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  1. Because there weren't enough Boomerangs out in the world, we have been blessed with another one. Though in all seriousness, I am happy when long lost credits get discovered, and this Boomerang has to be better than one of those Jungle Mouse coasters or Chinese Knock-Offs.
  2. August 2015 when I was in Barcelona. When was the last time you left your home country?
  3. I don't want to be too hard on it since I only got one ride on it, it was right after it was closed for a while, and I still really like the ride, but the New Texas Giant just was not as good as I was expecting it to be. It's a great ride and had some good airtime, but it is my least favorite RMC and it is NOT on the same level as El Toro. I'm sorry, it's just not. Hoping that my one ride on it was just weak.
  4. Just got off the New Revolution open to Season Pass holders. I'm not sure if anyone else posted a New Revolution review earlier, but I can say that the new ride is a MILLION times better. The lap bars are a huge improvement and the virtual reality is a really cool. I will admit that I was skeptical about it at first, but it's a really cool addition to the ride. The only issue is that the operations were painfully slow as it's clear that they aren't trained for the VR technology. Hopefully that gets fixed soon. But aside from that, 2 big thumbs up for the New Revolution.
  5. Rewind Racers @ Adventure City. Not only was that the last credit I got, but it was a big milestone for me as that was #500.
  6. Nice! I remember trying the Boysenberry Wings & Beer at last years Boysenberry Festival and loving those (also tried the alligator, but wasn't a fan). And all the other stuff you showcased looks so good, especially the Fun Bun. I can't wait to go back this year and try more of those amazing foods.
  7. Well this certainly made me angry. God Damn it Sea World!! Stop giving into the Blackfish idiots!!! You had all the right ideas. Now grow a spine and stand up for yourself!! I still stand with Sea World, even if Sea World doesn't stand with itself. Now there's still decades of Orcas thanks to their long lifespans, so Sea World can come up with something to sustain itself then. But with the decisions it made recently, I don't have confidence that they will unless they grow a spine, defend themselves, and stop giving into the PETA & Blackfish hypocritical idiots.
  8. Free Falling - Tom Petty & the Hearbreakers
  9. Here's how I'd rank the RMCs that I've ridden. 1. Outlaw Run 2. Twisted Colossus 3. Iron Rattler 4. New Texas Giant (I only got one ride on NTAG, and it just opened up. So I'm hoping it's much better warmed up) Looking foreword to adding Joker and Lightning Rod to my list this year.
  10. I'm a big fan of Panda Express, but I don't care at all about them leaving SFMM. The SFMM Panda Express had a limited menu and several items were unavailable at the SFMM one. Plus, there's plenty of Panda Expresses nearby. It's still there if you want to eat there, it's just not inside SFMM. Love the way New Revolution is turning out and I'm looking foreword to riding it when it opens up.
  11. Learned that a random coaster I rode in Finland as a bonus credit on the TPR Scandinavia Trip has been demolished. Never would've gotten that crappy credit if not for TPR. Thank you.
  12. I don't really care about the article. Yeah, they're showing off the absolute nerdiest coaster enthusiasts since reading about someone who counts all the bolts on a ride is more interesting than reading about someone who just really enjoys theme parks and likes to have fun there. I may not nearly as nerdy as the people in the article, though I can spew out some roller coaster enthusiast nerdiness if asked about it. I really don't care about the super nerds. If obsessing over all the nuts and bolts makes you happy, go for it. The only part of the article that annoyed me was the enthusiast who said "My fiancé thinks he's a roller coaster geek". Don't like the idea that you have to be count the nuts and bolts obsessive to be classified as a coaster enthusiast/nerd. If you say you're a coaster enthusiast, you are one. It's all just about having fun anyways. Aside from that, it was a fine article.
  13. This is easy. The City Museum in St. Louis. That place is freaking awesome.
  14. Leffe BLonde Not my favorite, but still a very enjoyable beer.
  15. ^^That looks awesome! I wish more malls would add crazy slides like that. I know many of the European Parks still have those huge metal slides, like the one that's gonna be built in that Shanghai Mall. I particularly remember the ones at Europa Park and Fort Fun being really insane as well all flew off and nearly killed ourselves by flying straight onto the pathway. I really wish more parks in the U.S could have slides like that, but it sadly isn't going to happen.
  16. Sure. That sounds good. Are you going out for Valentines Day?
  17. Nice Photo TR. I forgot about this place getting the new coaster and now that it's open and seeing the photos you took of it, it looks like a fun little ride that fits in well with this zoo. I'll definitely stop on by next time I go to Phoenix.
  18. Awesome pictures Joey. Joker looks absolutely amazing and I'm totally looking foreword to riding it this year.
  19. Here's my list. Six Flags Magic Mountain Disneyland Disney's California Adventure Legoland California Knotts Berry Farm Santa Monica Pier Universal Studios Hollywood Sea World San Diego Belmont Park Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk New York New York Hotel & Casino Nascar Cafe Buffalo Bills Six Flags Discovery Kingdom California's Great America Geauga Lake Cedar Point Hersheypark Busch Gardens Tampa Islands of Adventures Universal Studios Florida Magic Kingdom Disney's Hollywood Studios Disney's Animal Kingdom Epcot Great Escape La Ronde Canada's Wonderland Michigan's Adventure Six Flags Great America Kings Island Kennywood Knoebels Dorney Park PNE Playland Nickelodeon Universe Adventureland Worlds of Fun Silver Dollar City Six Flags St. Louis Holiday World Indiana Beach Mt. Olympus Timber Falls Knuckleheads Valleyfair Adventure City Castle Park Scandia Bowcraft Playland Victoria Gardens Coney Island Quassy Lake Compounce Six Flags New England Palace Playland Funtown Splashtown U.S.A Canobie Lake Park Magic Forest Six Flags Great Adventure Parco Morelli Zoomarine Fantasialand Oasi Park Eden Park Rainbow Magicland Fiabilandia Mirabilandia Movieland Studios Gardaland Walygator Parc Holiday Park Europa Park Fort Fun Heide Park Schlossbeck Movie Park Germany Phantasialand Parc Asterix Walt Disney Studios Park Disneyland Paris Lagoon Stratosphere Tower Adventuredome Castles 'N' Coasters Six Flags Fiesta Texas Sea World San Antonio Galveston Pier Six Flags Over Texas Frontier City Elitch Gardens Lakeside Park Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park John's Incredible Pizza Sommerland Sjaelland Bakken Tivoli Gardens Bon Bon Land Hansa Park Legoland Billund Djurs Sommerland Tivoli Friheden Farup Sommerland Tusenfryd Liseberg Skara Sommerland Grona Lund Fun Park Power Park Wasalandia Sarkanemmi Linnemaki Tibidabo
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