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  1. 1. Montu @ Busch Gardens Tampa 2. Katun @ Mirabilandia 3. Dueling Dragons Fire @ Universal Orlando 4. Dueling Dragons Ice @ Universal Orlando 5. Monster @ Walygator Parc _________ 6. Raptor @ Cedar Point 7. Batman the Ride Clones 8. Top Gun (Flight Deck) @ California's Great America 9. Black Mamba @ Phantasialand 10. OzIris @ Parc Asterix 11. Silver Bullet @ Knotts Berry Farm 12. Talon @ Dorney Park 13. Great Bear @ Hersheypark 14. Patriot @ Worlds of Fun
  2. Kill the stranger and cure the loved one. Sorry strangers, but I care about loved ones more than you. That's why they're loved ones. Would you rather have it be New Years Eve or New Years Day?
  3. Orkanen @ Farup Sommerland. It's just a small little family coaster, but it's just so much fun. I love the atmosphere of the ride, it has some fun forces, though it's not intense at all, it's just a ton of fun to marathon. Wicked @ Lagoon - Again, not the most intense coaster ever, but a lot of fun. The launch and drop is great, the Zero G Roll is fun, and even the 2nd half with all the turns, it's just a lot of fun. Euro Mir @ Europa Park - Just the lifthill alone is a ton of fun. Get a great group of friends, that catchy song, and you have a dance party. The mirrors at the top, also just a ton of fun, and the actual roller coaster portion is really good too.
  4. This is how I'd rank all the floorless coasters I've ridden. 1. Dominator back when it was at Geauga Lake 2. Superman Krypton Coaster @ Six Flags Fiesta Texas 3. Medusa @ Six Flags Discovery Kingdom 4. Bizarro @ Six Flags Great Adventure 5. Scream @ Six Flags Magic Mountain 6. Hydra @ Dorney Park 7. Daemon @ Tivoli Gardens 8. Batman the Dark Knight @ Six Flags New England
  5. I'm happy to hear that Iran is building any sort of theme park at all. Hope that it does well. But yeah, even if I was whorish enough to go to Iran for this, it's very clear that Iran doesn't want me there.
  6. Kumba is definitely the most intense B&M I've ridden. Some runners up would be Montu, Katun, Dueling Dragons Fire, Hulk, Raptor, and the Batman clones.
  7. Same here. Those Looping Starships are EASILY the worst rides I've done. The lap bar crushes my balls, the OTSRs hurt my chest when leaning into the ride, and the hang time is just uncomfortable. It's just an unpleasant and awful ride. If we're talking coasters, then I'd go with Gouderix, Dragon @ Adventureland, Bandit @ Movie Park Germany, and Wild Beast.
  8. Primarily Facebook and Youtube. I have a Twitter as well, but I rarely tweet.
  9. Not counting the coasters in this thread that clearly aren't kiddy coasters, Dog Fart Coaster @ Bon Bon Land. Easily the best kiddy coaster.
  10. Expedition Everest Both Rock'N'Roller Coasters DejaVu Those are my favorite Vekomas, though I like the majority of the ones I've ridden.
  11. Wow. Just saw the spinning car on Blue Fire and it looks AMAZING!! I was not expecting to see that. I'm really hoping that this actually becomes a thing as Blue Fire is already really fun, I can't imagine how it'd be spinning. I'm also really happy with the rest of the announcements. RMC, as usual, continues to impress me with their T-Rex concept and everything else they have planned for 2016. Looking foreword to more coverage of IAAPA.
  12. Lagoon - This park is freaking awesome. They have a bunch of really cool roller coasters, ranging from custom coasters with nothing like it, to old classic Schwarzkophs. On top of that, it's a great family park, with a great balance, and just a ton of stuff to do. But people keep ignoring it due to the fact that it's in Salt Lake City, which is not a roller destination. I keep making the drive out from So-Cal to visit yearly. It's just a great park. More enthusiasts need to make it out to this park. Hansa Park - It may not be Europa Park, or Liseberg, or Grona Lund, but I really liked Hansa Park. It had some great rides (I gotta go back for Schwur des Kärnan. Looks amazing), a great atmosphere, and I just really overall liked the park. I hope more enthusiasts discover this place as I definitely found it to be one of the hidden gems of the European Theme Parks.
  13. True. I've ridden 4 of them. The person below me has ridden one of the Intamin Pre-Fab Woodies.
  14. I personally I don't mind the actual decision to remove the Orca shows and replace it with the new Orca Exhibit. The new exhibit looks just as cool, if not better than the shows that were before it. The only thing I take issue with is the publicity that Sea World has gotten for this decision and how this is a "win" for all the bullshit and propaganda spread by Blackfish. I'm aware that zoos and aquariums are starting to fall out of style. If you want to have a debate on whether we should have them in the future, fine. But if you're going to start demonizing and slenderizing Sea World, ignoring all the ways that they help animals, then I'm not going to waste my time debating you if you can't even get the facts right.
  15. My imaginary friend was just murdered by the Imaginary Mafia.
  16. Absolutely: Six Flags Magic Mountain Knotts Berry Farm Disneyland Resort Six Flags Discovery Kingdom California's Great America Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk Gilroy Gardens Lagoon Hopefully: Six Flags Great Adventure Hersheypark Knoebels Six Flags America Kings Dominion Busch Gardens Williamsberg Carowinds Dollywood Six Flags Over Georgia
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