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  1. Yes, Elissa also sponsered Montu for Top 10 coasters 2001!
  2. I was wondering if anyone had a POV of the old Toyland Tours at Alton Tower. I'd really apreaciate it!
  3. No Have you been on an Intamin Hyper?
  4. Flashback SUCKS!!! It should be replaced with a spinning coaste now! Tear the damn thing down!
  5. In 24 hours, I'll be out of California!
  6. XII

    How Do I...

    Kevin"Add me to the Alvey family "Alvey
  7. Yo mammas so fat that when they did liposuction surgery on her, It took 10 years to remove that much blubber and they found Atlantis, The Wooly Mammoths and all the dinosaurs! They wern't extinct after all!
  8. (ha ha EBL!) V has been a boy and a girl in his life!
  9. Wild Thing and Scropian are in my science book!
  10. I'll be there the bulldozers come and tear the damn thing to the ground!
  11. Raging Waters, The atmosphere is nice and stuff, but the travel channel channel really overrates it. All the big slides that have long lines are pretty overrated, but its actually got theming in the kids area, the lilypads are cool and can't be found in any other waterpark in socal. They also have the tube chute Robb and Elissa did at Sclitterbahn. Hurricane Harbor, Its a really good little waterpark. Tornados cool and ther slide collection is pretty good! Soak City Orange County is cool, Kind of like a more colorful Hurricane Harbor with less slides. Soack City Palm Springs, Its a cool little small park. Worth a visit if you're ever in Palm Springs. Heres some photos of one of their rides. http://www.incrediblecoasters.com/SurfRiderRapidsPhotos.html I'd suggest Raging Waters for your waterpark because its a really cool place. I'd actually suggest going to Hurricane Harbor for an hour on the day you go to SFMM. But most importantly, Have fun!
  12. Yes Have you ever gotten out of a line before?
  13. Please tear it down!!!! It did nothing exept give you a headache! Please turn it into scrap metal!!!!!! It hurt like hell when I rode in 2003!! And it would be the same if it opened! Kevin"Really thinks a spinning coaster should go there"Bujold
  14. Batman-Cool like its clones Canyon Blaster-Good for Credit Whoring Collosus-Once was great, now it sucks DejaVu-More fun than Normal Boomerangs, The 90 degree lifthills are sweet! Flashback-If its open, don't ride! It hurts like hell! Goldrusher-Fun mine train Goliath-First drop and helix re pretty cool! Goliath Jr.-You could fit it in a One story house Ninja-A really fun suspended Psyclone-It sucks. Don't ride Revolution-Same thing with Collosus Riddlers-Fun Standup. Dosen't hurt Superman-Yawn Scream-Fun B&M Viper-Cool layout but it hurts X-Really cool. Something you won't be able to do abywhere else.(exept soon FujQ)
  15. I'm NOT. a fanatic, but they are my favorite band
  16. Why the hell is Zinga voted 2nd best water slide! What makes it so speacial from all the other tons of Tornado Slides out there!
  17. Its not so painful that you'll get bruises. but its pretty bad. Yeah I donno why everyone likes it so much? Speed is a MUCH better ride and it was a walk on all seats! Same with Desperado exept Desperado isn't as good as Speed. It for some reason seems to be the coaster everyone wants to go on in Vegas.
  18. Quad Post! Have fun at SFMW. Now that Zongas getting sold, I got all the SFMW credits
  19. No Are you riding Tatsu this year?
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