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  1. No. Do you have your own website?
  2. I bet the rides are from Astroworld. Sounds nice. Blends in with the back of the park.
  3. CP Would you rather rollerskate down the Wheelchair ramp down the Empire State building and the skates have no brakes or be stuck in BonBonland with Robb for 1 year?
  4. OMG! How the hell can that family live like that with a dead person in their house for 2 YEARS!
  5. Conversation with good friend. Would you rather go on TPR or have some Ice Cream?
  6. Collosus @ Heide Expedition GForce Goliath_Walibi World Katun-Mirabilandia Pyrenesse-Parque Espana Thunderhead-Dollywood Storm Runner-Hershypark Balder-Liseberg Nemisis-Alton Towers Any Floridan B&M Kevin"Really hoping to ride Superman Ride of Steel @SFA in a couple months! "Bujold
  7. 2 Arm at 7 when I fell of a wall doing something stupid Arm again at 10 learning to skateboard None since.
  8. Drums because I won't suck at it! Would you rather be stuck upsidedown on Collosus for 2 weeks or marathon Dragon @ Ocean Park with Robb for 5 days?
  9. My favorite comics are the ones I make myself!
  10. Yes about a year ago for selling enough magazines! Do you watch Family Guy?
  11. Theyr'e probably making room for a Vekoma Flyer!
  12. Posting Whore. I actually thought of it! Would you rather eat some chocolatechip cookies or watch your least fav episode of fav TV show
  13. Why would anyone like those! Don't like Seafood or eggs!
  14. No. Did you ever wipeout on a surfboard!
  15. Burp. Would you rather cut off your own ear or be stuck in a jail cell with Robb for a month!
  16. We're sorry, but this atrraction is closed today!
  17. I'm staying on the wrong Island so I can't go there when I go to Hawaii this Thanksgiving. Looks like a nice choice of water slides! Kevin"Oh well "Bujold
  18. Bathe in Toxic waste! Would you rather be covered in Cactus thorns or ride Goudurix for 48hrs?
  19. No not really. Do you like Top Spins!
  20. The dog fart coaster is at BonBonland!
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