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  1. Technically yes. But very rarely since I don't have the time anymore. Did you do anything fun for Halloween?
  2. True. The person below me was a Straight A student.
  3. Only paying attention to the new coasters I have a chance of riding next year. This is how I'd rank them. 1. Lightning Rod @ Dollywood - This ride looks amazing. Totally interested in seeing how the 1st launched woodie would be. It looks like Outlaw Run on steroids. Plus, I still have yet to go to Dollywood and this is a perfect excuse. 2. The Joker @ SFDK - Hey, it's another RMC Conversion. I've loved all the RMCs I've ridden so far and this looks like another great one to add to the collection. 3. Total Mayhem @ SFGAdv - I've heard great things about it's clone @ SFFT and I love the Zac Spins (well, at least Insane). So this looks like a lot of fun.
  4. Well, my family officially went nuts and lost it today at a public park. Part of me was amused at just how angry my family was getting over the most petty bullshit until I looked around at all the other people in the park, staring at them, thinking to themselves "WTF is wrong with those people?". A little reminder for me to not go anywhere with these people anymore.
  5. Wow. Storm Chaser is looking really good. All those photos of the first drop were really well taken. I'm happy to see that construction is going really well.
  6. As someone who's seen this pass being abused WAY too often, I feel it's about time that they started requiring some sort of proof. I just hope that Six Flags doesn't turn around on this after the backlash of people abusing the system bitching about how they can't do that anymore.
  7. They're all fun. But this is how I'd rank them. 1. Bungee Jump 2. Slingshot 3. Sky Coaster
  8. Never. I only eat Sushi from restaurants. When was the last time you ate Mexican Food?
  9. Sounds like a really great concept that I see working for a lot of parks. I just hope that one of these parks actually decides to build this ride sometime.
  10. Replace Valvravn with a Fireball. Valravn looks fun, but I'd prefer not having a good chunk of Cedar Point destroyed. or ?
  11. I want to thank Robb, Elissa, and Knotts Berry Farm for another great West Coast Bash. I had a blast and I hope that next years WCB is even better. Keep up the good work everyone.
  12. Happy to hear this news as I really enjoyed Falken when visiting Farup Sommerland. I just hope they also give the ride some TLC on the turns as well as it was really brutal going through those turns.
  13. Hard to say since I've only ridden one B&M with the new restraints. I'm not sure if the new restraints still have that problem where they keep tightening throughout the ride, or if they finally fixed that. If they did, no preference. If not, the old restraints are better.
  14. "The Biggest Ball of Twine in Minnesota" - Weird Al Yankovich
  15. Preferably both since the two states are next door to one another, why not cross state lines and get both. But if forced to choose just one, Pennsylvania. Would you rather marathon a Boomerang or an SLC?
  16. Champagne Australia or New Zealand?
  17. A bad visit absolutely will effect my view of a park. If it's an isolated incident with just one employee being terrible, I can forgive that and enjoy the rest of the park. However, if the entire park has horrendous operations, then my thoughts on the park will dramatically drop. If the employees on nearly every ride are just chatting, texting, not doing their job, and I see many horrible decisions made by upper management that effects these issues (buying only one train for each coaster), then I am far less excited to go back to a park like that until I hear from other people that the situation dramatically improved.
  18. Nice Photo TR. I remember doing a couple of tours with ThrillCoaster Tours as a teen and this brought back some good memories. Keep up the good work.
  19. I had just given up on the idea of Revolution ever being restored, so this was a surprise for me to see this morning and definitely made my day. Way to go SFMM. Looking foreword to riding Revolution next year.
  20. They're fun rides. They have some decent forces going around the loop, and they're fairly comfortable rides. From my experience, you don't really move around too much in the seats and it really doesn't matter where you sit. Far from the best flat ride ever, but they're fun to ride once in a while.
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