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  1. ^ I hate wearing a uniform but I have gotten used to it.
  2. ^what album is that??? I'm just wondering.
  3. ^ Es bajo, pero muy loco < speaks little Spanish V speaks no Spanish
  4. ...Willy Wonka's chocolate, so he stared at it for a while and then he...
  5. Spanish Would you rather listen to Yellowcard or Sugarcult?
  6. The kid's 10, Shepp. ...everybody has one. Even 10-year-olds, or so I hear. I'm 14, and I have opinions like that. Even though I have never been to CP, I thing Millenium force is better, but Magnum is still good.
  7. What stores/malls/department stores are your favorite and which ones do you like to shop at?
  8. Does anyone have stories abouts times you farted or someone you were around that farted? I am starting this where "The Fart Thread" left off. The Fart Thread can be found at http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=21724
  9. ^^ I like indie rock but I want Phish to come back mod edit: please don't abuse the smilies.
  10. One time someone in one of my classes cut loose and it smelled really bad. I couldn't stop laughing (or complaining), it smelled that bad.
  11. I decided to watch it again (all of it), and it definately is that stupid. I want my 5 minutes of my life back.
  12. ^^ Agree ^^^ I want my 5 minutes back Stupid = STUPID (I only watched it for about 30 seconds before it got boring.)
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