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  1. Despite our area's population, the stores here get very few Wiis. So, I decided to just try the internet. There are two different bundles for sale on http://www.gamestop.com. They are marked as 'Pre-Sell--Ships on Feb. 28'. I bought one, as the chances of getting one here are very, very slim. To my suprise, it shipped on Feburary 9, two days after I had purchased it. I was SO happy! The bundles contain a Wii system, an extra Wiimote, and an extra Nunchuk, four games (dependent on which bundle you choose), and a memory card. There really isn't much of a discount for buying them all together, but you do get everything you need. If you're having a great deal of trouble finding one, and are willing to buy a couple of things together, these bundles are well worth it.
  2. Sorry, but I don't think a coaster of this type would be particularly comfortable backwards... especially one with OSTR's.
  3. Wow... impressive! I bet it will be silky-smooth, too, based upon my experiences with other Zierer coasters (Ripsaw @ MoA, Poison Ivy @ SFNE). Seems like a fun, compact coaster.
  4. I travelled to China last summer. Very few people I met spoke English, with the majority of the English-speakers being younger people. Learn vital phrases or get a tour guide.
  5. I'm excited about the 3D aspect of the ride; otherwise, the attraction seems rather dry and uninspiried--and very similar to Buzz's Space Ranger Spin. From my experience working at our IMAX theatre, there are two types of 3D: good and bad. Good 3D is totally immersive and all-encompassing; bad 3D doesn't have much immersion and only adds a tad bit of depth of field to the image. If this ride has 'good' 3D, I can see it being very cool. I simply hope that this attraction doesn't use the Omnimover system, which I thought was very intrusive on the experience of Buzz. I just think a ride more similar to Men In Black or Spiderman would have been a better choice, espeically DCA, which needs some serious state-of-the-art attractions to get people drawn in.
  6. Man, it's great to see one of those Schwarzkopf's still running and thrilling people. It saddens me that Whizzer is the last of the breed in the US. Do you have more photos of it? We'd love to see them, I'm sure.
  7. If a state is to raise the minimum wage, it should be for all workers and should be all-inclusive. Simply excluding certain workers is unjust. You can bet Cedar Fair is happy at this point.
  8. Let me say one thing: Zamperla Mixer. Yeah, that one looked fun enough, didn't it? Too bad it was the most uncomfortable and unreliable ride imaginable. Unfortunately, due to that poorly designed ride, I don't have really high hopes for this one. Although, the Disk'o was pretty good... I can only hope this won't be as uncomfortable as the Mixer.
  9. I loved Charla and Mirna... I hope they're in it. These should make for a very interesting season! I'm really excited!
  10. One bad apple spoils the whole bunch, in terms of Six Flags parks. There really are Six Flags parks out there with attentive, friendly staff and a family-friendly atmosphere. They truly do exist: Six Flags Great America, Fiesta Texas, Over Texas, Over Georgia... Magic Mountain may be really crappy (along with a few others), but don't allow those parks to spoil your view of the entire Six Flags chain. Six Flags always gets ripped on this deal--they seriously have some good parks. Most of the bad parks are just bad because of the neighborhoods in which they are located.
  11. C'mon, people... it's not that huge of a deal. In fact, it's a rather small deal. Also, we don't even know what it's going to look like in the end. So wait for some pictures, then make your judgements.
  12. Wow... that park actually looks quite spectacular in terms of theming! Thanks for posting this!
  13. ^ It will probably be a mix of some of the winners and some of the favorites. Anyway, I agree. The end to this season was great! I was a little sad that the last leg wasn't very long (like last year's finale), but it was still pretty good. I'm very excited about Amazing Race All-Stars, though.
  14. These guidelines are not only better for the entire site, but for the poster as well. I'm sure I am not the only one who skips over posts that are poorly written. If you take the thirty extra seconds to make a clear, well-written response, you'll get a lot more readers of your posts. We shouldn't need to try to decipher what you're saying.
  15. Is it possible that this is a primer coat and not the actual color?
  16. The time EPCOT takes depends on what you want to do. If you just want to hit all of the rides, it can be a half day park. But, you can spend a lot of time just wandering around World Showcase. Also, the rides at EPCOT are mostly high-capacity. Lines for Mission: Space will be nearly non-existant, you can use the single rider line for Test Track, and Spaceship Earth/Nemo both have huge capacities, so I wouldn't worry about those. However, make sure to get a Fastpass for Soarin', as lines become very long for it.
  17. Diet Mt. Dew (Greg, that Sierra Mist with Cranberry IS really delicious!)
  18. It's cold and snowy here = suckage. Boo snow...
  19. ^^ Yup. I believe that it is an Iwerks simulator--when I was there, it showed the Spongebob film.
  20. GASM is somewhat taller and faster than Shockwave. Usually I've heard worse things about GASM (which is not suprising due to Great Adventure's crappy maintenance division).
  21. ^ However, Reverchon was negelgent in the fact that they didn't check over their construction closely enough, which eventually led to the accident.
  22. I agree with Dallas--the PS3's simply approach the dollar mark that makes you think, "Eh... that's way too much!" And it is! They recieved negative publicity for the extremely limited release that they had, and now a lot of the hype is down for it. Nintendo has made the Wii accessable to all types of gamers, which will advance its popularity. Also, its pricing is actually fair.
  23. My handwriting is a tad girly, but it looks great, and I love it. Yay Advanced Alg./Trig...
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