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  1. A minute ago, my clock said 1:59 AM, and now, it's 1:00 AM. CALL THE PRESS!!! TIME TRAVEL IS REAL!!! AHH!!!!
  2. Ben & Jerrys Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ale from Blue Belgium. Hey, I really Blue Belgium Beer and Ben & Jerry's. So putting the two together is a winning combination. It's really good.
  3. Boomerang: Cobra @ Power Park SLC: Thunderhawk @ Michigans Adventure Batman Clone: Vampire @ La Ronde Wild Mouse: Wild Mouse @ Lagoon SC 2000: Crush's Coaster @ Walt Disney Studios Park
  4. Awesome! So happy that Knotts is getting a Top Scan. I loved Samurai @ Lagoon and have always wanted more Top Scans to come to more parks. So having one come to Knotts for 2017 really makes me happy.
  5. Awesome! I'm always happy to see more new coasters being built and this certainly seems like an interesting one. Looking forward to hearing more about it.
  6. This accident freaks me out. I spent 2 years working on a rapids ride and the idea of a boat tipping over never entered my mind once, I didn't think it could happen. So it's always horrifying to hear about freak accidents like this and know that this can happen.
  7. Mine is a cartoon of my characters I made in Photoshop. I like it, but after improving my skills, I see all the flaws and want to make a better one.
  8. I'm predicting 2018 simply because I just can't shake the feeling that they would've announced it by now if it was for 2017. But hey, if Cedar Point wants to prove me wrong and open it in 2017, that's fine with me.
  9. Favorite: Europa Park. The coasters are great, the theming is phenomenal, there are tons of dark rides. There is so much to do. Love everything about the park. Every positive review you hear of the park is true. Least Favorite: Mt. Olympus. The operations are abysmal. The only coaster I liked was Cyclops. Apparently Hades got even worse when they added the barrel roll, and I just couldn't stand the park.
  10. Stupid coyotes barking and howling at 4 AM causing my dogs to go crazy. Shut up!!!
  11. Hmm. Intersting idea. I don't see it happening any time soon since RMC is too busy doing all those makeovers in the near future. But if RMC ever does build a mine train, I'd certainly want to try it out and see how it turns out. Something along the lines of Thunderation would be fun.
  12. Yes Have you been to both the Disneyland Resort in CA and the Walt Disney World Resort in FL?
  13. I've got 35 states. So at this point, it's easier for me to list the states I haven't been to. Missing States: Washington* (Airport Layer) Idaho Wyoming Montana Kansas Nebraska South Dakota North Dakota Kentucky Louisiana Mississippi West Virginia* (Quick Drive Through) Deleware Rhode Island Vermont* (Quick Drive Through)
  14. Nice. It really reminds me of Orkanen @ Farup Sommerland, which I really enjoyed. So this looks like a lot of fun, and seems like it'd be a really good addition to Djurs Sommerland.
  15. Definitely Six Flags Magic Mountain Knotts Berry Farm Disneyland Disney's California Adventure Sea World San Diego California's Great America Possibly (Entirely depending on $) Lagoon Six Flags Over Texas Tokyo Disneyland Tokyo Disney Sea Tobu Zoo Youmiriland Fuji Q Sea Paradise Yokohama Cosmoworld Universal Studios Japan Nagashima Spaland Parque Espana Space World Mitsui Greenland
  16. Risotto + Wine + Creme Brule = Excellent Dinner.
  17. I'm somewhat of a credit whore. I'll almost always ride all of the coasters at a park that I'm visiting, and sometimes I'll go out of my way to get some credits. For instance, I did go about 45 min out of my way up in Nor Cal to get that Crazy Dane Coaster at Scandia this year, and I enjoyed doing that, plus I got to see Sacramento. It really all depends on "Do I want to do this?". On a trip, I'll keep credit whoring places as optional places that I might go to if I'm in the mood. For instance, going to the Deep South this summer, I hit up that Dixieland Park in GA to get that Screaming Eagle credit after landing. It wasn't too far out of the way, it was a fun little ride, and it gave me something to do before driving up to Charlotte. But later that same trip, I was thinking about doing that NASCAR park in Pigeon Forge after Dollywood to get that credit, but I just wasn't in the mood to stop there after a long day at Dollywood and skipped it (though I did do Sideshow Spin that day). All in all, my credit count is just for fun. It's just a sport and a hobby for me (Count is 534 right now). And whether I do go out of my way to get a kiddy credit pretty much boils down to one question. "Am I in the mood to do this or would I rather be doing something else?". For instance, I thought about doing a weekend trip to get all those kiddy credits in Nor Cal, but always figured I'd rather spend that money on other stuff. But you never know. I may decide to do it one of those days. Though I won't go to some third world country for a Wacky Worm since I'd rather go other places, if I do go there, I'd want to do other non-coaster stuff (though who knows? If it's in the middle of the city and I'm in a whorish mood, I might make a quick stop and get it), cause at the end of the day, like everyone else said, it's all about having fun and enjoying yourself.
  18. Can now add 100% of all B&M Stand Ups 100% of Batman the Rides in North America And I forgot about 100% of all Giovonola Hypers Almost have 100% of Intamin Pre-Fab Woodies (3 out of 4) 100% of Intamin ZacSpins (3 out of 4) 100% of Six Flags Parks (Just need SFA & Mexico) 100% of Cedar Fair Parks (Only missing Kings Dominion)
  19. 1910s - Rutschebahn @ Tivoli Gardens 1920s - Thunderbolt @ Kennywood 1930s - Yankee Cannonball @ Canobie Lake Park 1940s - Thunderbolt @ Six Flags New England 1950s - Coaster @ PNE Playland 1960s - Blue Streak @ Cedar Point 1970s - Mind Bender @ Six Flags Over Georgia 1980s - Magnum XL 200 @ Cedar Point 1990s - Kumba @ Busch Gardens Tampa 2000s - El Toro @ Six Flags Great Adventure 2010s - Outlaw Run @ Silver Dollar City
  20. This is how I'd rank all the RMCs I've ridden. 1. Outlaw Run 2. Twisted Colossus 3. Iron Rattler 4. Joker 5. New Texas Giant (This was just REALLY sluggish for me. Only had one ride and it wasn't warmed up. So I'm hoping that it's much better once warmed up)
  21. Nice Photo TR. I know I did a trip with ThrillCoaster Tours nearly a decade ago and had a ton of fun on it. I know they didn't have backstage tours when I was on the trip. So that's definitely good to see. Also, I'm amazed you found Wild Beast tolerable. That things was f*cking brutal and terrible for me. One of the worst wooden coasters I've ridden and the worst in North America. But hey, if you like it, great. Someone's gotta ride it. Looking foreword to seeing the rest of the trip report.
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