you could play Atari if the ride breaks down and you have some spare time!
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I browsed those pictures and I found that:



Is that the control panel? If so, it is VERY funky looking. The only ride with that kind of seat/panel I can think of is Silver Star.


I believe that's the control panel for the maintenance globe that's used to perform track inspections.

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^ I don't get what you mean...


In the video it shows the train with traditional OTSRs rather than the vest ones. I think this pretty much confirms that for the moment that the standard OTSRs remain as...standard!


I absolutely have no problem with this, those OTSRs are awesome and found the new style ones to be more restraining.


Let the moaning commence...

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A little update here.


I translated a newly released french article about Parc Astérix, removed all the boring things, and this is what i got.


(French Magazine Ask if Parc Astérix Can Tell Something About Their New Attraction)

- Answer from Parc Astérix:

The new attraction will open on April 7, 2012 on the parks opening day. They say that the park needed new 'life'.

They tell that they haven't found a name yet, but that the new attraction is going to be inspired by the the world of Astérix and Cléopâtre. They inform that it's an inverted roller coaster and that it will have a ride time of about 2 minutes and 30 seconds. The passengers will have a feeling that they are touching the ground and dives into the water.

They say that the queues will be shorter because of the capacity of the ride.

- 1250 pph.

The guests will not realize the time that has gone.


Source: http://www.tourmagazine.fr/Parc-Asterix-Le-parc-prepare-la-2eme-edition-de-Peur-sur-le-Parc_a18843.html


Personally i think this coaster is looking stunning! And knowing that i'm going to ride it next year is really nice!

I would love to see some testing soon...



- Kian Kronvang.

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I read on some French Forums today, that testing had begun this morning ! It seems first test phase consists of each train running for about 40 hours... Right now the park is just opened at week ends, so it makes sense... not too frustrating for visitors when they come (and I suppose test will stop)

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