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  1. im going to sfmm at the start of July and just wondering what it is like there. Can anyone help me out? Are the crowds normally bad at the start of July?
  2. im going from 9th july to 19th july. Obviously i wnt b spending all that time in the park but i will be spending the majority of time there. What do you think you crowds will be like? I read a review that said he went on 9th July and there were no crowds. Is it true that goliath causes blackouts because if thats true that will be cool as i am a big fan of intensity and g - forces? Which rides there cause the most g - forces?
  3. i am heading to sfmm for a week in July. im just wondering if anyone could give me a review of the park and its coasters.
  4. im more a coaster fan instead of a theming fan. a park with great coasters and average theming is better than a park with average coasters and great theming. I heard that they get some trouble with gangs. Is any of this true? How would you rate each coaster at the park?
  5. I am going to SFMM in July and I'm wondering whether someone could give me a review on the park.
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