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  1. If we're just talking best pizza ever, easily the pizza I ate in NYC and Rome takes the win. If we're talking pizza chains, I'd probably go with Unos, or if I had to stick with one of the poll options, CPK.
  2. Yes I'm not crazy for it, but I had fun on it. Have you been on Kingda Ka?
  3. If by converting to roller coasterism, you mean take someone who was afraid of riding roller coasters and helped them get over that fear and have fun on roller coasters, then I've converted several friends. If by converting to roller coasterism, you mean turn them into a roller coaster enthusiast who knows the manufactures, counts credits, and all the nerdy enthusiast stuff, then nope. I've took a non-coaster friend to a park out of state and they really enjoyed it, but that's about it.
  4. I really enjoy this retheme. Total Mayhem wasn't much of a good theming idea and the Joker just looks so much better. I'm very pleased with this decision.
  5. Here are some of my coaster photos taken at sunset (though some could be argued as early night, where the sun set, but it's still not quite dark yet). Green Lantern & Riddlers Revenge Europa Park Colossus the Fire Dragon New Texas Giant Daemonen
  6. Sweet! I'm loving the look of how Ghostrider is doing right now. I'm really hoping that this does the ride well and that it becomes an amazing wooden coaster.
  7. From that, it does sound like they're adding a Starflyer. Hey, I found Frontier City to be a fun little park and a Starflyer would be great for them.
  8. Discovered that a really good Mexican place I was planning on eating lunch at closed a couple months ago. I'm assuming it closed because everyone wanted to eat at the Chipotle next door. So I had to settle for said Chipotle instead. Not bad, but the place that closed was definitely better.
  9. Great Photo TR. I've always enjoyed seeing Photo TRs of places that typically don't get seen and Antarctica is definitely one of those places. Love all the pictures. All the glaciers look just stunning.
  10. My Christmas decorations came down right before New Years Eve. Christmas stuff in January is one of my pet peeves.
  11. If we're talking about to parks, no. The only opinion that matters to them is whichever opinion will bring in the revenue. As far as to other enthusiasts, it matters to some as they care what others think. Some like to hear other people's opinions so they can compare them to their own, and others simply don't care and only care about their own opinion.
  12. 7/10 Not a bad Top 10 List, but nothing too special.
  13. I'd see being able to do a good chunk of the mine trains without any restraints since they aren't too forceful, a couple have a lap bar that doesn't seem like it does much, and there have been similar sized coasters that up until recently, ran without restraints (Roller Coaster @ Blackpool). If you don't fall out and die before the midcourse brakes, then I'd also argue for Goliath & Titan in their 2nd halves.
  14. Vortex @ CGA & Iron Wolf/Apocalypse. I don't hate these rides, but they are rough, not that good, and easily B&Ms worst. An honorable mention goes to the Superman: Ultimate Flight clones for being complete snorefests after the pretzel loop.
  15. This is easy. Flashback @ SFMM. Thank god that ride is now just scrap metal.
  16. I'm very happy to hear that more Polorcoasters are being built. Hoping that this actually gets built and doesn't fall through. It'll be interesting to see how the Orlando one turns out once that gets built and if all these Polorcoasters being announced will actually wind up being built.
  17. "I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday" - Sarah Brightman
  18. Haven't seen The Force Awakens yet, but here's how I'd rank the rest. 1. The Empire Strikes Back 2. A New Hope 3. Return of the Jedi 4. Attack of the Clones 5. Revenge of the Sith 6. Phantom Menace
  19. After some shipping delays, the Christmas present I ordered for myself finally arrived in the mail today.
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