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  1. I want to turn Flashback into scrap metal, Burn the scrap metal, take it onto an astroid and then blow it up! Flashback is MUCH worse than Psyclone.
  2. No Have you seen Final Destenation 3?
  3. Your mamas so dumb she climbed over a glass wall to see the other side!
  4. I say that the ride is cool, the launch isn't great, but its better than Superman. I thought the inclined inline was cool because you stopped in it. But I've never ridden a real impulse, so I don't know which is better!
  5. No, but it sounds good! Are you entering the TPR Video Contest?
  6. Cool! Thats one shuttle loop saved from rusting in a Parking Lot!
  7. The only things that the general public says that annoys me is stuff like "Did you ride that green coaster than stands up? I think its called Goliath, no wait I think its Viper, no Batman, Ahh we'll just call it the Stand Up coaster!" There are more than plenty of signs that tell you the names!
  8. God thats a sad visit. Glad my visit was pretty good!
  9. I don't mind them. They're both hurt but they dont hurt so bad that theres no fun! Boomerang over SLC? Not sure. I'd rather ride Boomerang@SFMW over Kong but I'd rather ride Kong over Boomerang@KBF so I'm not sure!
  10. Depends on the drop and the launch. If its powerful(launch or drop), I like it. Xcelerators launch is great but Supermans just sucks. Between a really good drop and a really good launch, I'd say whichever ones more powerful!
  11. Replaced all the Japaneese coasters with escelators!
  12. That looks great! I should try it when I go there next summer! Great Video, Very funny like always!
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