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  1. Posting Whore. I actually thought of it! Would you rather eat some chocolatechip cookies or watch your least fav episode of fav TV show
  2. Why would anyone like those! Don't like Seafood or eggs!
  3. No. Did you ever wipeout on a surfboard!
  4. Burp. Would you rather cut off your own ear or be stuck in a jail cell with Robb for a month!
  5. We're sorry, but this atrraction is closed today!
  6. I'm staying on the wrong Island so I can't go there when I go to Hawaii this Thanksgiving. Looks like a nice choice of water slides! Kevin"Oh well "Bujold
  7. Bathe in Toxic waste! Would you rather be covered in Cactus thorns or ride Goudurix for 48hrs?
  8. No not really. Do you like Top Spins!
  9. The dog fart coaster is at BonBonland!
  10. Get stuck between 2 300lb people for 8hrs because it won't smell bad. Would you rather bungee jump off the empire state building or jump off a plane into the ocean!
  11. I can't belive hes finally over me! I can't belive I lost $34,000.00! I can't belive its not butter! ha ha ha! Stick around, more Family Guy coming up!
  12. ...He filmed Dan screamin in Pain and then ...
  13. Inverted just because. Would you rather ride El Condor @ Walibi or Dragon @ Ocean Park! Kevin"Its painful either ways! "Bujold
  14. Yes, I would buy a theme park! Would you bungee jump off the Empire State Building?
  15. Is addicted to a disgusting sandwich and Pepsi! Is hungry at the moment. V got a headache from too many Vekomas!
  16. I saw you eating that disgusting sandwich with Juice Today 24!
  17. Is nicknamed Mini Me Is very pissed off! V likes Taiko Smileys!
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