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  1. It's a very cool holiday. We always do something to celebrate it in our Spanish classes--this year, we made an altar for all of our classes, and presented what we were adding to the altar. I added a photo of my dog an I from quite a while ago. Our art museum also has some really cool displays set up for El Día de Los Muertos, so hopefully I'll be able to get there and see them. Thanks for posting about this! It is one of the coolest traditions.
  2. B&M- Mantis- The ride experience left a lot to be desired, the leg strain on the first part of the layout was huge for me, and the second part of layout was boring and pretty rough. Intamin- Disaster Transport- It did nothing for me. Such a blah ride, and its lift takes forever. I haven't been on enough GCI's to rate them.
  3. I've had my fair share of Spidey breakdowns. We stopped about where you did, and eventually made it back to the station with no effects at all. They immediately let us ride again, however. But those movements feel quite rough and bizarre without the screens there... but they are amazing with the screens. Perfectly timed and executed movements make Kyle quite happy.
  4. I had to wedge myself into those Python trains, but the nice side was that I have no headbanging on Arrows because I am so tall. It was a nice little ride and it's sad to see it go. It is seriously one of the most photogenic coasters ever--those two corkscrews look amazing with the foliage. And you can forget the old arch supports on them.
  5. Small rant: Please don't bring your loose articles on coasters. This rings especially true for rides like Top Thrill Dragster. If you do bring something on, use zippered or tight velcroed pockets, please! If you don't have either of those, take use of a locker, station bucket thing, or a bag lady. Because, really, would you want to get hit in the face by someone's cell phone? Anyway, seems like you had a good time. Thanks for posting!
  6. Wow... those are some great shots! Kudos! You're a great photographer! Thanks for posting these--they are amazing.
  7. But I highly doubt Raging Bull's problem is maintainence. It is the only B&M at SFGAm that does that. Why this B&M in particular? If it was lax maintainence, wouldn't the vibrations occur on the other B&M's in the park? Iron Wolf- Opened 1991- Headbanging, yes. Weird vibrations? No. Batman: The Ride- Opened 1993- The ride is still as smooth as glass, with no vibrations whatsoever. Raging Bull- Opened 1999- A smooth ride, but vibrations are bothersome at the bottom of some hills. Superman: Ultimate Escape- Opened 2002- No problems here. In fact, I believe that Six Flags Great America has one of the best maintainence crews of any park in the chain. American Eagle and Viper are kept smooth and well-oiled throughout the years, flat rides get off-season rehabs to prevent SFMM-esque closures, Whizzer, the only ride of its kind still operating in America still works flawlessly and sports three trains. How is this bad maintainence? I just can't believe that the reason for these vibrations is Great America's fault.
  8. Every year, Raging Bull's valleys seem to get worse. This rings especially true for the drop under the lift--that one is noticibly bad. I can only hope that the roughness does not continue to develop, as the ride becomes less and less enjoyable for me as it becomes rougher. I have no idea why it has been especially bad recently, but hopefully it will get better. Bull is just very shaky at the bottoms of all the hills. The rest of the ride is fine, but the bottoms of the hills are horrible.
  9. Iowa charges a crapload for personalized plates. If they were cheaper, I'd be willing to get some. Anyway, your pictures were great! Thanks for posting them.
  10. ^ Is it possible that this was designed on purpose? I still don't understand the "pumping" concept, but perhpas B&M deliberately made that section of track different to perhaps increase airtime. But really, who knows? And seriously, I believe designing roller coasters in real life is far different from designing in a program like No Limits. So I don't think this frequently used No Limits term could have much validity in usage like this.
  11. Puke on a Disko? Ewww... I feel sorry for the other riders. SDC looks like a real nice park. I need to get down there sometime.
  12. Uh... comó se what? I do know that Raging Bull gives quite the back massage at the bottom of all the hills, though. Does that count? And it's actually getting bothersome and nearly rough.
  13. Remember that in the unlikely event of global warming, your seat cushion may be used as a flotation device.
  14. OMG! So that was the sandwich I had! It was sooo good. I was very impressed with it--very flavorful. Anyway, dark dark Dinosaur may not have the best story... or theming, but I feel it is still a great dark ride. We all found the movements of the jeeps amazing, and the dinosaurs looked good, and there were far more of them on this small attraction than on the huge Jurassic Park River Adventure. And the ride did get your heart pumping as the meteor shower gets closer. The ride becomes more intense as the ride goes on until the climax of the ride, which really gets you into the story. Very thrilling and an overall fun ride experience. Dinosaur > Jurassic Park, even though I have a sweet spot for both the film Jurassic Park and the ride.
  15. I've been on a Boomerang, and it was nowhere near as bad as people say they are. In fact, it was a darn smooth ride! And it was fun! Not even close to headache material for me. Then we rode the backwards Vekoma that was at SFNO. Not bad at all. About one or two jolts during the entire ride. Is that bad? No! That ride had one of the most intense vertical loops I had ever experienced. Deja Vu is one of the most intense rides in the world. The towers are two of the scariest moments ever created on a roller coaster, if not the scariest. And that ride has no headbanging either. It's not as smooth as glass, but it's nowhere near headbanging or 'headache' level. Are these headache-enducing rides? Not from my experience. In fact, I find them to be enjoyable, fun rides. Not top ten material, but fun. Vekoma offers good products for reasonable prices--far more reasonable than the latest Intamin or B&M. I truly believe that Vekoma is good for the industry. Hopefully with their latest technological advances and this alliance, Vekoma will offer more products in more places.
  16. Congratulations! I hope everything goes well for both of you.
  17. Exactly. Every single emo I see comes from a good background (money, supportive family, etc.). The philosophy is so hypocritical, as they complain about the life that they are living, breathing, and enjoying. Whatever. I could care less about the weirdos that continually inhabit TV, schools, and malls. It'll die down soon enough.
  18. LOL... these updates are great! Looks like y'all are having a fun time. So... I'm curious... what was the Control Alt Deceased show about? Looks pretty good and interesting.
  19. Best: - Iron Wolf: It may be a rough ride, but if you look at the design of this insane last section, it is quite incredible. And, if you can snag a smooth ride on it, you'll see how truly insane and fun the final section is. Lamest: - Ice Dragon (IOA): Boo to boring, slow turns. Totally breaks the ride for me.
  20. Looks like HHN was great! I really need to get down there during Halloween sometime. It seems like you guys are having a great time! The TRs are great.
  21. PCW looks like a nice little park. Really, they don't have a stand-out coaster lineup, but the atmosphere looks really nice. I think I need to get to Marineland... I love Arrow multiloopers. Thanks for posting!
  22. Aww... I miss Disney and it has been only a few months since I went. Anyway, looks like you guys got tons of hot Sinise action. Thanks for posting the TR! It was great.
  23. A few ideas: - Get to USF/IOA early. These parks are incredibly dead in the mornings anytime of the year. This is especially true for IOA. Walk-ons are abundant, and if you want to get your credit on Pteranodon Flyers child-less, head there at least an hour-ish after opening. - Don't miss out on the following attractions, as they are easy to pass up or skip over: o The Cat in the Hat--one of the most enjoyable rides I have ever been on. It has a fun story, a goofy mood, and a suprisingly turbulent ride. Very impressive. o Camp Jurassic--simply one of the coolest 'adventure' areas in a theme park, ever. It's theme is great, and the scenery amazes. Take a gander at the "If I Ran the Zoo" play area in Seuss Landing if you have time... it's goofy fun filled with tons of cool, hidden features. o ET Adventure--a classic ride. It immerses you in the theme quite well, and the indoor queue line is one of the coolest ever. The ride itself is fun, and the ride system is pretty unique. And who doesn't love ET? o Earthquake--if you don't have time, skip it. But, it's finale is quite impressive, and, if the crowds are light, they may only have the finale open (which is truly a blessing for those who have already ridden). o Jimmy Neutron--a suprisingly fun attraction. The motion simulation is pretty good, and the ride overall has a great humor about it. o Shrek--also, a fun ride. Laugh at all the jabs at Disney (especially in the queue)... the queue is very cool, and definately rated "PG-13" at points. Also has fun humor. - Use single rider lines--they are very useful. - Prepared to get soaked on Popeye and Dudley. - Have fun!
  24. Dude... totally uncalled for. Everyone is open to their own ideas... Anywho, seems like these rides are popular with families and the GP, so it should be a good addition for SDC. Wanna bet they got a discount because of Powder Keg?
  25. Are you kidding me? Every single time I read a TR of the park, I hear about how unreliable El Toro is--consistant breakdowns, early closings, delayed openings, and everything else. I find that totally unacceptable, as El Toro is not a terribly advanced ride. It's a wooden coaster with a cable lift. That's it. Not a Kingda Ka or Top Thrill Dragster... a wooden coaster with a fast lift hill. While I understand that some breakdowns always come with the opening of a new ride, this is worse than it should be. If another park had this ride, I'd be willing to wager that the problems would not be as frequent or major. Heck--give it to SFGAm... they'd have it up and running to full capacity.
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