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  1. I'll be making a trip to the park on Monday. Weather seems nice. Has anyone noticed that any rides are closed besides Riddler, tatsu, and apocalypse. I did read that long trip report post a page or two back but I'm assuming full throttle and superman were closed simply due to weather.
  2. I've had a similar experience in the apocalypse line. I suggest not looking up in most lines at amusement parks.
  3. Since LAUSD and government employees are off, it might be a gravel lot type of day... Is this always the case or do I have a chance at a ghost town.
  4. What should I expect the crowds to be like tomorrow since it's MLK day.
  5. I was curious to know if the flash pass at hurricane harbor was similar to magic mountain and also if it's worth it to get tomorrow. I would also like to know if I rent a tube do I lug it around all day. Where does it go if I'm on a body slide.
  6. Also online it says you can either rent a tube or you can use ones provided at the attraction. So why would i rent a tube at all?
  7. ^^ I'm going to say The crowds will be mild but not dead. I have a question about hurricane harbor. How does the locker system work I've never been to a park since I was very young. And if the locker has a key where exactly do I keep a locker key where it won't get lost in the water and how much is a locker. Also any suggestions on anything that's a "must bring" item to a water park. Edit: I forgot what happens when you type "lock--er"
  8. ^^ I would love for them to make it a more "Stormrunner-like". Judging off of the current treatment of the ride it will go ignored for sometime. If the rumors are true about a new major attraction filling in the old place of boomerang and riptide are true, the best we can hope for is a fresh coat of paint.
  9. I really just want them to remove PE, past that they seem to do great with covering the in between Disneyland and Six Flags family oriented but also thrilling niche.
  10. I would really love to see this happen, but I doubt they are touching that ride anytime soon beside paint, if they even do that.
  11. When I was there, there was at least one train on the transfer track with 2 trains being dispatched for one side of the station. But later in the day, they were using both sides, so it logically makes sense to put another train on, but I can't be sure. Definitely only two trains. They do this with two trains everyday. I've noticed they do this everyday as well. they use one side of the station with two trains. I prefer that anyways so I don't wait 30 minutes just on the loading platform.
  12. Tatsu running three trains? How many trains do they have because the last time I saw the third tatsu train it was in pieces in the transfer shed. If I recall correctly that was only two or three days ago.
  13. I visited the park yesterday and X2 is indeed running two trains. It was my first ride of the day and I'm sure I rode on the freshly refurbished train because my ride was fairy smooth. I waited about 30 minutes only to leave the exit and see it had grown all they way to the entrance sign. I also noticed about halfway through the day it seemed to be down for a couple hours, saw no trains being dispatched until the last hour of park operations. Tatsu operations seem to be declining heavily. They often run one train operations with 5-7 minute dispatch times and those dispatch times stay exactly the same with two trains. I also noticed they will run one train half day and when the like grows through all the switch backs they switch stations and test the ride claiming they are having technical difficulties and then run two trains on the opposite side. I don't understand their logic and would appreciate an explanation on this one. Superman is now running on the red side and I noticed earlier in the morning it was traveling higher than I ever remember the green side going and it's actually a little quieter. All other operations seem to be the same including the rude and unprofessional employees. P.S. This isn't anything major and has probably been brought up before, but on the final break run of X2 on the left side you can see an old superman car covered by a tattered tarp. I'm still a young enthusiast so I love finding things like this.
  14. Any word on X2 and it's 2nd train? My last couple visits I saw it on the transfer looking close to finished.
  15. I wonder if they would ever consider upgrading the ride technology. Who am I kidding they will run that thing into the ground before they do that. It's sad that my home park allows it's best rides to suffer from horrible maintenance and slow dispatch time. Why should X2, full throttle, golaith, or tatsu ever run one train or twisted with only two (which I've seen on occasion) Why do they opt to just not run both sides of superman. It's little things like these that annoy me I'm just too into the rides themselves to stop going or cancel my membership.
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