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  1. Combo Tower. Get all the benefits of both a Space Shot and a Turbo Drop. Superman Power of Tower @ SFOT is definitely my favorite S&S Tower (aside from Dr. Doom, and that's because of the theming).
  2. How would you find an old first gen Intamin? They're pretty hard to find since they don't make them anymore. I think you'd have to buy it off a park. They're a lot of fun, but they're also a lot of work. I know you listed both a Space Shot and a Turbo Drop as options. Both are from S&S, and if you get an S&S Tower, you could alternate between Space Shot and Turbo Drop and have a Combo Tower. That'd be a lot of fun. And the Larson Towers are really good too. My personal favorites are the Intamin 2nd Generation Towers, though that'd be quite a stand out addition to a Family Fun Center.
  3. Nice Photo TR. I enjoy seeing all the cool new stuff that China is building and that Mack Looper certainly seems interesting.
  4. Interstellar Vacation in Hawaii or Vacation in the Caribbean?
  5. This is how I'd rank all the ones I've ridden, which is pretty much almost all the ones that didn't get bulldozed. 1. Vortex @ Canada's Wonderland 2. Bat @ Kings Island 3. Ninja @ SFMM 4. Iron Dragon @ Cedar Point
  6. While I will admit that I definitely think that many people in the coaster enthusiast community are too sensitive to roughness, complaining about rides that aren't that rough. I will admit that while Apocalypse is definitely rougher, it hasn't gotten painful rough yet. Hell, I even see people complain about the roughness of rides like Scream and the Incredible Hulk (Seriously?). With that said, there are those coasters out there that are legitimately painful and are as bad as everyone says they are. Rides like Gouderix, Dragon @ Adventureland, and Bandit, yeah. Those rides REALLY hurt and you don't want to go anywhere near them. I don't think you've ridden one of these rides, cause you wouldn't be saying that people are exaggerating about roughness on rides like those.
  7. Nice Photo TR. The Drifting Coaster definitely looks like a lot of fun. Hope to see rides like that catch on.
  8. If you're in Sacramento and want a really good burger, definitely check out the Squeeze Inn and get the Cheese Skirt Burger. It's really freaking good. Oh, and if you want to be healthy, there's always Heart Attack Grill. (Also good, but you can tell that this burger will kill you).
  9. "We Are The Ones" (feat. J.A.C.K) - The Noisy Freaks
  10. This. I'm not going to lie and say that it's a fun experience. I can tell you now, it sucks, and I'm glad I've been free of it for the past 6 years. But if you don't do anything stupid, you'll make it out fine.
  11. Lasted about 30 seconds before I just quit. That was awful. I hate you.
  12. Considering how I'm an ex-theme park worker, I know pretty much how it is from both sides. I certainly like it when an employee goes the extra mile and puts in the effort to really make a guests day, but I'm not going to get down on them if I can tell they're in a bad mood and you can sense that they just want to get out of there and go home, because I know exactly how that feels. It doesn't get problematic until the employees start getting on their phones, moving at snail pace and creating horrible operations, and are just flat out rude to the guests. But luckily, those employees are rare (at most parks).
  13. One of the coasters at Six Flags Magic Mountain. If I wanted to be more specific and pick which coaster at SFMM I'm closest to, it'd probably be Batman the Ride.
  14. This is how I'd rank the Intamin Rocket (Accelerator) Coasters I've ridden. 1. Storm Runner @ Hersheypark 2. Xcelerator @ Knotts Berry Farm 3. Top Thrill Dragster @ Cedar Point 4. Speed Monster @ Tusenfryd 5. Kaneon @ Liseberg 6. Kingda Ka @ Six Flags Great Adventure 7. Desert Storm @ Heide Park
  15. Interesting question. I know this primarily comes up when it comes to Incline Loops. For me, they're just on the border and just barely inversions to begin with. And I don't count every inclined element. While I do count Incline Loops and the Incline Cobra Roll on Hydra. But the Incline Dive Loop on Hydra, no. It doesn't count. Not an inversion. For some reason, it just feels less banked than the incline loops and cobra roll. If that counts, then so do the over banked turns on Millennium Force, Xcelerator, and Silver Bullet, which it feels FAR more like than any inversion, and no. That Strengal Dive on Outlaw Run is not an inversion, and telling me it goes beyond 135 degrees is not going to convince me that it is. Perhaps it's weird that I count incline loops, but not other incline elements or Strengal Dives. Shouldn't really matter in the end since the main reason to ride coasters is for fun and the Strengal Dive on Outlaw Run is awesome, regardless of whether it's an inversion or not (It's not).
  16. I've ridden many of the coasters that years ago, I would've said I had to ride before I died and accomplished that mission. Expedition Ge Force Millenium Force Balder Intamin Mega-Lite El Toro Any RMC Still have to ride before I die Formula Rossa Gravity Max Anaconda @ Gold Reef City Olympia Looping I'm sure there's more I'm missing.
  17. The obvious answer would be both of the Splash Mountains. However, those seem to be too obvious of choices, because...come on. It's Splash Mountain. It's way too easy to pick Splash Mountain as my favorite log flume. So I'm gonna shed some light on my favorite log flume that isn't one of the Splash Mountains. Log Chute @ Nickelodeon Universe. It's just a ton of fun, and I love the theming. Very fun ride. Close 2nd (4th) would be Timber Mtn Log Ride (SIT DOWN!!!) @ Knotts.
  18. I really like water parks and always enjoy going to them, but I don't visit them nearly as often as I'd like to. For me, the water park has to be really big and have a lot of cool stuff for me to keep coming back. For instance, Wild Rivers was amazing and easily the best water park in SoCal, but since it closed, I don't make nearly the same effort to visit the other water parks in the area since they aren't nearly as good. I generally don't visit water parks unless I've done everything and am in the mood to check out their water park. However, there are some exceptions with the really great water parks. When doing my Texas Trip, I did a whole day at Schlitterbahn, which was one of my favorite days, and I do not regret for a single second doing the water park at Movieland Studios, which has some of the craziest water slides ever.
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