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  1. Sad to hear about this accident. But while I will admit that I really don't care for Mt. Olympus and agree that they've been responsible for several accidents (There is no excuse for that Opa accident), In this incident, the park is not at fault. While it's sad what happened, that kid should've never hopped the fence and did what he did.
  2. I don't think so since I'm pretty sure Steel Dragon 2000 is considered a Giga Coaster and that's a Morgan coaster, not Intamin.
  3. Hard for me to make the list, but here's what I came up with. 1. Expedition Ge Force - So much variety. So much airtime. It's as good as everyone claims 2. Superman (SFNE) - I heard this ride went downhill when it went back to being Superman, which makes me sad since I loved it as Bizarro. Lots of great airtime, and that twisty section at the end was great. 3. Phantom's Revenge - A ton of airtime, nice custom layout. Love the 2nd drop * . Piraten - I know most people consider the Mega-Lites to be too small. But...they're not too much smaller than something like Steel Eel, which also fails the 200 ft mark. Didn't officially rank it, but this is where I'd put it. And besides, the Mega-Lites are amazing rides. 4. Goliath (SFOG) - Best B&M Hyper (Not counting Gigas cause then Fury 325 would be way up there). Downward Helix on Goliath > Upward Helix on Nitro. 5. Behemoth - Really good B&M Hyper 6. Nitro - Also a really good B&M Hyper 7. Magnum XL 200 - Love the ejector air on the bunny hops back. I don't care if its brutal and hurts. 8. Steel Eel - A small, but fun ride. 9. Intimidator - Whether the trims are on or off will really make a difference with this ride 10. Raging Bull - Love the first drop. Would be so much better without that trim on the 3rd hill. 11. Goliath (La Ronde) - Not the best, but it's a fun ride. 12. Silver Star - It may be my least favorite B&M Hyper, but I still enjoyed it. Plus, I'm at freaking Europa Park. Best park ever! 13. Desperado - Hey. I find it underrated. It's not nearly as rough as people make it out to be. 14. Titan (SFOT) - Twisty bits and helixes are fun, but airtime is really what hyper coasters are for. 15. Goliath (SFMM) - It's Titan, only missing a helix. 16. Steel Force - Sorry, but I just did not care for the Morgan Trio. Eh, at least it had some airtime. 17. Mamba - Another one of the Morgan Trio. It has some head choppers. 18. Wild Thing - The final addition of the Morgan Trio.
  4. I've always been intrigued by this ride. It and Tower of Terror just look like a lot of fun, especially with that double helix. And hey, once I get on Anaconda, then I can say that I've ridden all the Giovanolas ever made. All three of them. But sadly, that won't be anytime soon.
  5. Damn. Shanghai Disney looks great. Bummer to hear about the clientele, but it still sounds like a great park that I hope to get out to sometime.
  6. I'd been planning to get to Japan for many years now, but have been putting it off for various different reasons. But considering how Space World is one of the parks I was planning on visiting, this'll probably get me to stop procrastinating and just go next year so that I'll get to go.
  7. I can't imagine going to a park without cargo shorts. I would never trust putting anything as important as my wallet or phone in a non-zipper pocket that it can fly out of (I have lost crap that way. I'm not trusting anything that's not zippered ever again), nor do I trust putting that stuff off to the side in a backpack or anything like that.
  8. America Arizona: Desert Storm California : X2 Colorado: Wild Chipmunk Connecticut: Boulderdash Florida: Kumba Georgia: Goliath (SFOG) Illinois: Viper Indiana: Voyage Iowa: Outlaw Maine: Excalibur Massachusetts: Bizarro Michigan: Shivering Timbers Minnesota: Renegade Missouri: Outlaw Run Nevada: El Loco New Hampshire: Untamed New Jersey: El Toro New York: Comet (Great Escape) North Carolina: Fury 325 Ohio: Maverick Oklahoma: Silver Bullet (Frontier City) Pennsylvania: Phoinex South Carolina: Afterburn Tennessee: Thunderhead Texas: Iron Rattler Utah: Cannibal Wisconsin: Hellcat Canada British Columbia: Coaster (PNE Playland) Ontario: Behemoth Quebec: Goliath (La Ronde) Other Countries Denmark: Piraten Finland: Thunderbird France: Monster (Walygator Parc) Germany: Expedition Ge Force Italy: iSpeed Norway: Speed Monster Spain: Muntanya Russa (Tibidabo) (It's the only credit I have in Spain) Sweden: Balder
  9. I don't count, but if I'm just taking a stab in the dark, I'd guess either Goliath or Riddlers Revenge.
  10. Big Dipper @ Geauga Lake. Just got on it 30 minutes before the park closed as I forgot about it until the very last minute, and the park closed two months later. Not a defunct coaster, but I also just barely got on Master Thai @ Mirabilandia as it opened up close to when I was leaving the park.
  11. I'm really impressed with the way this looks. Definitely looks like this would be B&Ms best hyper coaster yet.
  12. Awesome video. That slide looks awesome. I love those giant 10 story slides and this looks like a great addition to the ship.
  13. Holy Crap!! This ride looks absolutely amazing!! Everything about this ride looks absolutely amazing. I definitely have to get out to Poland soon.
  14. Hard to really say. It really depends on which ride. Sometimes the lift is better, while sometimes, you're better off with a launch. As long as it's a fun ride, it doesn't really matter.
  15. I'm always happy to hear of Third World Countries getting more coasters, and I will admit. That Vekoma Firestorm looks awesome.
  16. I'd give my vote to Mindbender @ SFOG. Great ride. Some close follow ups would be Colossus the Fire Dragon @ Lagoon Jet Star II @ Lagoon Jetline @ Grona Lund
  17. Awesome updates. I'm particularly intrigued by that Mack Spinning Pretzal Coaster and really hope one of those gets built soon, cause they look like a lot of fun. Though everything that was showcased at IAPPA this year looks like fun.
  18. Wow. I didn't think you could really improve on something like a Super Loop, but this certainly looks like an improvement and a lot of fun. Hopefully some of these will head over to America soon. No.
  19. That's easy. The Euro Mir soundtrack. Some of the catchiest music ever.
  20. "It's the End of the World As We Know It" - R.E.M
  21. Nice video of Superman Krypton Coaster. I really like that ride, and this video really captures how unique a layout it is and its great setting.
  22. Six Flags Magic Mountain 1. X2 2. Twisted Colossus 3. Tatsu 4. Riddler's Revenge 5. Batman the Ride 6. Goliath 7. Scream 8. Full Thr*ttle 9. Superman: Escape from Krypton 10. Viper 11. New Revolution 12. Apocalypse 13. Ninja 14. Green Lantern 15. Goldrusher 16. Roadrunner Express 17. The other three credit whoring kiddy coasters
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