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  1. Another company probably designed/runs the online ticketing system. I highly doubt that Six Flags made that system on their own. Unfortunately, online ticketing is very unreliable for almost all venues, due to gaps between systems, and flaws in the online ticketing. It is slowly improving, but it will be some time until a great way of online ticketing is established (other than TicketMaster).
  2. ^^ That was really hilarious. Also hilarious was Charla's making herself throw up by using a butter knife!
  3. I think it has a large number of trains. There are two stations, each with a separate load/unload section and a space between the two with an extra block or two. So just in the station area/final brakes, you have like a capability of holding more than eight trains. There's also the mid-course, the launch area, the part right before going into reverse, and the entire slow section at the beginning. I wouldn't doubt if there were twelve or more trains, though the 170 people seems a tad unlikely.
  4. It's probably the right thing to do. While it sounds ridiculous, it could be something pretty major. It's much safer just to shut it down and ensure the guests' safety than to continue to run a ride that may or may not be functioning properly and safely.
  5. ^^ Very nice. I love seeing some good news once in awhile, not the 'SFMM is dangerous' crap.
  6. It still is. And just take a look at other Six Flags parks around the world--Six Flags Fiesta Texas, Six Flags Great America, Six Flags Over Georgia. Do they have this major problem with cell phones? No, they do not. I have never seen an employee at Six Flags Great America look at his cell phone, let alone use it. The cell phone issue at Six Flags Magic Mountain is an interesting one. There are several factors that must contribute to it. However, I truly believe that there simply isn't enough discipline being used at Six Flags Magic Mountain, and if the park were to use discipline for cell phone usage, the park would not find enough replacement employees for the ones fired. It's unfortunate, but it's probably the truth. Magic Mountain's middle-line staff needs to take a serious look at this problem and correct it before it gets out of hand further.
  7. I don't think I really hate any of my classes... occasionally they can get on my nerves, but I really try to enjoy the class and get the most out of it. But in terms of workload, honors English is killer.
  8. Found this on Youtube. It's totally hilarious... "The Office Amazing Race". The Office is so good at spoofing different things. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2sk-sthkGtg I love the spoofing of the contestants' backgrounds and their seating in the cars.
  9. That website is completely ridiculous. It is totally biased, and has no reliable source for the information they recieve. The fact is, a park would not operate a ride that is unsafe. Most people probably don't even know what they're talking about when they submit something to that site, and overexaggerate every little detail. The employees should not be talking on any kind of phone, ever. Not only is it extremely rude to the guests at the park, but it is also dangerous in this type of situation, operating machinery. Many seem to forget that rides and roller coasters are operating machines that can do anything, so completely attention is necessary.
  10. The last episode was hilarious. I'm really psyched for the rest of the season--it should be exciting.
  11. Wow... it's very cool and lucky that you got to go to the Kid's Choice Awards. I always wanted to go to those when I was younger. Zac Efron is the one standing up, surrounded by people.
  12. Yeah, both Soarin' and Back to the Future utilize Omnimax/IMAX Dome theatre systems. The domes stretch 180 degrees, for a fully-encompassing movie experience. Also, it features the unparalled IMAX film and sound quality. While both are very different rides, this common factor links them together. It shows the extreme versatality of the IMAX product, and hopefully more rides will be built using the IMAX experience.
  13. Looks like you guys had a nice group and a lot of fun. It didn't look like the park was too crowded, either. Anyway, that's good news about Houdini's Great Escape. Six Flags can do themed attractions if they try. Let's hope that it stays in good condition throughout the season. And Coaster Queen/the other Coaster Moms are awesome.
  14. I'm also going at the very beginning of June. I'm so happy that we're totally avoiding the opening of Finding Nemo (we're going the 2nd through the 9th). I believe that Nemo opens the 11th?
  15. Nice... I also like their new slogan, 'You Are Here'. There are a lot of things that can be used with that slogan. It's catchy, simple, and effective. The commercials are also very nice.
  16. I'll miss it. I don't particularly like the motions of the ride--they feel rough and very outdated. But what I will miss is the theme of the attraction. Back to the Future is definitely one of my favorite movies, and Doc Brown and Biff are hilarious characters. Also, I loved Universal's concept of using Omnimax/IMAX Dome screens for the ride--a totally different, yet awesomely cool concept that has only been used once more after this ride (Soarin' at Disneyland/EPCOT uses an Omnimax screen as well).
  17. LOL... what purpose can those seatbelts on the Arrows possibly serve? They haven't had them for the past 30+ years--I assume the ride is safe without them. Whatever. The Cedar Fair-ization doesn't look bad... thanks for the pictures!
  18. Spiderman 3 will be coming to IMAX theatres, so be sure to check it out there if your area has an IMAX theatre. The IMAX experience is phenomenally better than the regular cinema/multiplex experience. Batman Begins was excellent in the IMAX format, as was Superman Returns. You can go to IMAX's official website, http://www.imax.com for theatre locations, listings, and more.
  19. Wow! Go Six Flags! This project really has suprised me and hopefully shows the new direction that Six Flags is going. If two or three parks are 'placemade' like this one, Six Flags will have a really nice set of parks. Thanks for posting the pictures!
  20. Um... duh? It's a distraction, and they could have easily figured that out without doing a study like this.
  21. Wow... I'm definitely excited for this. Batman Begins was great, so I can only imagine how good this one will be.
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