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  1. ^ But Six Flags Great America was probably the park in the chain that had the least improvements to make. They've been a consistently well-run park for quite some time now.
  2. ^ Awww... those pictures are really cute. Your boyfriend looks really nice.
  3. Though I have not gone to Great Adventure, I would highly recommend Six Flags Great America to anyone. Its operations are very good; as is its atmosphere. The variety and quality of rides makes a fun, diverse park experience. I go to Great America every year, and it continues to surpass my expectations. This is the park that should be the model of Shapiro's 'new Six Flags.' Even though this park attracts a good-sized crowd, it handles the crowd very well and has a large variety of attractions for everyone. The themed sections of the park are actually quite good for a Six Flags park.
  4. ^^ I think it's just the angle of the photo. The PVC pipe is used to hold the mats for the mat racer slide.
  5. McDonalds always gets the brunt of the blow on issues like this. There are MANY fast food chains that have food as unhealthy as that of McDonalds, if not more unhealthy. People need to watch what they eat and make individual decisions based upon their own nutritive needs. Dictating what foods people should and should not eat will not solve this problem--governments need to teach an effective lesson regarding the importance of a balanced diet, how to select appropriate foods, and how to make good choices regarding one's nutrition.
  6. Aww... it's so cute what Six Flags can do when they apply themselves.
  7. We decided to hit this waterpark up during our Christmas vacation to Hawaii. Overall, it was a very nice park. The employees, for the most part, were kind and safety-oriented. The slides were enjoyable, and the water temerature was kept at an enjoyable level. (Except for the lazy river, which was freezing!) Beautiful landscaping provided sufficient shad throughout the park, though climbing steep inclines without stairs KILLED your feet. The only downfall to the park was the attraction operating schedule. Several of the attractions were alternated in hour-long rotations (ie: Half-pipe slide open for one hour, body slides closed for one hour; half-pipe slide closed for one hour, body slides open for one hour). The half-pipe, body, double tube, and triple tube slides were operated on this type of schedule. The lazy river didn't open until about half-way thorugh the day. At one point, the wave pool was closed to all guests except those who had signed up (and paid extra) for bodyboarding. The food was a good deal and delicious. Overall, the park was fun, clean, and safe. These types of slides are always pretty fun... especially with the daddy lifeguard at the top. They integrated this one really well into the landscape. Too bad it killed your back and drowned you. The middle right slide actually tipped us on that last turn... crazy, painful, yet fun. I smacked my head right on the fiberglass of the slide. It had a crapload of tight turns and directional changes... These slides were CRAZY except for the puny one on the far right... boo hiss... These used three-person innertubes, and had some fun layouts. The one on the right had a great last drop. Three-person slides. It's better to watch... Nice wave pool with some good-sized waves and long wave cycles. Boring drop slides. Slow body slides... fairly boring and unremarkable. Best slide in the park! Crazy fun, and there was a hot daddy lifeguard operating it. --Random Hawaii Pictures-- Beautiful view from our hotel... Bishop Museum... nice museum; FREE with my local museum's membership (which is free for me, as I'm an employee there). Score! Crowded beach action. This beach is actually falling into the ocean, and every few months, equipment is brought in to scoop the sand back up. We found a better beach with few people... though the tide was very high and the waves killed!
  8. Robb, the Wii bowling must really be paying off Anyway, looks like you had a great time! Dare I say that the SLC actually looks good in Blackpool?
  9. ^^^ Remember that Danny & Oswald also recovered from that airplane delay... they were second-to-last and came in at the mat in second. So Rob and Amber's climb to the top isn't that spectacular when you consider that.
  10. ^ Drew wouldn't even stand on the mat at the end! They had to go. Charla seems like she's going crazy... their strategy seems to work okay, though. I feel bad for the taxi driver who probably thought they were crazy. Rob and Amber need to go... I'd love it! Danny and Oswald have my support... they're hilarious!
  11. For some reason, this picture turned out in all pink after I took it. I haven't edited it at all. It's really bizarre.
  12. ^^ Oh... lol. I thought it may have been like the DS in which you have to make a screenname on the DS itself. Anyway... pvcoasterguy 3903 9292 2710 3757
  13. Truth be told, there should be doors on the trams that prevent people from even attempting this sort of thing. Simple hinged doors that can be opened and closed very easily (like Earthquake at USF). This would reinforce the idea that you are not to attempt anything on the tram. While this lady is dumb for attempting such an act, I could easily see a child taking a tumble out of one of the trams, even if there are rules stating that children must sit on the inside of a row.
  14. How do you make your screenname up? Is it just your console nickname?
  15. Sorry, but I really don't want to remember it.
  16. I truly believe this forum has changed the coaster community. It focuses on having fun and good times rather than how many wheels a PTC train has and its effect on roughness. The trips allow others to experience the great fun that Robb and Elissa do; R&E regularly hold fun parties and events for the members of the FREE site! Other sites take themselves too seriously, but this site is just a lot of fun, which is essential to the vitality of any website. The members are eclectic and fun; the conversation exciting and purposeful; the videos and photos of good quality. It's a great, fun site. Thanks, Robb and Elissa, for making TPR what it has become today. Without your dedication and great ideas, this site probably would not exist. Your site reaches a large audience yet remains a close-knit community that just enjoys having fun.
  17. I loved your Animal Kingdom on-ride picture! So awesome! Anyway, guys, these are great! Thanks so much for posting them! Great pictures and great captions.
  18. Aww... those pictures of EPCOT bring back such great memories... I want to go again... Thanks for posting!
  19. We loved Blizzard Beach when we went during Spring Break last year. The park handles the crowds very well, and we hardly ever waited in line. The park is incredibly well-themed and the slides are fun and well-designed. All in all, it's just a great waterpark to go to. There was not a single bad thing about it. Thanks for posting pictures of it!
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